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iBasso DX80 Bug Thread - Post Any Firmware Bugs/Issues Here

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by wolfen68, Nov 6, 2015.
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  1. riodgarp
    are you already try one of your slot card to install fw? there is different slot on different dx80 should be used for updates, mine not working if I placed both card and (or) placed in slot 1
  2. Heisenberg44
    Hi, yes I've already tried that.
    I've finally sent back my DX80 to iBasso for repair a few days ago, will let you know what happens next...
  3. m usicguy
    Not and issue but, how do get the battery replaced in these players. Is there a repair place in the us for this?

    m usicguy
  4. jon parker
    A number of folks have sent their units back to iBasso to change the battery. There is a video showing how to change a battery but I knackered my case trying it :/
    There is a number of very small battery, you have to bend back a capacitor to get to one of them and if you opened one part the wrong way you would snap the screen off !!
    Its a difficult job if you follow the video carefully but there is a risk
    personally, I could only afford to send my own [different] unit back to iBasso in China via normal post but they received it ok and sent it back free and very quickly. Great company in this regard
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