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Yeah, I've briefly tried the P51 with the X, and it's a marginal improvement at best since it's only using the headphone out. I think it tightened up the bass a little bit, and maybe the high end took on a little more presence, but it's all very subtle.

About the P51 with the iPhone 3G... I personally think the X by itself betters this combo in all areas. It's smoother, slightly bigger soundstage, and bass is better too. Now I know the iPhone 3G is not the Touch, so maybe the Touch helps draw closer to the x. But I find it staggering that the X bests the iPhone 3G/Mustang combo with LOD!!!
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Well, I said this before.. Me and Sooz both 'had' the p51/touch 2g combo (even the same exact LOD lol ) and pretty much agree the X is very very close and in some ways better (bass) than that combo. The p51/touch 2g combo had a slightly wider sound stage and more power.

Yes, that's it. Bigger soundstage and more power, but... the P-51 + LOD adds another $450 to the cost - and the soundstage and extra power just doesn't (in my opinion), justify the the huge extra cost, not to mention the added brick-like bulk! Plus the X really does sound good enough that I don't miss the P-51/LOD at all.

Oh, and for anyone who's not interested... I just this second managed to transfer an episode of Guitar Heroes and Little Britain to my X from the BBC iplayer!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm embarrassed to say that it took me almost 48 hours to figure it out, because each time I tried to sync, there was a symbol next to the program saying I needed to get a DRM licence.

So I tried all the suggestions from the help section at the BBC iplayer site, including playing the file for a few minutes to activate the licence, restarting WMP, restarting my computer... like a hundred times... and then, just as I was about to reset my DRM folder in Twisted Vista, I thought, oh b****cks, ignored the error message and synced anyway...... and it worked - they're on my X right now!!!!!!!!!!
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i've picked up the x1060 from my cousin that happened to work at a major store with an impressive discount. the serial number is 50104xx and its made in malaysia! i have lots of friends using iTouch and Zens.. etc, but not x1000. Therefore was not able to get a set to get my hand all over it.

So far, i have transferred some decent 320 kbits MP3s into it and i'm really impressed with the soundstage and quality even without touching the equalizer .. etc. The stock earphones are already quite decent and hopefully i will get a pair of high end IEMs soon. But i will definitely keep the stock earphone as the noise cancellation is a nicely added feature. i tuned to volume down to 1 and the noise cancellation still reduce the ambient sound by a great deal.

I did tried the predator with the X1060 and i agree that the original sound is impressive till i wonder what am i gonna do with my predator now. thou i dun own ipod or itouch anymore and i'm happy i didnt "never like itune, too restrictive", i'm gonna keep the predator just in case or sell it to fund a pair of custom IEMs.
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Any info on sound updates burn in wise on the X? It sounds pretty good but I do have some complaints.

It seems pretty distant, and the treble is a bit dry. The soundstage and detail is still good, as is the bass but the treble is leaving something to be desired no matter what I plug in.

Does it open up a bit in regards to that and gain any more treble energy, or is it going to be pretty much the same no matter how much it burns in?
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Really? I'm over at my friend's house right now and he lives near the Qualcomm stadium. How do I get there and what is the place called? I would like to listen to the Westone 3s and compare them to my UM3Xs.

It's a hearing aid company and you'd have to order one. Sorry. It's one of Westone's authorized dealers. Nice people though. They paid for shipping and they didn't even tax me. On top of that it was a really low price. If I get the W3 it'll be them I purchase it from.

@Zalithian Would that be considered a fun sounding IEM?
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Anyone try Klipsch S4's with these? They are only $80 and that would make me VERY happy if they were comparable to the UM2's. I doubt they will compare which saddens me. But can anyone confirm that they are at least KIND OF what I'm looking for in an upgrade?
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I used to have the Image X10's. Sometimes I miss their sound sig and comfort/isolation, and wonder how they'd sound with the X!
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cn11, you have to EQ the hell out of the X to get the X10 to sound as good as the JVC, otherwise it is a very midrange rich combination... although, that would be great if you were to buy the X10 as an upgrade to the Shure SE5x0 for example...
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Ah, great feedback, thanks. It would take a lot to get anything to sound up to the FX500/X1060 combo I would think... the synergy is just so nice. The only thing missing is a little bit of isolation. On my trip to China this month I could always hear background engine noise a little bit. Not horrible, but not ideal either.
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I had the worst thing happen yesterday. My dad found my X series and recognized that i had not had an mp3player like it. Here's the bad part, he asked me how much it was and when I told him it looked like a part of him died inside. :[ I'm afraid to let him listen to it because he's on the search for audio perfection and I think the last thing he needs is a great sounding mp3 player to drain out our budget.
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I was looking into the new x series mp3 player, and was surprised to hear the hype about the sound quality, as if sony are reknowned for it. I had a few Sony Discman player's in my time and the sound quality on them was awful.

I'm not sure exactly what is making the sound quality so good either. I can't see it being the S-master amp, what's so good about that.

So far to me this player has been a gimmick, I have a hard time believing the sound quality is going to be so good based off of what I've heard of Sony's previous stuff, and no high end audiophile gear in my view has a Sony label on.

Other than that the web browser is supposed to be crap and it has a small screen. Surely the sound of the mp3 player like soundstage is going to vary anyway depending on what headphones you use.

Burn in on the X? what do you expect is going to burn? the chips? lol.

I have an old ipod and looking to upgrade but i can't see this being the one, being so heavily priced and i'll use Senn IE8's or audio technica.

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