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I have my hands ON the Sony X1000 Walkman - Impressions / Discussions

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by soozieq, May 14, 2009.
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  1. csoller
    Hi, do you guys know if I can still buy a replacement battery for the x1060?
    I still love my little beast, but the battery is starting to fatigue lately.
    Checked ebay with no luck, any help is appreciated. Thanks!
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  2. loudspl
    You have to send to Sony for repair or you can order the battery and try to open & replace it yourself (of which I have no idea how to get it open). This is the response I got from them:

    Thank you for contacting Sony Parts.
    Great news! We have located the product(s) you were looking for.

    x23491021 Battery $98.18
    (Shipping charges and local taxes are additional)

    You can order the above available items through our website at http://servicesales.sel.sony.com, or speak with one of our qualified sales specialists (800) 488-7669.

    Phone Hours:
    Monday to Friday - 8:00 am to 12 am (Midnight) ET
    Saturday and Sunday - 9:00 am to 8:00 pm ET

    Also please note that replacement parts do not include installation instructions.

    Thank you for choosing Sony.

    The Sony Parts and Accessory Team

    There is also the option of sending your X in for service but you may not get another X back. They may send you a replacement of the same value. This is the response you get when requesting service for an X:

    "Exchange Service Information

    Your unit is covered under an exchange program. The exchange is for the same or a comparable model. The replacement unit will be factory recertified/refurbished.

    A recertified and/or refurbished unit is one which is not an original, factory fresh unit; for various reasons, it has been returned to Sony from a dealer or customer, or for some reason cannot be sold as "new". The recertified unit would have been through a complete re-work and inspection and, except for possible minor cosmetic flaws, returned to the original factory specifications. It is then repackaged with all of the accessories and supplied materials a new unit comes with, unless specifically otherwise noted.

    The cost to exchange this unit under our Exchange Program is $204.78 (plus any applicable taxes). Return shipping is included in this price.

    This quoted price is based upon the direct replacement model. Product availability and pricing may vary if the direct replacement model is not available. If this applies, You will be contacted by a customer service representative.

    Based upon the information you have entered, your unit appears to qualify for the Flat Rate pricing quoted above. Not covered under our Flat Rate pricing is the following:

    Units requiring replacement of display devices*
    Internal corrosion or moisture damage
    Cosmetic parts **
    Physical abuse.
    Misuse or excessive wear. ***
    Units older than seven (7) years from last market date.
    Damage resulting from prior service.
    If upon examination, it is determined that your unit does not qualify for Flat Rate pricing, then a parts and/or labor repair quote will be given to you. If you approve your estimate, payment must be made in order to proceed with repair. If you refuse your estimate, you can elect to have your unit disposed at our facility or your unit can be returned to you for a nominal fee. All repaired units will be returned to you with a 90 day part and labor warranty covering the entire unit.

    During the course of the repair of your unit, it is possible that data, software or other materials stored or preserved on your unit will be lost or reformatted. It is your responsibility to backup any data, software or any other material. If you are not comfortable with performing this backup process, we suggest that you contact a service professional. Sony does not perform this type of service and will not be responsible for any damage or loss of material."
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  3. csoller
    Thanks, I will look into this.
  4. Jeremy1234
    Yes, in Singapore which I just checked with Sony Service Center. It's $84 and they still got a lot of stocks.
    My player used for more than 3 years and it's battery still quite ok.
    My X1061 is acting weird lately.
    When I press the Home button to turn off the device, it powers down and starts up again. Then it is in standby mode while the screen is off. When I press the home button, I know that the unit has not shutdown & the battery is drained a bit.
    I tried the reset (without connecting via. usb) - It didnt work
    Also I tried (connected via. usb) - It didnt work too.
    I havent done the restore since I need to transfer some file back.
    Please let me know, if its something wrong with the unit. I'm running Version 1.11.
    Ignore this post.
    Totally forgot that it was the norm for the player. I Haven't used it well over 3 years.
  7. goody
    i used my player yesterday after 6 months of using my ipod touch...the sony player sounds sublime probably one of the best players sony made..it is a bit slow though..but i will never sell it 
  8. loudspl
  9. Wietjunk
    Hey guys, here is the service repair manual for the x series with test menu included.
  10. RandomHajile
    I've had my x1060 since summer 2009 and it's finally starting to fail :frowning2:

    Am currently listening to it but the controls are all buggy half the time now.

    As in when I press FF/forward button it reads it as rewind/back button !!

    And when I press vol+ it reads it as home button !!

    The play button reads fine. As does the vol-/down.

    But the home button reads as nothing as does the rewind/back button.

    But after a while I get back full controls...

    It's not that bad as it gave a good five years service in the field :) an has survived numerous attempted coos by ipod3g/4g

    And finally replaced by a Sony a15
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  11. Goodness Of DAT
    Regards replacement parts some are still avaiable in the UK: batteries for example are still availavle for approx £31 when they inevitably go.
    Also this, the h/p socket assy
    http://www.partmaster.co.uk/product.pl?pid=3006304. Regards longevity bought my X from John Lewis 5 years ago in October and it's still going strong. The battery however appears to run down a bit quicker than when new though...that said my S639 (2nd hand and bought nearly 6 years ago) still works as it should, it has however only had about a years use in total and is kept as a great back up device.
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