black label
  1. 4nradio

    **SOLD** iFi Nano iDSD Black Label - Nearly New with All Accessories and Box

    I'm selling a like new condition iDSD Nano Black Label. I purchased it new last week; it works and sounds great, including for MQA decoding on Tidal. I was going to partner the iDSD BL with my computer but decided to stick with a portable audio player. All original accessories, cables, and...
  2. Tompo88

    WTB iFi Micro iDSD Black Label

    Looking to purchase an iFi Micro iDSD Black Label. PM me if you want to sell yours. Thank you.
  3. Whisky Warrior

    *Sold* [FS] iFi IDSD Micro Black Label

    I am looking to sell my iFi iDSD Micro BL as I simply do not use it as much as it deserves. I have probably used it around 100 hours, give or take. I am the original owner and it is in excellent condition and will come with all the accessories and original packaging. Looking to get $375 OBO. I...
  4. Iplaywithrocks

    WTB : IDSD Micro BL

    Just got my 887 in and not sure if I'm going to keep it, In the mean time I wanted to get another BL to compare as I might need a smaller setup due to moving. Please let me know what you have.
  5. ramenchef

    Found or no longer wanted: [USA-CA] iFi Micro iDSD Black Label

    Looking for a very good condition with all accessories and box if possible.
  6. mightytison

    WTB IFI Micro IDSD Black Label

    Looking for an IFI Micro IDSD Black Label for portable setup. Hoping to pay around $350, but also willing to trade some Schiit gear. I have a Modi Multibit/Magni3 stack with the Cthulhu power supply if interested.
  7. Medikill

    WTS: iFi Audio Nano iDSD Black Label BL

    In great condition Bought new from Addicted to Audio in October 2018 (will provide receipt to buyer) As such still have 1.5 years Warranty remaining RRP is $300 Sparingly used, as i preferred to use my desktop setup Comes with all original accessories and manuals Will additionally...
  8. SLC1966

    *SOLD* FS: iFi Nano iDSD Black Label

    Received new from iFi in November 0f 2018. Is in Mint Condition. I purchased a used Nano Black Label here on Head-Fi in October of 2018. There were some minor issues with how the colors showed up based on the resolution of the music. I contacted iFi and they sent me this new one as a...
  9. Medikill

    WTB: Ifi Idsd micro Black label ( BL )

    Prefer to buy from someone in Australia But open to international as well :) PM If you have one you are looking to sell - A note about my feedback, please refer to this screenshot of the PM's between the two of us for reference - He tried to make me pay in friends and family after i'd sent...
  10. Medikill

    WTB IFI iDSD Micro Black label ( BL )

    Prefer to buy from someone in Australia But open to international as well :) PM If you have one you are looking to sell - A note about my feedback, please refer to this screenshot of the PM's between the two of us for reference - He tried to make me pay in friends and family after i'd sent...
  11. mightytison

    **SOLD** iFi Micro iDSD Black Label Excellent Condition

    For sale is a Micro iDSD Black Label. The black is slightly faded on the top four corners which you can hopefully see in the photos. It's very minimal and you can hardly see it, but I wanted to mention it. It comes with all you see here in the original box. Price is PP and shipping paid to Con...
  12. OldDude04

    FS - iFi Micro iDSD Black Label

    SOLD Up for sale is my recently purchased iFi Micro iDSD Black Label in mint condition. Comes with original packaging and all accessories seen in pics, plus a free carrying case. I'm selling because a recent DAC purchase means this will get very little use and this device deserves to get used...
  13. thanks4alltheFish

    (SOLD) FS: iFi iDSD Nano Black Label MQA dac/amp

    Hi there, I'm looking to sell my Nano since I purchased it for travel, but a new job has me at a desk these days. Very lightly used and no scratches or dings. As you'll see in the pictures, it comes with everything as if new. A few of the items haven't ever been used and still remain in the...
  14. felix3650

    FS/FT: Ifi iDSD nano Black Label

    I bought the nano iDSD from a fellow headfier here. It's in perfect condition with no scratches/dings and comes with all accessories plus the box. I recently sold my LG V30 and thought of using this with another android in otg but I didn't so the nano iDSD has been staying in it's box unused...
  15. loplop

    SOLD: ifi Micro iDSD Black Label

    In excellent shape! I always used the "80% charge feature" to maximize effective battery life, and never ran this dead empty. Used around my house, not as an outside-the-home portable, primarily as a USB-to-COAX converter and multi-room headphone amp for various full size Audeze cans. The...
  16. vinekly

    Grado Black Label

    I’ve been searching around and although I’ve seen some people talking about the Grado black label headphones I can’t find an actual review of either the black label 1 or 2. They look unique and apparently have uniquedrivers but they’re not cheap. I’m very curious about the sound but don’t wanna...
  17. Grimbles

    iFi ShootOut - xDSD, xCAN, Nano BL, Micro BL

    This is a ShootOut review of some of iFi's most recent line-up – namely the two black labels and the two new "x" products. Before I start however, I thought worth setting out a few ground rules and my method, followed by a dive into scoring. Slightly differently to normal, I have given my...
  18. H

    iFi iDSD nano Black Label 3.5mm balanced to amp with 2x XLR-3

    So I've ordered the iFi iDSD nano Black label for my new setup. And my old amp only accepts 2x XLR-3 ports as balanced input. Also if I'm not mistaken, the iFi iDSD nano BL will sound best with a 3.5mm TRRS jack. But I haven't seen 3.5mm TRRS to 2x XLR-3 anywhere. All I saw was only 3.5mm TRS...
  19. bluebair

    *SOLD* Ifi IDSD Micro Black Label, 1 year 5 months of warranty

    Alright. Now that the HD800's are gone I will sell my beloved Ifi. I purchased this 4/2018, and it came with a 2 year warranty (registered) so it has 1 year and 5 months left in the warranty. Everything works perfect, too perfect for me to make this post easily, haha. Comes with everything...
  20. bluebair

    *SOLD* HD 800 + SDR Mod, Low SN, Custom Paint!!!

    Hello everyone. These are my cherished HD800 headphones. I love em to death, but just can't justify keeping them if I dont have time to listen to them. These come with an official sennheiser hd800 box with sleave (7/10 outer condition, great on inside though) and all the accessories that come...
  21. rmbagg

    [FS] iFi iDSD Black Label Nano - mint condition

    Used for roughly 10 hours total. Upgraded to the Black Label Micro... the slope is as slippery as they say it is. To be truthful the sound quality coming up from the Nano is only a very slight improvement. I just needed the optical in and I do enjoy the other features of the Micro...
  22. notorious4163

    Desperately Need Help With Black Label iDSD Black Label

    Hey guys. Question about the black label iDSD micro. You guys are angels. Can someone explain? (EDM Mainly) Is the light supposed to turn solid green (not flashing) when you turn it on/when it’s on? (or is it supposed to be blue?) because mine turns green i’m also havingng trouble but mainly...
  23. rmbagg

    WTB: iDSD Micro Black Label

    Willing to pay $350-400 depending on condition and accessories/box inclusion etc... Shipping to 60047.
  24. Rhinomyte76

    [SOLD] IFI MICRO IDSD Black Label - Like New - excellent condition (price drop)

    My qutest is scheduled to arrive on Tuesday so time to move this to a new home. I will pay shipping and paypal fees. This unit has never left my desktop setup so it has had a consistent power supply. Only owner. Purchased from Amazon (B&H was the source I think) on 12/14/16. Looks mint...
  25. RuFrost

    [CLOSED] iFi micro iDSD BL, xDSD, nano BL

    if you have iFi micro iDSD BL, xDSD, nano BL for sale, let me know. P.s: Please, do not offer me a idsd micro Silver version (the power and closeness of vocals kills all the joy. Not my cup of tea) or other ifi products.