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  1. Audio46

    Audio46 Exclusive: Save up to $200 on iFi Audio & Campfire Audio Bundles

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of iFi Audio and Campfire Audio Get iFi's nano Black Label DAC/amp and your choice of one of three Campfire’s IEMs (Andromeda 2nd gen, Polaris II, or IO) for the best bundle price! SHOP> SHOP> SHOP>
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    RIP Art Dudley

    Back in the AMR days, I had the pleasure of renting a car and making the long and winding 'road trip' up state to Art's place a few times. (photo courtesy: stereophile.com) To say that Art was a gentleman would be an understatement. He was extremely warm and welcoming. Considering how many...
  3. iFi Audio iSilencer+

    iFi Audio iSilencer+

    (description taken from product packaging) USB is bi-directional and transfers both power and data. It is plagued by noise/RMI/EFI problems that negatively impact on sound quality. Noise issues MUST be addressed as early as possible, preferably at the source such as the computer. The...
  4. iFi audio

    iPhono3 Black Label - The Official Thread

    Just for the record iFi’s new iPhono3 Black Label phono stage is the perfect fix for vinyl addicts, ensuring every record is heard just as the artist intended Southport, England – As music lovers across the land return to the tactile virtues of vinyl, so the demand for high-quality turntables...
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    Win one of three iFi audio xCAN + Meze 99 Classics Silver headphones combos

    It's competition time! iFi audio and Meze have joined forces to give you the chance to WIN one of three iFi xCAN and Meze 99 Classics Silver headphone combos worth more than £600! To enter, just fill in a simple form using this link: https://ifi-audio.com/win/ The winners will be contacted...
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    iFi audio calling all DAP/Android owners!

    Calling all DAP/Android owners! In this difficult pandemic time it's good to look after others! That's why if you're an Android user after an OTG cable, you can denote £15 to charity of your choice via PayPal, send us a proof and get a free OTG cable from us in return! Much appreciated and...
  7. elChefe

    ***SOLD*** iFi iDSD Black Label

    I’m selling my iFi idsd Black Label. Comes with original box and (I believe) all the stock accessories. Photos show everything it comes with. The only thing Iv used from the accessories was the USB cable but it’s still in perfect condition. Unit has very low hours, in full working condition. No...
  8. iFi audio

    iFi audio iSilencer+ and iDefender+

    Set USB audio free with blissful, noise-free sound iFi iSilencer+ (USB-C to USB-C) and iDefender+ (USB-A to USB-A) When used for audio, USB interfaces are inherently ‘noisy’. iFi’s iSilencer+ and iDefender+ remove electrical noise that distorts the audio signal to unleash the connected...
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    iFi audio iPower X - The Official Thread

    iFi audio iPower X Silence improved Power - cleaner than ever During the R&D stage of iPower, introduced into our portfolio in 2015, we challenged ourselves by aiming to manufacture the quietest power supply available and make it compliant with as many products as possible. The feedback from...
  10. iFi audio

    iFi audio hip-dac: The Tour!

    Hey, hey, hey , it's time for an iFi tour. New releases give us great excuses to get units out to you good people! The guideline for the hip-dac tour is fairly similar to previous tours, but there are a few changes to some we have done before so be sure to check out the entire post! Am I...
  11. iFi audio hip-dac

    iFi audio hip-dac

    iFi hip-dac warms the soul with intoxicating sound With a sound as flavoursome and richly detailed as a delicious single malt, the hip-dac portable USB DAC/headphone amp delivers the perfect pick-me-up for any music lover on-the-go Southport, England – iFi adds to its award-winning range of...
  12. I

    iFi Hip-DAC Impressions Thread

    A new $149 portable DAC from iFi! It comes in every colour you like, so long as it's blue! Tech Specs: Formats supported DSD256/128/64, Octa/Quad/Double/Single-Speed DSD DXD(384/352.8kHz), PCM(384/352.8/192/176.4/96/88.2/48/44.1kHz) MQA Digital Inputs USB 3.0 type ’A’ High-Speed...
  13. Audio46

    Pre-Order the iFi hip-dac at Audio46

    Audio46 is an authorized dealer of iFi. According to iFi: "The hip-dac replaces the inferior DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Convertor) and amp circuitry in smartphones, tablets, PCs and Macs to vastly improve headphone sound. Its design and performance set it apart from other DAC/headphone amps in...
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    iFi audio's worst kept secret: the hip-dac!

    iFi hip-dac warms the soul with intoxicating sound With a sound as flavoursome and richly detailed as a delicious single malt, the hip-dac portable USB DAC/headphone amp delivers the perfect pick-me-up for any music lover on-the-go Southport, England – iFi adds to its award-winning range of...
  15. BombayTheIndian


    I'm selling a lightly used iFi iPower 5v DC Power Supply with all original accessories. This 5v version comes with a DC to micro USB adapter, a DC to USB C adapter, and a DC to USB A (female) adapter for use with USB powered gear like the Raspberry Pi or Amazon Fire TV Stick. I had great...
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    iFi audio’s Ask-Me-Anything thread: Thorsten Loesch

    iFi audio’s Ask-Me-Anything thread: Thorsten Loesch You ask, iFi’s CTO himself answers! At iFi audio we’ve always had one goal - versatile products with an off the charts price-to-performance ratio. Far easier said than done. Since day one, we’ve been striving to do ‘more’ and do it better...
  17. iFi audio

    iFi audio Aurora - The Official Thread

    Light up your life with Aurora Electrify your music and immerse yourself in sound with iFi’s all-in-one music system Southport, England – iFi’s new wireless music system, the Aurora, brings together a unique collection of proprietary technologies to deliver a sonic experience unlike any other...
  18. sindri1980

    *SOLD* IFI Micro iUSB 3.0 + Custom made USB cable

    Hi everyone! I am selling an IFI Micro iUSB 3.0 in perfect working and looking condition. It comes with the iPower power supply and a custom made Forza Audioworks USB cable with independent power and data cables. The price includes the PayPal fees and shipping within Europe.
  19. iFi audio

    RIP Ken Ishiwata (1947 - 2019)

    Ken Ishiwata – One Heck of an Inspiration (Photo courtesy - Stereonet) When some of the team at AMR were ‘growing up’ and heavily involved in listening to CDs on the Eighties, we fondly recall the hot-rodded Marantz CD-63 MkII and KI Pearl Amplifiers. They were machines we lusted after as...
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    iFi audio Pro iDSD + Roon = Yes!

    Folks, please take a look here: In short, we have a handy iFi Bridge software, which allows Roon playback on Pro iDSD. Please see the video above!
  21. F700

    SOLD Fearless S8F, complete package with iFi iEMatch and 3 cables (3.5mm and 4.4mm)

    Hi everyone, I am selling a complete IEM package. What's included in the price: - Fearless S8F (clear shells - B15) in mint condition - Fearless original case with stock 3.5mm cable and tips - iFi iEMatch in mint condition in its original package - ISN Audio C16 3.5mm cable - Nicehck 4.4mm...
  22. TooPoorForHiFi


    (LNIB) iFi Audio ZEN DAC/AMP - Everything is included. Does not come with 5V DC Spec & Product Info Ship within US Only, Not Looking for any Trades. If you have any questions feel free to PM me.
  23. TooPoorForHiFi

    WTB: iFi Audio xCAN (USB C version)

    WTB: iFi Audio xCAN Have around $150 to spend
  24. iFi audio

    iFi audio ZEN DAC - The Official Thread

    Be at one with your music with ZEN DAC Highly specified, super-affordable and simple to use, iFi’s ZEN DAC elevates your digital audio experience to a higher plane Southport, England – Hot on the heels of the ZEN Blue hi-res Bluetooth streamer, iFi expands the ZEN family of desktop-sized audio...
  25. iFi audio

    iFi audio ZEN Blue - The Official Thread

    Enlightened audio at a down-to-earth price First of a new range of audio components priced at just £129, US$129 and €149, iFi’s ZEN Blue delivers hi-res Bluetooth streaming to any audio system Southport, England – iFi kicks off a new range of high-quality, super-affordable, desktop-sized audio...