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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. chinmie
    Centrance user too here. i use the Bluedac and love the amp sound
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  2. blockchainhero
    While on topic of the ER38-18CL ear-tips, are these larger, smaller, or the same size as the Shure/Westone white triple-flange tips? Anyone know?
  3. ClieOS Contributor
    Should be about the same size. Shure/Westone white tri-flange tends to be just slightly softer and usually come with long stem that is meant to be trimmed off by the user.
  4. Slim1970
    CEntrance amps do have a nice, clear, dynamic sound to them. I got in on the new HiFi-M8 V2 campaign and I cant wait to see how the ER4XR’s pair with it. I did try my ER4XR’s on my Hugo 2 and they were crazy detailed but a little analytical sounding. The Hugo 2 emphasized the treble to much for my liking. The DACportable has a slightly warmer tone to it and is still able to bring out all the details in the various IEM’s I tried it with. It’s a much better pairing for the ER4XR’s in my opinion.
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  5. lesale08
    For some reason, I am liking the synergy of 4sr and ipad mini 5 streaming through apple music only. The low end seems to be a bit more fuller than what I would usually here from a dap.
  6. sainteb
    I haven't been active for a while but any updates as to when the new double-flange tips are coming out?
  7. AC-12
    Haven't touched a Etymotic thread since 2003. On reddit, they mentioned $100 off at Amazon for the latest models.

    But just as important, they are speculating a ER5 since they are trying to clear out their flagships?
  8. lesale08
    It’ll be more or less 20 years before they come up with a new flagship. Lol. Jk. New models are definitely welcome.
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  9. Degru
    ER4B cable from @ClieOS arrived.. and wow. This is amazing. When they say Etymotic solved IEMs in 1991, this the actual manifestation of that. Treble presence and extension is perfect, revealing even more detail. Dynamics and timbre are also improved quite noticeably. I'm even getting a little rumble on some tracks that I never before heard from the ER4. Everything is cleaner, tighter, this doesn't sound like a BA anymore at all. Interestingly, it seems to be more efficient than ER4S, or perhaps that's just FR making the perceived loudness higher. But it's also extremely revealing and somewhat picky about source. I immediately noticed that it sounded kinda shouty from my M0 compared to even my Galaxy S6, and the difference in dynamics of my Galaxy S6 and with Fiio A5 attached was readily apparent.

    I had experimented with EQing my ER4S to this frequency response based on rinchoi's measurements, but the improvements of the real thing go way beyond frequency response.

    I can give my full recommendation for anybody considering the ER4B, this is truly a masterpiece that you will not be able to find in any other headphone.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2019
  10. manueljenkin
    I find myself unlucky that I am unable to find an etymotic dealer in my country (India). I have mailed both Sweetwater and etymotic to see my opportunities to get them to India.

    Here's a vague mathematical parametrization I had done quite a while ago using mathematical models of the filters used and the model of balanced armature used:


    I find it interesting that you find the etymotic easier to drive. With the parameter modelling I could find that they should actually get harder to drive.

    To get better bass you'll have to drive the capacitor properly. To get better treble you'll have to drive the inductive part of the ba properly. And there's also an asymptote of impedance maybe around 7khz. The parameter model I took are vague since I reverse interpolated using the impedance chart. Actual point could be anywhere from 3-8khz depending upon how parametrization changes. If there is not enough driving force and slew there either in the source and sink part of the amp I assume that that freqeuncy might get a little offsetted and might come in coarse due to only half of it being driven well.

    I expected that if the ba could handle the pressure, the bass performance would be much more solid and capable and from your post it does seem that it does have the capability.

    Regardless. This is probably one of the best electrical compensation designs I've ever come across in a long time, other than current feedback amplifier topology. Of course there's also things like srd7 for electrostats and there are stuff that tap speaker output to headphones or systems like raal sr1a, but that's cheating and not an energy efficient design either (they are just brute a lot in and throw away 99%).

    If you ever get a chance, please try driving them through a desktop class amp like jds atom with an attenuator inline and let me know how it performs. A high power amp will act as a more stable source and sink.

    My apogee groove + hd800 is coming soon. So I'd be able to compare the grooves current feedback amp against my burson fun, which is also arriving soon.

    Anyone knows any idea where I can get etymotic stuff in India. I'm not interesred in s,sr, xr, p. The b is the only model I'm interested in.
    Last edited: Oct 1, 2019
  11. smokecrack
    My ety er4xr started having terrible distortion on one side and had to send them in for warranty. Really miss them already - I hope the warranty service doesn't take too long
  12. sainteb
    I like how the guy on the right is like 'Yeah, we know, our new ER2 shits on $1,000 IEMs.'


    Anyway, looking forward to trying out the new double-flange tips.
  13. Degru
    Heh. Er4b shits on every other iem, if you can tolerate the diffuse field tuning.
  14. wquiles

    I have two sets of custom, shorty cables he made for me, and that is all I use now :)
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