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If you still love Etymotic ER4, this is the thread for you...

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  1. Fuzzy789
    On the topic of EQ settings i really like how my SR sounds with a 3db 5.5k high self. I really have no clue what area the treble boost for ER4B is. Since there like little to no info beyond some basic stuff.
  2. Colors
    I can write up more on it later as I own the FH7 and tested the FH5, but here's a short summary I suppose:

    ER4SR excels in the vocals, treble and tonality. It's a very clean sound that's easy on the ears and has no added flavour. Think of it like drinking water. It's isolation is also the best out of every single IEM I've ever tested.

    The FH7 has better imaging, frequency separation, sub-bass/bass clarity, quantity and quality, and its treble is competitive with the ER4SR. Its comfort is also among the best I've tested. However, it sounds a bit dry and lacking in tonality. What I mean is, I've hearing a lot of sounds/frequencies, but it's not being layered or connected well. This is where the Andromeda beats the FH7, because it also has the same technicalities and soundstage, but it sounds very musical and smooth at the same time. It's a pretty amazing feat. ER4SR beats the FH7 in tonality. FH7, however, has a much larger soundstage.

    The FH5 has a pretty balanced sound, but again, lacks in tonality. Basically, I'm hearing sounds but I don't "feel" or "connect" with the music as well as the ER4SR. Its sub-bass is pretty good, likewise its frequency separation and soundstage. It's a very good but plain IEM imo. You can't really go wrong buying it but its really nothing special. However, comfort is also top notch.

    All three are great value for money and excellent daily commuter/lifestyle IEMs. I just have a special preference for the ER4SR as it matches my tastes. It's just a really clean and honest sound.
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  3. HamsterJ
    Hi all. First post here. I come from the HF5 and after 8 happy years added the ER4XR.

    I read a lot about mobility, but I prefer use these for critical listening at home. I also have Sennheiser HD800S / HDVD800 for that but prefer the lower friction given by the earbuds.

    Am now considering downgrading to ER3SE due to great bargain here in Japan. Nice input again on the thread.
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  4. panasonicst60
    Sounds like I'll just stick to my etymotic ER4XR. It's really hard for me to like other iem due to the isolation the etymotic provides. But I'm always curious. Thanks for the feedback.
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  5. redrol
    Id be really interested to know if any Ety fans bought the Moondrop blessing which is Moondrops take on the Ety sound.

  6. Colors
    If Etymotics are 10/10 in isolation, the closest I’ve ever experienced otherwise is maybe like FiiO or iBasso IEMs with Comply tips and that’s maybe like 8.75/10 in isolation.

    I use Shure Olive tips my Etys and nothing really beats them in sheer isolation.
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  7. HamsterJ
    Question to the community: which DAC are you using with your Ety? I used to plug them directly on my Mac headphones jack, but with the new ubiquitous USB-C connectors (and soon to vanish 3.5 mm jack availability) I'm thinking about jumping to Audioquest Dragonfly + Dragontail USB-A to C. Any comment?
  8. Colors
    I use my Pioneer XDP300R (slow filter sounds incredible).

    I’ve also tried the Chord Mojo before and it’s super, super nice.
  9. chinmie
    i currently only use 2 dac: Centrance BlueDAC and Earstudio ES100
  10. HamsterJ
    Thanks both. Haven't heard the Centrance BlueDAC in Tokyo yet.
  11. Fuzzy789
    Edit: changed this comment. After having a long think.

    Hi I'm new but i gonna gush at how great the ER4SR really is. The bass suits my tastes very well despite being flat, the detail and clarity are insane an to think it only uses a Single BA set up.

    In my view easily beats past IEM's & few full size headphones i had, doesn't sound congested or dark which bugged me about the sound of the ER4PT. Unlike allot i find at least with the ER4S/SR to pretty wide and 3D to me never once got the thought oh intimate soundstage.
    Last edited: Jun 25, 2019
  12. AudioNoob
  13. Hadden
    Not too many impressions on the Er2se/xr for some reason.
  14. chinmie
    is that basically regular symbio W with an added adapter core? i tried my Symbio peels with DIY adapter on my ER,fit is fine, but i feel it reduce the treble sparkle a bit.
  15. AudioNoob
    Yes they are the symbios with an adapter. The peels are the non foam filled ones though right? These are filled
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