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  1. Sebastien Chiu

    iFi audio's SilentPower Collection: GND Defender, DC Blocker, Nova, and SupaNova!

    The sound of SilentPower iFi’s new SilentPower range tackles mains-related noise to improve audio/AV system performance. Alongside its award-winning collection of audio devices for home and portable use, including class-leading DACs and headphone amps, iFi makes a range of accessories to...
  2. Audio46

    Get the NEW Upgraded iFi Zen DAC V2 at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of iFi The iFi Zen DAC has been upgraded! It can now fully decode MQA, along with other improvements. SHOP ZEN DAC V2>
  3. AmericaHiFi

    One Day Sale - April 25th 2021 - 25% Discount on Everything

    Yes, today only, for Head-Fi Members - get 25% off your entire purchase of QED, Atlas or iFi Audio at AmericaHiFi.com The only limitation is that there is a $100 minimum purchase to qualify! Use Code: HF-25-25 at checkout You can visit our website here: americahifi.com Thank you to all our...
  4. AmericaHiFi

    iFi Micro iTube Tube Buffer

    America HiFi are Authorized Resellers for QED, Atlas and iFi Audio Products. Fans of iFi Audio may be aware of the iTube products, the original iFi Micro iTube Tube Buffer and the more recent iFi Micro iTube2. One of the reasons that we started selling iFi products is because of these amazing...
  5. Q

    Dac & Amp: which could be the best choice?

    Hello everyone, as per title I was looking to start listening music to a better level and, for this reason, I was looking to a good Dac and an Amp. At the moment I'm using a Focusrite Scarlett Solo (I also have an old MOTU Ultralite MK3). This is the list of the headphone that I have already...
  6. Sebastien Chiu

    What the $^&# heck is it (part two!)?.........The All New iFi iEMatch+!

    The all-new iEMatch+ Give yourself and your music a break. No more noise from background source hiss and no more listening at ridiculously high volume so you get the ‘most’ out of your music. Use iEMatch+. It works with all 3.5mm balanced devices. Switch between single-ended or balanced...
  7. iFi audio

    New Download Hub - For all the software/firmware for your iFi units.

    New Download Hub on ifi-audio.com We've tried to make it a bit easier for you to find out what firmware or software works on your iFi unit and what functionality it provides. We have created the Download Hub - simply select your product and tap in the serial number of your unit to get the...
  8. Sebastien Chiu

    iFi audio iTraveller - A Multi-Purpose Travel Case Designed For Portable DACs!

    A place for everything. Keep your audio life organized with iTraveller! A multi-purpose travel case designed specifically for portable DACs Goodbye tangles, hello tidy… The travel companion for audio on the go, designed with plenty of cleverly-divided removable and flexible compartments...
  9. Sebastien Chiu

    Next ZEN CAN Signature edition! Which headphone's EQ Curve??? You decide.

    iFi’s new ZEN CAN Signature isn’t just a fantastic headphone amp, it also sports a unique feature called ActivEQ which, when engaged, tailors the amp’s performance to suit a specific headphone like a made-to-measure suit. We’ve already made the ZEN CAN Signature 6XX, with ActivEQ that perfectly...
  10. Audio46

    Get the iFi micro iDSD Diablo DAC/amp at Audio46

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of iFi The newest in portable DAC/amps, the iFi micro iDSD Diablo. DEVILISHLY GOOD SOUND Mobile reference DAC / head amp Purist sound Fully balanced 4.4mm outputs with 4,100mW Devilishly deep bass reproduction and unbelievable resolution New PureWave...
  11. iFi audio

    iFi audio iDSD Diablo - A portable reference done our way!

    iDSD Diablo: revel in the detail Dressed in devilish red, iFi’s new top-of-the-range transportable DAC/headphone amp sports a powerful engine under the hood, expertly tuned to deliver an exhilarating sonic performance Southport, England – iFi ushers in the New Year with the best...
  12. iFi audio

    iFi's holiday thread!

    We’re giving two of our followers the chance to win access to an online gig you will not want to miss out on! All you need to do is fill in the form, below, and you could be in for the chance of watching a British ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll Staaaar’ live from your living room! Good luck 🎸🎤 Please go...
  13. iFi iDSD Signature

    iFi iDSD Signature

  14. iFi audio NEO iDSD

    iFi audio NEO iDSD

    NEO iDSD: the new wave in digital sound An all-new design, state-of-the-art specifications and a sound that soars – iFi’s NEO iDSD hi-res DAC/headphone amp is every music lover’s perfect housemate Southport, England – Since its inception in 2012, iFi has been at the forefront of DAC technology...
  15. iFi audio

    iFi audio NEO iDSD - The wave is here! : TOUR Info (Post 175 Page 12)

    NEO iDSD: the new wave in digital sound An all-new design, state-of-the-art specifications and a sound that soars – iFi’s NEO iDSD hi-res DAC/headphone amp is every music lover’s perfect housemate Southport, England – Since its inception in 2012, iFi has been at the forefront of DAC technology...
  16. iFi audio

    iFi audio iDSD Signature - The saga continues!

    iFi serves up micro iDSD Signature dish Sporting a host of enhancements both inside and out, one of the most highly acclaimed hi-res DAC/headphone amps on the planet just got even better – meet the micro iDSD Signature Southport, England – iFi audio, the acclaimed maker of audio devices for...
  17. iFi audio

    ZEN gets groovy with iFi’s new phono stage

    ZEN gets groovy with iFi’s new phono stage Adjustable gain? Tick. Subsonic filter? Tick. Class-leading, ultra-low-noise performance? Tick. The iFi ZEN Phono is an entry-level phono stage to surpass all others. Southport, England – iFi continues to expand its multi-ward-winning ZEN series of...
  18. iFi audio

    Great headphone sound? It’s in the CAN! iFi audio ZEN CAN!

    Is it possible to make an analogue headphone amp that delivers high-end performance with all manner of headphones and bring it to every music lover at £149? If anyone can, iFi CAN! Southport, England – In just a few short months, iFi’s first ZEN Series products – the ZEN Blue and ZEN DAC – have...
  19. bedlam inside

    Spotted on DROP! ZEN DAC Signature from iFi??? Better than the ZEN DAC??

    So, look what I found today while browsing ye olde interwebs!!!! New kit from iFi audio. Been feeling a bit lazy on here lately but this got me wondering... ZEN DAC Signature - on DROP no less! I'm already wondering how this differs from the ZEN DAC? No mention of the the price but the...
  20. iFi audio

    iFi audio ZEN CAN Signature 6XX / ZEN DAC Signature now sold by iFi !!!

    ZEN and now: iFi’s latest Signature dishes iFi has reworked the award-winning ZEN DAC and ZEN CAN to create step-up Signature versions delivering even higher levels of performance, alongside an associated ‘crowd design’ initiative. Southport, England – iFi’s ZEN Series audio products earned...
  21. Ficcion2

    Ifi Mercury 3 USB

    Ifi Mercury 3 USB In great condition. Complete with accessories $110 shipped.
  22. Ficcion2

    IFi Micro IDSD BL [SOLD]

    For sale is a Micro BL in excellent condition. I bought this new 2-3 months ago. Never used outside. Includes all original packaging and accessories. Asking $410 shipped CONUS including PP fees (firm)
  23. F

    [SOLD] iFi xDSD

    For sale is an iFi xDSD. It's in perfect working order with accessories and box. The only missing item is the velcro. Bought new for $400 a little over a year ago and it works as it should. Also includes the micro USB-C OTG Cable so it will work with newer smartphones too. It's a great...
  24. Audio46

    Audio46 Exclusive: Save up to $200 on iFi Audio & Campfire Audio Bundles

    Audio46 is an Authorized Dealer of iFi Audio and Campfire Audio Get iFi's nano Black Label DAC/amp and your choice of one of three Campfire’s IEMs (Andromeda 2nd gen, Polaris II, or IO) for the best bundle price! SHOP> SHOP> SHOP>
  25. iFi audio

    RIP Art Dudley

    Back in the AMR days, I had the pleasure of renting a car and making the long and winding 'road trip' up state to Art's place a few times. (photo courtesy: stereophile.com) To say that Art was a gentleman would be an understatement. He was extremely warm and welcoming. Considering how many...