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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. ClieOS Contributor
    Never listened to BTR1K before, so I can't say for sure - but given I do find it better sounding than BTR3, so my guess is it probably is better.

    Yes, all touch and no volume control - there is however high/low gain control from the app, besides volume control from smartphone. I do want to point out that touch control, as fancy as it is, is less than ideal in real life usage.
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  2. Hadden
    I was comparing the small triflanges that came with them. The ones on the Er3 are a little bigger and better for my ears. You have to put them side to side to notice. The other large size ear tips provided don't fit my ears and hurt.
  3. RobinFood
    Very slick!
    How does it compare to the Radsone Earstudio?
  4. ClieOS Contributor
    I haven't done any in depth comparison but just by casual listening, I'll say W5 is a hair better sounding than ES100 - however, there are some inherent design issue with W5 that I think some people will not like so if you already own an ES100, I actually won't recommend changing until some serious researching into how W5 operates.
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  5. Cevisi
    But there is now way it beats the es 100 in balsnced mode
  6. ClieOS Contributor
    Haven't compared ES100 2.5mm output to W5, only their 3 5mm output.

    Regardless, balanced always better than single-ended is a myth. A well implemented singles ended output can be just as good as a good balanced output, or even better.
  7. manthisis
    In your guys' experience, how long do the stock Etymotic grey foamies last before you have to replace them?
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  8. RobinFood
    I used the beige ones which are made from the same material for months to a year, cleaning in peroxide every week. They wete still useable but became stiff and hurt my ear canal after. I was rotating 3 sets.
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  9. manthisis
    Interesting. I was considering ordering those. How big are they compared to the triflanges? For reference, the small triflanges are too small and the large triflanges are a little too big. The grey foams seal well but exert a bit too much pressure on my ears
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  10. Hadden
    How do tips with wider nozzle openings affect the sound of Etys? On other IEMs wider bore could make quite a difference, usually better to my ears.
    Last edited: Jun 16, 2019
  11. ClieOS Contributor
    My experience is that wider nozzle makes my ER4S and SR brighter, which I don't like. But I reckon that can be a good thing for 4XR.
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  12. JohnYang1997
    Yes all other tips affect the sound. Even the large and small size stock 3 flanges sound very different. You may try for yourself everyone is different. But generally the large stock triflange sound the best.
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  13. Hadden
    Is there a reason why the larger stock sound better, (and how do they sound better to you)
    Just more likely to get a better seal? I should try them again to compare. They are a a little too big for my ears. Etymotic needs a middle size. Two sizes do not fit all.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
  14. JohnYang1997
    Because the initial original er4 using the white large tips. I believed they designed this way also with swizlochi coupler. Then they went for grey large for quite a few years (still for last gen er4), and then started on mc5 and mk5 they use transparent large. They do sound a bit different but the shape generally determined the frequency response so not much. Small tips have different total lenth and occupy different volume in your ear canal so it change the frequency response. Also the texture is much stiffer, the sound changes as well.

    The between option is to cut out the largest flange of the large triflange making it a bi flange with only first two smaller flanges. (this is not really between option, because if the shape of ear canal is suitable both tips will stay very well, like I do, i just insert the small 3 flange deeper). I generally find this good for most people. It allows deeper insertion.
  15. RobinFood
    Sorry for taking so long, I was a little busy to go tip-hunting for a picture. Here are a few of my favorite tips (...although the black Acoustune triples are not shown.)

    From left to right:

    Final Audio in small, triple flanges in both sizes, the beige tips, and I am currently rocking some small Comply foams.


    The beige ones are a little dirty now but compress quite a lot when they are new. They fit in well but get hard and sand-papery when they get old (like after a few months).

    The Comply on there now have gone through 2 peroxide baths so far and still act new after drying out, I've had them for a few weeks and they give the most consistent seal. I give them a bath when they start getting too soft, so they don't break while in my ear. The seal is great and with the smalls I get a really deep insertion. Funny story, they other day when I pulled the ER4XRs out of my ear holding the stem, the MMCX connector came off. They are also super comfortable, at least as comfortable as in-ears can be.

    Medium Comply stick out though, as do the Final Audio tips, and the black Acoustune tips. They are easy to pull in and out though, and let ambient sound in, which is great if I know my wife will be chatty but I still want to listen to them.

    The triples stop holding a seal for me when they get too much ear wax on them, and they always seem to stop sealing at the worst possible time. The smalls also go deep enough to cause pain if I am not careful.

    I've also tried small Shure Olives, but they are really tight on the stem, and because of the wax guard I couldn't get as deep an insertion as with the Comply tips.
    And also, I tried small Dekoni Bullet foam tips, but the length of the tips is too short, so part of the stem sticks out and stabs the inside of your ear. They also didn't compress, they were just kind of spongy, which created some uncomfortable pressure after a few minutes.

    The grey foams are my least favorite. They stick out too much and create a lot of pressure against the ears, giving me a headache while making me look like an angry Frankenstein Monster.

    Hope this helps you choose.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
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