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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. manthisis
    This is very very helpful, thank you!

    How would you compare the shure olives and the small beige foam in isolation and comfort? Which of the two are bigger?
  2. JohnYang1997
    The most comfortable ones are the comply ts100 tsx100 and shure yellow foam. Isolation are similar, slightly better than triflange.
    Depending on your ear canal shape, shure black foam can be very uncomfortable or very comfortable, they have a lot of resilience. And sound wise black foam is the most similar to tri flange. But the remove of the wax shield is still recommended for both shures (the early pre-2015 don't have the wax shield.)
  3. RobinFood
    I didn't like the olives and couldn't get a deep insertion with them.

    That said, they were comfortable, or as comfortable as a normal IEM with shure olives on. They also isolated about the same as a normal IEM (in other words, not to Ety levels).

    The beige ones on the other hand were sometimes painful to insert when they were getting old, but once in they were one of the best isolators, and were very comfortable. They kind of dissapeared, since they put pressure on a different part of the ear.

    I still think thet small Comply is even more comfortable, and since they get soft instead of hard when they get old, they are never painful or uncomfortable. It is just important to remember that the foam takes a few seconds longs to get bigger, so you sometimes have to wait to get them to isolate fully.
  4. manthisis
    Thank you guys! I love comply comfort but I hate what they do to the treble, especially on an IEM like the 2XR. I ordered a pair of the beige foam that’ll arrive tomorrow. Fingers crossed that they’re a good size! I’m afraid they’ll be too small but we will see.
  5. Hadden
    I tried the large triple flange tips again today (Er4sr) and did not find them as uncomfortable as before. Perhaps I will adjust, as I find them smoother and more natural sounding than the small, which have more of a treble emphasis with my ears; massed orchestral strings in the upper register could be smeared and overlit. The large tames this and focuses the detail. Piano in upper register as well is less clangy and pushed forward. Hard hits would bother me with the small tips. The bass though with the large may be too much -- for Ety too much, which kinda is not. Overall the sound is more right with the larger tips. More flat studio monitor.
    Last edited: Jun 17, 2019
  6. manthisis
    So... the grey foam fell off the rubber nozzle it was attached to. Is there some sort of adhesive I can put on the nozzle to adhere the grey foam back to it?
  7. panasonicst60
    Yeah these foam are not that heavy duty. I would just advised to buy a bunch as I did for back up and replace them as needed
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  8. smorgar
    Do you cut the flange from the stem to preserve the length or do you just cut the part with the largest flange off?

    I have done this mod to the small pair but i think cutting the biggest flange off the large pair might be better.
    Last edited: Jun 18, 2019
  9. JohnYang1997
    Stem intact.
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  10. Jenslol
    My original foam tips that comes with the ER4 broke today, and I need new one (cant use triple flange)

    Should I just buy new standard ones, or try complys P series or I even heard SpinFit has CP800 that could work. Are they designed to have silicone tips thought?

    Im also thankful for any other recommendation if you have!
  11. cathee
    Tips change the fit and comfort considerably, which usually has a noticeable difference in sound. Personally, I find the Complys most comfortable but can take away from the bass (vs silicone), do not have experience with SFs.
  12. cathee
    Also (a general question to the thread) -

    Does anyone have a good recommendation for CIEMs with down cable configuration? I have the ER4XR with custom tips but really want to dip my toe (or jump in the deep end as it is most of the time in this hobby).

    Thanks in advance.
  13. AudioNoob
    You can usually ask any to come with down cables
  14. smorgar
    I have only used this mod for a short while today and a hour yesterday and i have to say that this mod is the best for me. Best comfort and best sound.
    Thank you!!
  15. rbf1138
    My mom (an audiologist) recommended I try Oto-ease to improve the comfort of the triple-flanges, and I cannot tell you how much better they feel in my ear after applying a bit of it.
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