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iBasso DX200 Bug Thread - Post Any Firmware Bugs/Issues Here

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by artpiggo, Mar 4, 2017.
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  1. AnakChan Moderator
    Paul, I've got the same issue. I thought it was just the iBasso not supporting DXD. I'll drop a mail to you too.
  2. Paco Lopez
    Thank you Paul. I have sent you an email.
    However, I have tested the files I had translated from FLAC to ALAC for iTunes and they perform flawlessly. The ALAC files continue being 24/352.8 (i.e., DXD with an ALAC envelope). Therefore, I think this is a thing of the FLAC processing.
  3. AnakChan Moderator
    Paul, cheers for the procedure! Confirmed DXD now plays fine!
  4. taramandil

    When using Tidal (2.2.4) I have two annoyances:
    - when I hit play/stop (with both physical buttons and within the app controls) or I manually change tracks, then a loud popping sound follows, it never happens once music plays and tracks change automatically; these irritating sounds are nonexistent in mango mode;
    - while the screen is off: when I push a physical play/stop button, music stops as intended but as I follow to resume by pushing it again, playing doesn't resume; when the screen is on, physical buttons work without flaw.
    I'm on 2.7.188 stock firmware which I bought my dx with. I would appreciate some help.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2018
  5. HarlanDraka81
    I get random pops as well when streaming from all services (tried tidal, apple music and spotify). The pops seems to not occur when i switch off wifi and play offline tracks from streaming services. Tested on both 2.4 and 5ghz wifi. I reported this few weeks ago but never received any feedbacks from @Paul - iBasso . My take after testing is that it should be more likely a software issue rather than hardware
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  6. PinkyPowers
    Forgive me if this has been mentioned:

    The DX200 (using AMP1) will randomly stop playing. I'll have to turn on the screen and hit play again. Sometimes it happens rarely. Other times it's a plague, coming every few minutes.
  7. Paul - iBasso
    Are you on the latest FW and have you tried a factory reset?
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  8. PinkyPowers
    I'm on 2.7.188, which seems to be the latest according to the iBasso web-site.

    I haven't done a factory reset, though. I'll try that next. Thanks.
  9. taramandil
    I should also clarify that aforementioned popping sound is not random and present also in offline mode.
  10. PinkyPowers
    After a few hours of listening this morning, so far there have been no more pauses. Looks like this may have sorted things out.
  11. Paul - iBasso
    I am not sure how to figure this out. It would have to be a conflict of the software. For active streaming it could be a buffer problem. Some are able to use the DX200 offline and on line without issue. Please try a factory reset or a FW update again and factory reset. We have a number of streaming programs for musical content in China and they work without issue. But we continue to try and figure this out and why some have an issue and others do not.
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  12. taramandil
    I installed software 2.7.188 and performed factory reset, unfortunately to no avail. Your managing this wrongful tidal behaviour would be much obliged.
  13. HarlanDraka81
    I tested this with a couple of music services (tidal, Apple music, spotify) and the popping sounds when skipping tracks are always there. I must say that at least for me the popping sounds don’t happen for every single track I skip.The popping sounds (usually a double pop) are like an amp that switch off and on. A couple of times after streaming for some time, using the volume wheel would result in popping sounds as well. I wonder if it’s the buffer size like @Paul - iBasso wrote that causes some kind of timeout of the communication with the amp? I tested with two different amps (am1 and am2) with same results.
  14. Paco Lopez
    I used to have this popping sounds when changing tracks of FLAC files (together with the hissing sound in DXD) as they have different kbps (speed) for every track. These popping sounds disappeared with the firmware update provided by Paul (by email). I would give it a try.
  15. Paul - iBasso
    We are looking into these issues. Some people apparently do not have issues and some do. There are multiple factors involved when the software from an app is used with our software. We are looking into this.
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