iBasso DX80 Bug Thread - Post Any Firmware Bugs/Issues Here

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by wolfen68, Nov 6, 2015.
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  1. Ed Tras
    Hi Paul,

    will these issues still be solved in next firmware for DX80:
    - Sorting Bug: When playing music via playlist. After power off and on the titles in the playlist are in alphabetical order.
    - automatically scan chosen folder with playlists and import every playlist automatically
    - if playlists are changed in e.g. foobar, new playlist should overwrite old playlist at import. At this time nothing happens when importing changed playlists. Or
    - just scan playlist folder for new or changed playlists and automatically import them (and overwrite older) :)
    - in playlist overview, alphabetical order of playlists, not import order as it seems to be now
    - maybe searching in artists, albums or all music first selection of a character and then jump to artist, albums starting with this character (would be very useful with many albums or artists, in my DX80 I have two sd cards, 256GB and 400GB with many music on it and it works great :) )

    Thank you
  2. gidgiddonihah
    I have figured out the tags issues - not a big deal. The other issues I have mentioned seem to happen at completely random times and are not related to specific files or resolutions. These were not fixed with a factory reset. I have discovered the current track number as 1/0 (when you tap the album art twice) bug happens to regular resolution files too. The progress bar issue seems to be limited to hi resolution files. If needed I can supply you with images or further reports.
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