micro idsd
  1. mightytison

    WTB IFI Micro IDSD Black Label

    Looking for an IFI Micro IDSD Black Label for portable setup. Hoping to pay around $350, but also willing to trade some Schiit gear. I have a Modi Multibit/Magni3 stack with the Cthulhu power supply if interested.
  2. ckhirnigs113

    SOLD: iFi micro iDSD (Silver) (looking for iDAC2 and nano iUSB3.0)

    **SOLD** Hi, I'm looking to sell/trade my iFi micro iDSD dac/amp (original silver). I don't need the portability features of the iDSD, so I'm looking to trade for an iDAC2 and nano iUSB3.0 for desktop use. I'm open to selling as well to fund the purchases, but a trade would be the most...
  3. JvH26

    What should I upgrade? Sennheiser HD800 + iFi Micro iDSD

    Hi everyone, I am looking to upgrade something in my current setup. I do have a Sennheiser HD800 SuperDupont modded and an iFi Micro iDSD non Black Label. I have been looking into getting the iFi iPurifier 2 and am wondering if I should do that. Also I am wondering if I would get the iPurifier...
  4. ptolemy2k6

    ****sold**** IFI Micro IDSD Black Label portable Amp / Dac

    I have IFI Micro IDSD Black Label for sale. Bought from B&H Last summer. Condition is excellent. I believe it comes with everything + lighting connector (white cable), but please check pictures and if something is missing either ask me in private or assume it's not included. I am asking $399...
  5. iFi audio

    iDSD micro Black Label. Tour details (page 147). Release info (page 153).

    Micro iDSD Black Label. Back in Black     Introduction We have updated this thread with the 2016 micro iDSD Black Label.   The original iDSD set a new benchmark for portable DAC/Headamps in the US$500 sector. Nothing came close to its sonics, flexibility and outright power...