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iDSD micro Black Label. Tour details (page 147). Release info (page 153).

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  1. wldcohso

    I’m in the process of selling my Sennheiser HDV800 because of this... I did a double look at the iDSD BL and then looked at HDV800 again with a perplexed look on my face “how can this be”.. I almost started thinking there was something wrong with my rig lol....
    Dobrescu George likes this.
  2. jerick70
    LOL I know what you mean. I'm selling my Continental Dual Mono right now because the iDSD BL is so much better.
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  3. wldcohso

    I asked my girl to listen for a while just in case it was placebo but low and behold she walked away saying the BL was so much better and she’s not even into music like that. A good pair of headphone that come with her Galaxy S7 phone does her just fine but after listening to the BL she started asking for one and I’m like this hobby is too expensive for both of us to be in hahahahaha!
  4. jerick70
  5. superuser1
    Quick question: Has anyone tried the Pelican 1060 case with the BL? Does it fit perfectly?
  6. jmills8
    Perfect but without the usb cable attached. I have one for the BL and another for the Hugo.
  7. superuser1
    Thanks. I just want to store it.
    i did see someone cut out a space on the case for the usb cable and HP jack :D
  8. jmills8
    Wow they had a machine cutter ? I usually store it in the case and put it in my back pack when on the go.
  9. superuser1
    Yes that's the same reason i want it for. Storage and transport on travels. Yes they had a cutter. Some people can do some crazy stuff.
  10. jmills8
    Dobrescu George and superuser1 like this.
  11. cardeli22
    I believe it's 380$ on Adoroma.com. Never too early to shop for Christmas :gs1000smile:
  12. Levanter
    Not at the moment, still at the original MSRP there
  13. cardeli22
    Damn. Well it has gone on sale for $380 numerous times this year on Adorama, hopefully it will go back on sale again.
  14. technobear
    From what I've seen of others postings, you have to go through a site called SlickDeals to find those offers.
  15. cardeli22
    That does seem to be the case. I signed up for the Adorama newsletter and I never receive an email about the BL on sale. I do, periodically, check slickdeals and the deal will be there.
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