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iBasso DX80 Bug Thread - Post Any Firmware Bugs/Issues Here

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by wolfen68, Nov 6, 2015.
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  1. pholcus1975
    Ok, thanks!
  2. pholcus1975
    Still waiting for new fw. It's 7 months.
  3. VieuxBat
    Could a firmware uppgrade include play thru folder !!! I try with the long press fonction on folder (artist) but no luck it lays the first subfolder and stop, it is annoying, please include it !
  4. Lurker0
    First of all, be sure you use the latest firmware version. If you long tap on an artist from Artists menu, it will play all the albums of the artist: I'm sure because I use it so often.
    From the Directory, it should work as well, but you need to perform media scan first. Instead, it would scan and play only the first subfolder with music files found.
  5. VieuxBat
    The issue I have is that the unit is not recognising most of the tags or messing them up, either track number, album, ....  (and I don't have the patience and time to correct 1to + of music), so I use the folder fonction not the artist/album/genre where everything is organised.... but even If I were to use the way you say, it would stop playing once the folder end and not go to the next artist folder. the fiio do it, and that is a nice feature.
  6. wylfsyn
    @Paul from iBasso:
    Any news about new DX80 firmware? This sorting bug of yours is very annoying,
  7. simoniribarren
    Hi there
    First, sorry by my poor English, I'm from Chile and it has some rust
    I've have a DX80 with the 1.5.8 firmware.
    Unexpectedly, when I boot/shutdown the device, a "glitch" like a "click" sounds on it.
    It's so weird and it seems sound like hard drive from a Laptop with phisical failure.
    I've recorded a video with the "clic glitches" on boot/shutdown
    Here the video
    ¿Any ideas?
    The device isn't with any cards on it
  8. HiFiChris Contributor

    Don't worry, this is totally normal. Most modern audio players will produce a "click" sound when turning them on or off. This is caused by protective relays that are built into the players - when you turn a player that has got relays on, the relays will close, and when you turn it off again, the relays will open; both the opening and closing of the relays causes this clicking sound and is totally normal and not harmful or whatsoever.
    Paul - iBasso likes this.
  9. x9kpower
    That's normal. Just the amp turning on/off.
    Paul - iBasso likes this.
  10. jlynton
  11. riodgarp
    Hello guys, I think got my dx80 become completely silent, there's no sound from HO or LO and I don't have dac for testing it's spdif out I wonder if it's internal amp or something else got burned after overheated last night I rdecharge it but I can hear static noise when pressing button or turning screen on,
  12. Alexei23
    My DX80 acted strange the other day. It automatically turned off (not due to sleep timer or auto shutdown). Then when I turned it back on it made clicking noises and shutdown immediately. About 2 hours later It was fine and not I am wondering whether I should return it. This is will be the second DX80 i'll be returning if i do.
  13. Lurker0
    It happened for some people, but very rare. For me, it happened twice: the day I first touched it, and more than a year after. It looks like the power controller starts reporting wrong battery level. As you already experienced, the problem disappears soon and does not return for a long time. I believe there is no a need for replacement.
  14. wormcycle
    Last edited: Jul 19, 2017
  15. pholcus1975
    If you long press on album in album view and hit play, playing order starts from 2nd song of album
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