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iBasso DX80 Bug Thread - Post Any Firmware Bugs/Issues Here

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by wolfen68, Nov 6, 2015.
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  1. wolfen68 Contributor
    Great first impressions, first firmware bug noted:
    I and others have noted that changing the default gain from hi to low does not stick after a unit shutdown.  Also, there is only low and hi gain...can a medium gain option be added?
  2. sandalaudio
    Here are some initial bugs I found.
    1. Switching from Album mode to Directory mode does not work. If I am playing [Album A, Track 1] in Album mode, then play [Album B, Track 1] in Directory mode, the screen still says I am playing [Album A, Track 1], even though the music playing is [Album B, Track 1]. If I press skip at this point, it will play [Album A, Track 2] instead of what it is supposed to play, which is [Album B, Track 2].
    Basically, the transition between tag based library playback and file browser playback is stuffing up.
    2. Many issues with SD card scanning. Sometimes it aborts half way, other times, it completes to 100% but many songs are missing. Sometimes it just crashes the whole OS or freezes until force reboot. It may be related to particular song tags crashing the system, but the exact same card and same songs work fine on other DAPs like Fiio.
    3. Similar to above, the metadata cache does not get flushed, so scanning a new SD card does not remove the songs added from the previous SD card. Only a full factory reset can clear the previous data. Even if I remove the SD cards and do the scan on empty slots, it still retains the songs from the previous card.
    4. My Sandisk Ultra 128GB won't show up on the PC on USB Storage mode. I have tried FAT32, exFAT etc but no luck. My 64GB cards show up fine regardless of FAT or exFAT formatting. Only the 128GB card is having this problem.
    EDIT: Above bugs seem to be fixed on V1.1.2 firmware
    5. Back (rewind) button behaviour is inconsistent. While the music is playing, if I press [Back], it will go back to the beginning of the current song. However, when the music is paused, pressing [Back] will take me to the beginning of the previous song. (This is irrespective of whether I am at the beginning or half-way through the song). This is very annoying and different from how all other DAPs behave.
    6. Some people find the initial pop noise upon playback and grit noise between tracks quite annoying. It gives you a compressive feeling when using IEMs.
    That's about all I can think of.
  3. Hardwired Contributor
    Playback chops off the last half-second or so of every song, at least in shuffle mode. I've tried with gapless on or off and it makes no difference.

    The album art and song information may or may not be for the song currently playing. Manually advancing the songs tends to be accurate but letting the player advance through the songs on its own is not.
  4. sandalaudio
    Yes. I have also noticed that the song (e.g. last song on the album) cuts off at the end. I thought that my file was corrupted but I found that it does this on every album I played.
  5. emusic13
    Sandalaudio mentioned pretty much everything for now. The volume button can be inconsistent in single steps. Have to hold it down instead of clicking.
  6. wolfen68 Contributor
    I popped in my well functioning DX90's already preloaded card which is supposedly A-OK.... 
    Scan times approximately 12-15 minutes for 6400 songs.  The unit experienced a lock-up after apparent end of scanning.  After waiting 20 minutes with no change, I rebooted and was able to navigate.  This occurs after each time a scan is attempted.
    With every song selection the unit does a quick rescan that lasts approximately ten seconds.  The DX90 has always done this after the FIRST song played after a new scan.  The DX80 repeats this every time so I would consider this an issue.
    The first song played was OK, but I am also experiencing that for every song I play, the track information and art is incorrect. 
    A factory reset has not eliminated this behavior.
  7. Richsvt
    I am having issues with playing particular songs. When selected, they freeze. Other ones work fine, others play but display totally wrong information I.e. Playing song a but displays all information about song b.
  8. Richsvt
    As an update, the weird song display thing only happens when a I select certain songs. When I let it randomize, it all displays properly.
  9. sandalaudio
    Another bug I found on V 1.0 firmware
    While I am using the USB DAC mode, the DX80 shuts down automatically because of the Power Management Auto Power Off setting.
    Unless I intentionally try to keep it stay awake (e.g. by pressing the volume button occasionally), DX80 turns itself off after 5 minutes (or whatever you chose in the setting) even while I'm in the middle of listening to music.
  10. emusic13
    Not sure if it had anything to do with the micro sd card but I put a new SanDisk Ultra Micro SD XC card in and while it would play(when the DX80 finally found the card) I would get a loud pop through the songs. It scared me enough that I took my earbuds farther from my ear (protect my ears/lower volume) to check. I tried the earbuds on another source and no pop. After using the other source to check, I switched back to a normal micro sd card on the DX80 and no pop so far. This is using a Yuin PK1 if that helps. I will scan the SD XC card for file errors.
  11. wolfen68 Contributor
    I am seeing (hearing) the occasional loud pop in between songs as well.  It is similar to the classic iBasso power on pop and I agree it is quite startling.  IBasso is aware of this issue.
  12. sp3llv3xit

    Has anyone tried sending out a DSD or DoP signal to a DSD-capable dac?   Using the supplied stock coaxial cable and the optical cable from Chord, I tried the DX80 with either my Chord Hugo or Hugo TT.  None produced any sound.  

  13. sandalaudio
    No there is no S/PDIF signal when you play a DSD file.
    I don't think this is a bug, becauase DX80 does not specify that it supports DoP output from S/PDIF.
    It can decode DSD but I don't think the firmware has the ability to encode it into a PCM packet required for DoP.
    If would be nice if DX80 did have this functionality, since this will make it useful as a DoP transport.
  14. sp3llv3xit
    Thanks.  I hope iBasso allows this feature in their firmware update.
  15. emusic13
    I reformatted my micro sd card in a Mac this time and there is still a loud pop in between songs. It is only happening when I use this micro sd card and both Windows and Mac do not detect any problems with it. Still not sure if its because of the firmware not being able to read the SD XC card correctly or if I got a faulty card. Mind, it is a new card just received from Amazon on Friday. 
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