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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. guicnovaes
    Do you know if Speakerphone
    definitely stopped measuring IEMs on his blog?
  2. JohnYang1997
    I can't say for sure. He may come back in a few months dropping a few measurements and then disappear again. Even at one point his blog went private. Glad that we are still able to see those measurements.
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  3. TrantaLocked
    I was able to get a perfect EQ for my ER4SR, finally after over a year of not being 100% happy with it. The gist is that for most of the music I listen to, parts of the treble are between 2 to 5dB too loud. I have a custom EQ on Equalizer APO that gives me the perfect sound coming through the slightly bass-light realtek audio on my laptop, so you'll probably want to bring the values up a tad on a neutral or warm amp.

    I've always had somewhat of an issue with the ER4SR; maybe a bit of distortion and obviously the treble peak being sibilant, but distortion wise these headphones sound really clean with the EQ.

    If you're using a bass-light DAC or AMP with the ER4SR this could be of use to you (copy paste into EqualizerAPO): GraphicEQ: 20 0; 25 0; 31.5 0; 40 0; 50 0; 63 0; 80 0; 100 0; 125 0; 160 0; 200 0; 250 0; 315 0; 400 0; 500 0; 630 0; 800 0; 1000 0; 1250 0; 1600 0; 2000 0; 2500 -2.1; 3150 -4.4; 4000 -5.2; 5000 -4.4; 6300 -2.8; 8000 -3.6; 10000 -1.6; 12500 0; 16000 0; 20000 0
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
  4. TheoS53
    Ha, that's awesome, great job!

    I've also been doing some light messing around with the EQ on my Plenue R and have settled on a few settings that seem to subjectively improve the ER2XR. I did reference the AutoEQ graphs (found here), but made less drastic changes. To me this definitely tightens up the sound, making it seem more transparent and reduces the slightly coloured bass. Sub-bass extension has been kept (as I really like it), but the levels in the upper bass have been reduced slightly, whereas some of the mids and high mids have been altered here and there with reference to the Harman curve and AutoEQ.

    164Hz wide - 1
    1.6kHz narrow -1
    3.5kHz narrow +1
    6.2kHz narrow +1
    Last edited: Sep 17, 2019
  5. nch81150
    Hello, this is my first time posting. I purchased the ER4XR and love it! I bought it in Hong Kong and it came with 4 large clear tips that I've finally gotten used to and actually quite like them. Since they are showing some wear, I bought the gray tips ER38-18. https://www.amazon.com/Etymotic-Research-ER38-18-3-Flange-Replacement/dp/B006WT2AD8/

    I tried them and the plastic seems to be much thinner and is deformed and I don't get a good seal at all. I've given them a week hoping they would adapt but to no avail. Also, comparing the grays with the original clears side by side, the grays are definitely a bit larger despite what reviews on Amazon said. The plastic on the clears is also a bit heavier. I've tried to go through much of this thread to find solutions but at over 940 pages, it's a bit difficult =). I think the best course of action is to try to find the original clears that came with it and the best I could find was https://www.etymotic.com/er38-18cl.html.

    I'd hate to order the ER38-18CL given it's higher cost to find that they're not the right ones. Has anyone run into the same issue and can recommend some options for me?
  6. AudioNoob
    The grays are the older ones that used to come with etymotics before the newer mmcx connector series. If you simply want spares of what came in the box, you found the right ones.

    If you want something else there are shure and westone options as well as comply and many others if you get an adaptor.
    Last edited: Sep 22, 2019
  7. quagmire
    I have the ER4XR and have bought the large clear triple flanges direct from Etymotic. The ones you want are https://www.etymotic.com/er38-18cl-4sx.html
  8. nch81150
  9. AudioNoob
    @EtyDave can clarify but I don't recall any differences between the 4SX and the non 4SX variety, it might simply be old sku vs new sku to clarify the discontinuation of the gray triple flanges
  10. Degru
    Hm, anybody been getting the wrong type of frost tri flanges from Amazon? I ordered a pack a while ago for spares, and just realized that these have a way longer stem than the ones that came in the box. Part number on the bag is ER38-15SM, but I clearly got ER38-15SML or whatever the part number is for the tips that are supposed to go on ER20 and such. They're the same size but the stem is longer and extends past the last flange. I guess it got mixed up back at etymotic HQ or something?
  11. ClieOS Contributor
    All you need to do is trim it shorter, otherwise they are basically the same.
  12. ClieOS Contributor
    No, this is not reference flat and is in fact slightly on the warmish / fun side of things, but otherwise still relatively accurate and I think can serve well as a good backup, besides that it only costs me about $42.

  13. guicnovaes
    Another experience report with the Etymotic ER3XR

    As some colleagues here have warned, the depth of the insertion makes all the difference on sound.

    I was using it with the small triple flanges and, a couple of days ago, I started using the big triple flange. With the little one I get a much deeper insertion.
    With bigger ones, I can isolate the sound, but the insertion is quite less deep. The result on sound is a considerably higher presence of high-mids and treble and (perhaps) slightly less bass. The sound became somewhat anemic. Perhaps that's why this impression some had when they tested Etymotics IEMs.

    With the small triple flanges (deep insertion), the sound is much rounder, cohesive, not aggressive and very correct, as expected.

  14. 1Q84
    Just curious why you sold your er2se? and why you are looking for 4sr now? am also looking for an iem with clean and smooth mids and am interested with the er2se.
    Last edited: Sep 25, 2019
  15. twiceboss
    because of the deep insertion so i rarely use it. But thinking of how good the SQ is.. im kinda missing and just wanna keep in my inventory at least. Im planning to list my 4SR to get 2SE since i rarely use these but love to keep one of etys line up because it is so good. If u love mids and higs, yes these are the sets
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