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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. redrol
    I loved the ER2XR as well. At the end of the day the Kanas Pro sounded good in all the same ways and better in others. So I sold mine.
  2. csglinux
    Moondrop seem to do a good job with most of their FRs (close to Harman target). I've been that close to pulling the trigger on a pair of their Chaconne buds....

    How do you find the isolation of the Kansas Pro?
  3. redrol
    very good actually, solid metal, etc
    I adore my pair.
  4. csglinux
    Thanks. I'll probably have to check these out at some point. You know, in the name of science... :wink:
  5. TheoS53
    That's not a totally crazy thing to say. I honestly can only think of 2 other pairs of IEMs that have impressed me as much as the ER2XR with their combination of neutrality, coherence, and natural presentation, and that was the DK-3001 and the ProPhile 8. The Ety sits between those 2 for me.
  6. robm321
    Me too
  7. twiceboss
    With my sound preference. Neurality. Prophile8 always comes to mind. But have u ever heard of EE EVR? Im planning to get a sub $1k iem that has neutrality tone. My er4sr is coming this week and im so excited!
  8. TheoS53
    Nah I've not heard it, but I did see @crinacle's graph. Looks reasonably flat apart from that huge 8k spike. This is something which would likely not work for me as I've found peaks in that area to really annoy me.
  9. twiceboss
    True. But so far the review doesnt seem bother with that peak and it is fairly relax tuning from lanchlan.
    Next to ER4SR in yellow. There is no doubt that etys tuning is smoother across the freq!
  10. csglinux
    One thing to bear in mind about @crinacle's graphs - he intentionally shoots for an 8 kHz resonance peak with all his headphones. IMHO, that approach doesn't allow you to properly distinguish between shallow-insertion IEMs (that might have an ~ 8 kHz peak) vs deep(er) insertion IEMs that would tend to peak at much higher frequencies.

    I think I see a couple of things here that might affect isolation...?
    Screenshot 2019-09-16 16.49.32.png
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  11. ClieOS Contributor

    Another first - Type-C cable for Etymotic: fully working 3 buttons mic+remote and a 32bits/384kHz DAC.
  12. twiceboss
    Correct. He did mention it on point no.6
    The evr should stand almost as etys series.

    But i just realize that er2 has than good amount of highs on the high freq
  13. JohnYang1997
    crinacle's measurements equipment isn't fully complied to the standard. Only the coupler is complied to the standard. The transducer itself isn't. This causes difference in acoustic impedance as a load. https://clarityfidelity.blogspot.com/2016/09/etymotic-research-er4sr-iem.html This one shows the proper response of er4sr. The high frequency is well extended and flat.
    Also when interpreting measurements harman target is not a good target which has elevated bass, extra 6khz energy and rolled off high frequency after 10khz. Those are anything but realistic. Use etymotic's target or use diffuse field hrtf + your favourite small room response.
    To those IEMs doesn't have hump in the raw frequency response at around 3khz, it's easily inaccurate. No matter how people like it or not. It's not reproducing the correct tonality. The bass under 500hz is subjective so I won't talk too much there. After 500hz the response should follow the target tightly.
    However none of the current measurement setup is able to measure shallow inserting iems. That's due to the fact that all current standards (or new ones that play around the edge of standard) use DRP as measuring point and use 2nd bend as reference plane. Unless the iem is designed ro insert to the 2nd bend like er4/er2 etc do it will be very inaccurate after 6khz.
    There are many iems have peaks at 6-7khz in the ear but doesn't show on measurements. And when they show on the measurements it's around 8khz. But if the measurements show huge peak with large area it means it's the driver, not the resonance in the ear canal/or coupler. Those you will hear as measured.
    Frequency over 10khz fluctuate a lot as the wave length gets shorter and shorter standing waves will build up at different point in the coupler.
    So generally the shape between 500hz to 6khz must match the target curve to reproduce accurate sound. And only way to actually get the response over 6khz is to use sine sweep and actual ears to find out the peaks. And this can be different to each person. Some one may hear resonance at different frequencies or doesn't hear at all. This is caused by the difference in length and volume of the ear canal. Deep insertion iems like er4 almost eliminates that and allow the listener to adjust for flat and smooth high frequency reproduction.
    Some modifications like dual flange mod, short stem mod, long stem mod are possible for people to fine tune the insert depth to maximize the sound quality.
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  14. Makahl
    I think it depends on the place you live in. You're lucky living in favorable weather place so the KPE keeps its shiny body.
    To me this IEM shell hates high humidity climates, oxidation and filters easily getting clogged due to moisture condensation turned me off. Even though it was one of my favorites IEMs sound-wise along with ER4B.

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  15. guicnovaes
    Etymotic ER3XR Sound Impressions and Comparison with Tanchjim Cora

    Etymotic ER3XR


    The sound of the ER3XR was what I had expected: beautifully neutral, uncoloured, with magnificent purity and naturalness. It's the kind of sound that will deliver you exactly what the music producer intended. Bass, mids and treble are perceived at the same level.

    Although the Etymotics XR have a small bass boost compared to SE and SR versions, I consider them neutral. In my opinion, this small increment compensates for the physical vibration sensation provided by the Speakers/monitor's bass even when they have a flat quantity. The PERCEIVED sound on the ER3XR is neutral. On the other hand, although the measured bass quantity of the SE and SR is flat, I consider the PERCEIVED bass quantity to be a bit insufficient to be considered completely neutral, exactly because of this physical feel of the bass from the Speakers, which cause a small impression (perception) of more severe ones.

    Many people often attribute different characteristics to Balanced Armature Drivers (BA) and Dynamic Drivers. They often attribute BAs a lighter, "faster" and drier sound. Contrary to this, I have read from more experient (@JohnYang1997) that these different characteristics are the result of different Frequency Response and sound signatures, not of the driver type itself. IMEs with BAs are usually tuned with a Sound Signature to give this sound "faster" and drier (usually with less bass /subs and more treble). I already partially believed that, but now, after hearing The ER3XR, which has only one Balanced Armature Driver on each side, I came to believe on it more than ever.

    The sound of the Etymotic has absolutely nothing of dry or thin. Although flat (neutral), it is quite full, full-bodied, musical and with quite good bass impact. That's exactly the kind of sound they would the sound they would describe from a dynamic driver. At the same time, it is extremely detailed and revealing. Also, although the bass is neutral in quantity, I found it sufficient to appreciate any musical genre, including Hip Hop or EDM.

    Regarding sibilance, hashness or fatigue, these nouns are something something out of the ER3XR's universe, unless the recording has these characteristics already originally. The treble, as well as the other frequency ranges have an incredible naturalness. The sound is extremely realistic.

    Comparison with the Tanchjim Cora.


    Anyone who has had any contact with me knows how much I praise and admire this $ 50 USD IEM. So far, it was the best one I had ever heard, regardless of price. If you ask me, between the Tanchjim Cora and ER3XR which one has the best sound, I will answer: ER3XR. But if you ask me which one has the best cost benefit, I will answer: Tanchjim Cora. This is explained by the fact that the difference in sound quality between the two is VERY SMALL. In fact, the sound signature of the two, despite the bass, are very similar.

    When compared, the only obvious difference is in the amount of bass, which is noticeably higher in Cora, on the lowest regions. But for mids and treble, the two IEMs are very similar. The differences are noticeable, but the listener has to pay close attention to realize. Cora has the mids and treble a little bit more "in your face", a little more energetic than the ones of the Etymotic. On the other hand, you realize that etymotic is a little more "correct" and natural than the Cora. In terms of detail, "speed", soundstage, imaging, etc., I noticed absolutely no difference at all. In short: Tanchjim Cora is almost like an Etymotic with stronger bass boost.

    To conclude, if you want an extremely neutral sound, realistic, natural and true to what was originally recorded, I strongly recommend the Etymotic ER3XR. I found the sound of this IEM just perfect. No wonder the Etymotic are considered the most neutral headphones on the market. On the other hand, if you want a sound that is also extremely natural, realistic, but with a higher bass boost (L-shape): I still highly recommend the Tanchjim Cora. It's worth remembering that I'm talking about a 50 USD headset and a dynamic driver (T. Cora), another 180 USD, with a balanced armature (ER3XR).


    PS: MEASUREMENTS DONE BY HEAVYMETAL HALLELUJAH (THE EAR-FI BLOG: https://m.blog.naver.com/PostList.nhn?blogId=gre_nada)
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