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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. ClieOS Contributor
    On a pinch, you can also use a tiny bit of baby oil on the tri-flanges to improve comfort.
  2. HAMS
    Lubricants make it easier to insert. But I don't see how it will improve comfort?
  3. ClieOS Contributor
    New tri-flanges can feel scratchy to some. With time, your earwax will lubricate it and the silicone will soften slightly. Lubricants just help with accelerating the process. Also, for those who are not used to IEM, lubrications also help till the skin in the ear canal gets accustomed to having a foreign object inside.
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  4. AudioNoob
    Did anybody measure the er2s yet and compared them to the er3 and 4s? We should make a definitive ety chart with all of them :D
  5. manthisis
    For you comply users, what size should I use? For reference, the small beige ety foams don’t seal at all, small shure olives almost seal but need to be a bit bigger. Grey etymotic foams seal well but are just a tad too big for my ears, and make them feel stuffed.
  6. AudioNoob
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  7. manthisis
    Also, for you guys, how long does each pair of comply last?
  8. cathee
    If I'm wearing tougher denims, the ones on my HF5 last less than a month. They rip pretty easily to be honest. But I'm still on my first pair for the ER4XR thats cased most of the time (hard at home, travel pouch on the go).
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  9. manthisis
    Thanks for the reply.

    I seem to have had this fit problem with Etymotics for a while and I am at my wit’s end. The ER2XR sound is so perfect for me but getting a good fit is so difficult. Neither triflange size seals super well for me (can still hear my fingers rubbing test), stock foam is a little too big and hurts after 20 minutes in, small beige foam doesn’t seal at all, shure olives seal well enough but hurt after 30 minutes. I have yet to try comply but I’m skeptical due to its durability.

    What’s really frustrating is that, when I had the ER2SE last week, the third party triflanges I bought would seal perfectly almost every time. I thought I had it down. Then, when I got 2XR and switched the tips over from the 2SE, they suddenly stopped sealing no matter how hard I tried. Now I can’t really find anything that both seals well and doesn’t hurt after short listening sessions.

    Does anybody have any advice or am I SOL? If it helps, it seems I can seal the second bend but can never seal the first, outer ear canal
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2019
  10. RobinFood
    With no cleaning I would say about 3 weeks. With weekly cleaning maybe a few months.
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  11. RobinFood
    It took me a while to get good at getting a seal to be honest. Just kept going to that etymotic video on proper insertion to get it right. It kind of became a ritual.

    Pull ear up and twist in like a screw. With foam tips you compress first and then just try to screw it in as fast as possible, and wait a good 20 seconds for the foam to seal.
  12. rbf1138
    Which third party tri-flanges are you using?
  13. mhoram
    For me. Complys are super excellent comfortable, but they do change the sound signature a bit. Grey tri-flange has best sound for me, but they scrape my ears. Complys, for me, daily wear about 3-5 hours per day, they last me about 3 months per pair, consisitently, for the 8 years or so I have been using them.
  14. manthisis
    Very interesting! That’s a lot longer than I’ve thought. A lot of people I’ve talked to said they last less than 1 month often.

    Which model/size do you use?

    The earphones plus triflanges from Amazon!
  15. mhoram
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