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what I wrote is perfectly clear, its just no-one here has anything to say except for crap like 'burn in'. Explain what is 'burning in'? its a digital mp3 player. It's like saying I'm going to burn in my computer by leaving XP on for a week.

you can't explain what makes the X walkman so special from the rest with regards to sound quality, unless someone else knows something.

Did you ever tried the X before? and with a very good IEMs?

Yes, Sony did make a very good CD player (Sony CDP-R10 and DAS-R10) and headphones, Sony MDR-R10, about almost 20 years ago. Very lucky to had the opportunity to listened to them. So why do you think they cannot make a very good MP3 player?

Burn-in. I am also not a believer in physical burn-in, but I do believe in 'mental' burn-in or adaptation. Why not, take a trip to the nearest Sony Style, and listen the X for yourself. As I mentioned earlier, try it with a pair of very good IEMs, to appreciate the SQ.

Thank you.
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I've been a bit let down by the X. Maybe none of my IEMS were very good matches for it, but the sound seemed fairly distant, especially the treble which never opened up. It just never sounded quite right to me. Maybe it was defective, I don't know. The separation and detail, as well as soundstage were pretty good but it always felt kind of dry and robbed the music of the emotion that I could hear on other players.

It does improve on my D2 in quite a few areas:

1. Radio
2. Wifi
3. Youtube
4. Slacker radio
5. Interface

I can't help but feel it's significantly overpriced for what it does though.

The volume output is pretty disappointing. The file transfer is pretty slow. SQ didn't live up to expectations. Browser is close to useless. Even with wifi off, the battery life is just not very good either. It's not terrible, but imo not as good as it should be.

I'm sending mine back. I did like it overall, but taking into consideration the price I don't feel that it's a good investment at the moment. It's a $300 player at best for the 32gb unless it gets some of the main issues solved.
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I am quite interested in your comparison between the X and the D2. The D2 has been somehow some kind of a let down from my X5 and I was looking to replace it with a player that improves on the SQ (any other feature is secondary); and to move to a player that does not necesseraly requires amping, which I often think I need to get the most of the D2.

The X has been so hypped on Head-fi that I was almost tempted to pass on the S9 (which I think is incredible value compared to the X), and I am quite curious to ear from people who have a different, less enthousiast, assessment of the player.

You mention that it's not such an improvement over the D2, can you develop on that. Specifically, I find the D2 very analytical and somehow harsh sounding on occasions (symbals for example seem often over exposed). How does the X compare? I'm tempted to think that the recessed highs you notice are probably due to them being overexposed on the D2.
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It's a possibility. I like the D2 over the X because despite what people say about it being analytical, with just a BBE of 1 as the only EQ I find it gives me an intimacy and makes the music feel more lively.

The X has better separation and more space but it feels empty to me for some reason. My Westone 3's which have very pronounced treble even sound pretty dull and lifeless on the X. I've tried the PFE's, NE-7M's, Stock buds, Westone 3's and none of them sounded great to me on there. The presentation is definitely more laid back compared to the D2, which may be what you're looking for.

I think my biggest complaint is that it's overpriced. It's not worth $400 to me. Maybe if you're seeking the ultimate SQ and you'd like the Sony sound better than the Cowon sound it could be, but without a functional browser, extras like games and stuff that the Touch has - I can't see it being worth it. I really feel it's a poor value unless the price is lowered to $300 for the 32gb version.

Don't get me wrong. I don't think it sounds bad, just not $400 good.
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I agreed with the price, and I did not planned to buy it, after listened to it at Sonystyle. But I managed to get a very good deal for a X1060F sample unit @USD285 from a friend
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I use the W3 with the X and have no complaints about the treble at all. It's smooth, detailed and very lively. The only earphone that made the treble even more sparkly was the JVC FX1000. But the W3 and X sound great to my ears, and I'm a huge lover of treble detail. Hearing things differently is par for the course round here
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personally, having both the D2 and the X, I can say that they are pretty much like chalk and cheese... to me, the Cowon has a peaky midrange, and sounds coloured compared to more neutral players such as the Zune... Off of the back of that, i can see why someone, whose frame of reference is the D2 may not like the X... luckily for me, it was the other way around
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Don't know if any of you guys use your X with mac..... but is there a similar program like mediamonkey for mac (apart from itunes)?

Need something to create playlists from my mac
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Originally Posted by corujo712 /img/forum/go_quote.gif
Don't know if any of you guys use your X with mac..... but is there a similar program like mediamonkey for mac (apart from itunes)?

Need something to create playlists from my mac

Just create the playlist in iTunes, then drag-n-drop the songs to the Walkman via Finder.
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Hi,don't know if it works with a Mac.But i just use Mass Storage in Vista.My Computer>Walkman etc.Then right click on Album Folder,individual MP3 file or whatever,& choose create Playlist.You can prob rename Playlist that shows up to what you like(Rock,Pop or whatever).Open Playlist(on PC)& it will contain what you initially picked,then you can drag & drop any of your music Folders,files etc on the Walkman into it.It will add them to the Playlist.When Walkman disconnected from PC,just select which Playlist you want to play.
Havn't used Playlists yet,might try it thou

Cheers BOB

ps just tried a Playlist,you can rename,say: 'Aja,WildWood,Killed_The_Zutons' ie 3 Album Playlist etc etc.Then make as many Playlists as you want,name what you want etc etc.You can move tracks up & down etc in your created Playlist,not sophisticated,lots of options etc,simple thou.Playlists use hardly any memory,by the looks.
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The thing that annoys me most about p lists is the duplication of each track into the album itself. So if I have three tracks from one album in a p list - then I get three duplicates in the album. It doesn't happen with the Touch or the Fuze (that I can remember!), and it does pee me off because I have to skip tracks

Why can't the p list be totally separate?
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i certainly love the sound of X thou i have not heard D2 yet. X certainly sound better then my past touch/pod and zen xfi i got my hand on. from each his own, every pair of ears and preferences are different. what you think is noise could be music to another. if X aint for you, so be it .. lol .. its good so long another player works for ya.

its like my friends debating on which DSLR is better .. nikon or canon .. just sit back and watch them fight it out!! LOL

what's burn in? go find out? wait for it to drop from the sky?
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Hi,well it was my first playlist(done in Mass Storage).Looked in the Playlist & no duplicated track,looked in actual Albums & no duplicated tracks.
Playlist comes up as a seperate file(like a page with lines on,with a big green play button logo) in music folder,named as i named it,viewing with PC.Unless i'm missing something,which is quite possible

Cheers BOB

ps found i had tried the iPlayer Grabber in its windows form,'iPlayer downloader'.Can't even get it to install,or show anything,even if its standalone(or whatever,forget proper name).Tried a couple or so of the remove DRM progs,none can find the DRM keys etc.Can only open the MP4 container with BBC iPlayer,player.
Think i did have something that worked a while back,dropped function into a download manager,forgot what it was thou
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I'm giving it some more time because there's no rush, and someone expressed interest in some other players. I would love to move down to 1-2 DAPS so space is important. The X does beat the D2 in a lot of areas for me, but I'm waiting to see if the SQ matures any further or I adapt in any way. Unfortunately I'm pretty much without any good IEMS as a couple need to be fixed and I'm trading away a pair. Ahh!

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