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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. magicalmouse
    i had an ex4xr and sold it as i found it a little too analytic - i did want the isolation though so decided to try the ex2xr which i have found suits my needs admirably, it is very isolating, there is good bass (for an etymotic) - i can almost feel the organ notes - and there is a slight warmth to the sound which makes (imo) more musical and enjoyable, quite smooth mids and treble while reasonably extended is pleasant.

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  2. 1Q84
    Cool! yep, I already have some thicc sets so looking for something really clean now. I read on other thread you like the galaxy buds on clear, I also like that. Is the bass of 2se same with the clear EQ or they have less? and I assume 2se also has better details and texture?

    PS: Queen IU the best. If you are into artsy films, I recommend you watch Persona in netflix starring IU ofcourse. My pic is a scene from it. XD

    am more inclined with the 2se since most of my other sets are already warm and bassy
  3. G_T_J
    I just received my ER4XR and I like them a lot. I used to have ER4S a few years ago but sold them due to finding them clinical and souless.
    Well, this impression is gone with the ER4XR. They sound just about right for the way I preceive audio.

    I have a question though: Having read great things about the ER2XR I'm thinkg of getting those as well at some point. From what I read they are rather a complimentary purchase against the ER4 series. Any thoughts? How do these 2 compare in terms of sound signature?
  4. Schwarzschild
    I have ER4XR and ER2XR.. the ER4 is my go-to daily driver but I keep them both to compare songs. They both have very good deep bass, while the ER4XR is a bit tighter/faster while the ER2XR is larger, boomier. They both have really good mids and highs, but the ER4's are clearer and more detailed while the ER2's are hidden behind more bass. ER2 is certainly warmer sounding but I prefer the vocals and quickness of the ER4's driver.

    Seems to me the modern Ety lineup from least to most bass = ER4SR, ER3SR, ER2SE, ER3XR/ER4XR, ER2XR.
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  5. G_T_J
    That was a very helpful post. Thank you very much!
    I might take the plunge for the ER2XR after all as I think I will like a touch more hint of warmth. Not to say that bass is not adequate with my ER4XR but I'm very curious to see how Etymotic has impemented a dynamic driver and how it compares with their house sound.
  6. Schwarzschild
    That is precisely the reason I bought the ER2XR when it came out! I was already in love with ER4's clean sound BA driver after coming from "Urbeats" earbuds...then when I saw Etymotic was making their own dynamic driver I had to see how they compared. I always thought I was a bass-head but ultimately I find the ER2XR too bassy for me anymore.
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  7. G_T_J
    Thnak you.
    I'll have to try them myself soon I reckon. I've never considered myself a basshead too but have rather enjoyed a neutral mid-forward signature with a hint of warmth. One of my all time favorite iems have been the Hifiman RE400 which were exactly that thing. I believe from what you say and from what I've read in various posts elsewhere, that all these 3 iems (RE400, ER2XR and ER4XR) are tonally similar. I find the RE400 pretty close to the ER4XR of course minus the quantity of clarity speed and definition but at the same time having a touch more of an organic nature to their signature, if you know what I mean.

    Seems like the ER2XR is a safe purchase for my collection :)
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  8. TheoS53
    Quick disclaimer... I've not tried any of the Er4 or 3 series, but have had the 2xr for a bit over a week now.
    I've tried and reviewed a bunch of IEMs, and 2 that always stuck out to me as being great was the Dunu Dk-3001 and the ProPhile 8. For me the 2xr has taken the spot of the Dunu. Compared to the 3001, the 2xr just sound so much more natural. The 3001 is one of the most coherent IEMs I've ever tried, but the treble does come across a bit forced. With the 2xr it just feels right. The bass also feels just enough to add some excitement but without being excessive. Vocals sometimes seem just a little bit too forward, but not so much that I would call it problematic.
    These have definitely become my new benchmarks.
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  9. lesale08
    It's only when I'm reading on this thread that I miss listening to my ER4SR. Oh they are still very capable.
  10. G_T_J
    Thanks for you input.
    It's that natural life-like feel that a dynamic driver is famous for and that's the reason I'm all ears to try the ER2 soon.
    As long as they have achieved the same form factor and isolation combined with the merits of a dynamic driver, then I'm sold!
    My only fear is the infamous driver flex effect which is very common with dynamic drivers and that deep insertion can potentially reinforce it?
  11. AudioNoob
    Is it my copy or is the ER2se really hard to drive? Just got them and I need to max my pixel 3a to get listening volumes out of them. In comarison, the HF5 is at %70
  12. twiceboss
    Im die hard Uaena <3 Hotel Del Luna was so good, i cried million times...

    2SE bass can be like Gbuds clear level as long as you have it sealed properly with triple flance, so yes. 2SE is dynamic driver, it doesn't have that tonality issue with it.
  13. Schwarzschild
    I find ER2XR easier to drive from an iphone or DAP than its ER4 counterpart. Both need a bit more power though.
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  14. smokecrack
    I'm looking at getting a small, portable DAC/Amp for use with my phone and macbook when traveling. Can someone recommend a good pairing for the ER4XR? The ones I am considering are:
    • Dragonfly Red w/ Dragontail USB-C
      • Seems most likely given the cost and high praise. I found a review that says these complement the ER4XR well
    • Dragonfly Black w/Dragontail USB-C
      • Wondering if the extra power is needed here and worth the extra $100
    • NextDrive Spectra
      • Looks nice and convenient since the USB-C is built in and has a slightly better form factor than the Dragonfly's
    • NextDrive Spectra X
      • Same comment as above for the regular Spectra. If you think this is the better choice, is it worth the extra cost over the Spectra?
    Currently I hear a pretty bad crackle on both my phone (Samsung S10e) and Macbook at any higher volumes. I don't get this crackle when using my Audioengine D1 at home so I'm sure it's just the crappy DAC/amps built into these devices...
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2019
  15. Slim1970
    I like mine with the CEntrance DACportable. Not only does it sound good with my ER4XR’s all of my IEM’s sound fantastic out it.
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