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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. manthisis
    Interesting. What do you do to make them last so long? How do you clean them? I just ordered a pair of comply p series in medium! Since small shure Olives are a tad too small and ety grey foam are a tad too big, hopefully these will work out.
    Last edited: Jun 21, 2019
  2. Chaz1952
    I have the same situation getting a balance between fit (comfort) / isolation / sound. This goes back to when I owned the ER4PT and continues with the 4SR. I have tried just about every tip out there, short of getting a custom mold. I have found success with:
    *WESTONE Star Silicone "Combo Pack" SKU# 62822 https://www.westone.com/store/music/accessories/tips/star-silicone-tips-combo-pack. This will give you a five sizes to choose from. I find they are more comfortable (for me) than the tri-flanges from Ety, offer pretty good isolation and don't seem to affect the sound. Think I settled on the medium size of these. I've also modded the large gray tri-flanges from Ety (ER38-18) by carefully removing ONLY the small of the flanges. Again they seal well and are pretty comfortable. Oddly, I haven't had much luck with the Comply's I've tried. Very comfortable, but for some reason don't offer the best isolation. I've tried both of their main shapes T & TS in the 100 range. For foams I have the best overall success with the original gray foams-ER38-14F. I get very good isolation & fit with these and they are pretty comfortable. Just have to clean them once in a while or toss them and order them bulk from Ety.
  3. mhoram
    ummmm, well, I don't really have a cleaning regimen for them, other than just wiping them with a finger if there is anything on them. I clean my ears with a Q-Tip, though, every morning after shower, so there is not much ear wax getting on my Complys. I learned to roll them gently, and they last longer because of that, but otherwise I don't do anything special. Maybe they last longer for me because when I put them in, I have them in for 2-4 hours at a time, and I am not taking them in and out of my ears often during the day, maybe 2 times per day when I use them.
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  4. rbf1138
  5. castleofargh Contributor
    the P series is significantly longer than the usual T. in my case, even with the T100 I can't insert them as deep as I would with Ety's triflange. I don't use the P on Ety IEMs at all, but instead on IEMs that cannot be inserted deep. then the P gives me the extra insertion and isolation I 'long' for.
    as insertion depth definitely affects some audible resonances, if you like a certain signature, a different insertion depth is not what you're looking for.
  6. manthisis
    Understood! I actually seem to have the problem where my ear canals are too big, so the extra nozzle length will likely help with ensuring a seal.
  7. SpeedyClaxton4
    Speaking of tips, is there any update on Ety's official dual flanges they were developing? I'm curious to see how they turn out.
  8. episiarch Contributor
    I have that problem, and the P-series work for me.

    Another thing that works for me, FWIW, is the long-stem version of the stock triflanges: https://www.etymotic.com/er38-15sml.html
  9. manthisis
    Yeah, I gave those a go, and they didn't quite seal. I guess the triple flange tips just aren't for me.
  10. JohnYang1997
    Tsx100 large should work. If still not big enough, you can use the longer stem large triflange and cut off the smallest flange, and cut stem to reasonable length then insert very deep. You can get them from "gotears triflange", google it.
    BTW, if ety grey is too big, your ear canals aren't really that big. Have you insert olive black or comoly deeply?
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
  11. manthisis
    I ordered Comply P series in medium, so I'll give those a go and if they don't work out, I'll try the Tsx100.

    I think for the triflanges, it's not so much a matter of deep insertion, but I just think that the largest flange never makes a seal in the outer opening of my ear canal. the smaller flanges make a seal in the second bend, but because the larger flange doesn't seal well it just doesn't isolate anything beyond average.

    I can get my ety's super deep, even with the large triflanges. It just kinda breaks seal at the largest flange part.
  12. JohnYang1997
    I always deep insert my large 3 flange. It's not that your ear canals are too big. It's insertion technique. Try different angle and pull earlobe down while inserting. Or use different texture ones. Like white or grey from gotears. The clear one is a bit harder to seal when new.
  13. manthisis
    Right, I've tried inserting using etymotic's insertion technique, tried pulling my earlobe down, tried the stock clear/ety opaque grey/third party triflanges of various sizes, it all doesn't seal well. I mean, it seals, but I don't get that etymotic isolation that is known for (I've gotten it a handful of times using triflanges, but it tends to slip out after a minute). I tried different angles and insertion depths, all nothing...

    I did have a spell with the triflanges a week ago where for 3-4 days I was getting consistent seals on the 2SE, but when I switched my tips over to the ER2XR when I got them, I suddenly couldn't replicate the seal. Very frustrating

    I should clarify that this isn't a matter of a sound quality issue. I get enough of a seal that the bass is extended and full... It's just a matter of isolation.
    Last edited: Jun 22, 2019
  14. Colors
    Have tested and owned so many IEMs and my ER4SR still remains my core baseline...

    Only thing that compares is it’s dynamic driver counter part - Sony EX1000.

    Both have their house sound that have decades of R&D thrown into it. Perfect balance of tonality, detail and nothing lacking in the frequencies.
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  15. panasonicst60
    Has anyone on here seriously compare the Fiio's fh5 and fh7 to etymotics? Just curious.
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