1. speecher

    Replacement for Creative Zen Vision M - any ex owners out there?

    My Creative Zen Vision M is starting to fail.    I have to repeatedly press the the slider to turn it on and off. I can spend 3 mnutes just sliding the button to get the thing to shut down.  While im sliding, the screen is jumping all over the place. Even sticking the pin in, doesnt ...
  2. ravoori

    non-Android Walkman that can stream youtube

    Greetings. Is anyone aware of a non-Android Sony Walkman model that can stream Youtube videos?
  3. Kun

    Deal Alert: Sony X Walkman 32GB for £99.99 at

    Just saw these while I was researching the Sony X in Head-Fi and Google.;0;-1;-1;-1&sku=982098   Are they serious? If they are I'm getting one.  
  4. Woozle Wuzzle

    Zune HD vs Sony X

    Hi, Im just debating whether or not to sell my Sony X for a Zune HD. I realize how amazing the SQ of the Sony X is but the Zune is very enticing. I believe the Zune will have a good SQ as well and its more of a all rounder device such as the ipod touch. Thanks
  5. RaaaghCats

    Don't know what to purchase

    Hi, I'm thinking about getting a Sony X walkman to use with my RE0 earphones but I don't know what sort of amp it would benefit from.     I've read every thread I could but some people say any amp under say... iBasso D4 or Headstage Arrow 12he quality won't really make the sound and better...
  6. dana789

    replacement NC iem for Walkman X?

    I use the included NC iem with my Walkman X when travelling (NC is definitely the lesser of two evils on a noisy airplane flight IMHO). I've searched on Head-Fi, the Sony site, and google but I can't find replacement NC iems. I found several Sony NC iems, but those included the electronics for...
  7. High_Q

    Portable Amplifier for Sony X series Walkman

    What portable amplifier do you guys think is a perfect match for Sony X series walkman?
  8. jeycam

    Is new iPod Classic really that bad?

    I'm thinking of getting new DAP to feed my IE8s. I've heard Sony X and as it sounds awesome with them, I'd like to have a bit more space to use. Also, as I use Mac and iTunes, another iPod would be pretty comfortable thing. I don't really want a Touch - I own iPhone 3GS and it's enough for me...
  9. kanonathena

    player with huge soundstage?

    I'm looking to upgrade from my nano4 to something much better with a huge soundstage.   My preference in order of importance   - soundstage, imaging (seperation and placement) - details and cleaness / good UI like nano4 where I can select songs in any album within seconds, total...
  10. High_Q

    Cowon s9 FLAC or Sony x series 320kbps

    What do you guys think is better quality sound?  Do you think S9's FLAC capability is an upgrade from 320kbs sound outputted by Sony X series? 
  11. Ymerej

    Sony X series vs. A series

    Hi!, which do you think is better between the two? i was looking at the Sony site and compared these. they seem very identical with the difference in looks and the touch screen for the X series. which do you think would be the best bang for the buck?
  12. tbrown11

    Sony X1060 stuck at 'Every moment has its music' loading screen

    After a year of enjoying my X1060, I turned it on yesterday to find it won't load past the boot screen. Been searching for all weekend and nothing recommended (reset button, let battery drain and recharge, format disk, etc.) works. My computer recognizes it when plugged in via USB and file...
  13. AllsWell

    Can someone recommened me an MP3 Player ?

    Hi there, I'm looking for an mp3 player, something that sounds "excellent". The headphones I would like to use on it are Grado's SR325is. The music genre I listen to is this; Ambient, Classical, NewAge, Hip-hop.   I've been using an Ipod touch (first generation) for a couple of years...
  14. umlawgrad

    Is a LOD for the Sony Walkman X Series necessary?

    I use Ultrasone HFI-780 headphones and all sounds great with the HP out.  In fact, to me, it seems the Ultrasones unamped sound better than when I use my SRA71A through the HP out.  My question is what effect a LOD has on the overall sound quality of the Sony X series?    Thanks, Chris
  15. Villanmac

    Lost my Sony x1060 what to do? Cheap solutions?

    Hi   As the title suggests my sony x series Walkman has been lost for all eternity (along with very expensive hi end headphones!) and I need a replacement. I cant stomach paying £150 for the newest A series Walkman, especially as that is 16gb and my x was a 32gb so I was wondering if any of...
  16. soozieq

    I have my hands ON the Sony X1000 Walkman - Impressions / Discussions

    UPDATE 19TH MAY Since this thread is already getting quite long, and everyone has a million questions - walkingman and I thought an FAQ would be a good idea for quick access to things we know about the X1000. All credit goes to walkingman since it was all his work and absolutely none of...
  17. purrin

    Apple "7G" 6G revision 2 2009 iPod Classic vs. Sony X 1060 Walkman vs. Sansa Fuze v2. - Part 1

    This is a quick comparative mini-review of the "7G" 6G revision 2 2009 iPod Classic, iPod, Sony X1060 Walkman, and Sansa Fuze v2. The scope of the review will be very narrow henceforth the results are only applicable in the way the equipment was used, i.e., I am not using IEMs. To give you some...
  18. Leonard

    UK: Sony 32GB NWZ-X1060 is £119.99 + VAT @ Makro

  19. iPhone4G

    Ask about Sony X series

    Hello guys, Im confuse buying t51 or Sony x series, so to make my decision which should I buy, I got a couple of question, here it is: What is slacker...? Does sony X series support a MicroSDHC or SDHC card or Memory Stick pro duo or M2..? What do you meant by iTunes use on Sony X...
  20. Lyot

    Sony x-series question / please recommend a dap

    The Sony x-series seems to have good feedback here but I also read that it has a strong hiss, is this going to be noticeable or is it limited to iems which are more revealing of this?   Solved.
  21. tman1

    Current state of 32gb (or higher) flash players?

    I have been out of the loop for a little while on the latest DAP developments. Would anyone mind listing the current 32gb flash players, and advantages and disadvantages of each? I have only owned Sonys (currently have the NWZ-S639, 16gb), which I like except I would prefer more memory and...
  22. Vitor Teixeira

    Sony X series cases

    Can anyone point me a link to buy Sony X 1060 leather & silicone cases? The ones i found in eBay and PDAir are bulky, although the leather of the PDAir seems very good, but i really don't like the way they close. Thanks.
  23. tuanaiai

    X1051 cant view Art cover, Artist,genre..when player music with type *.WAV

    I have is sony walkman series X1051, when me play music with type mp3 320kbps, i can view art cover, read all music information following: Album, Artist,Genre, Release year...ect "Attention: At present i using software Tag&Rename 3.5.6" . I love it, however i want trying play music type *.WAV, i...
  24. luq92

    New IEM's; Sony X.

    Hey,   I need some advice.   I'm seeking new earphones to fit my Sony. I've been using Shure SRH440 for a while, but i decided to sell them and to make my portable set more ... portable. I've got added NC-020 as well, but they sound a bit crappy to me. My favourite music genre is...
  25. Kooper

    Need a portable source, never owned a standalone player before.

    Hi everyone,   I've been enjoying both my Shure 840s and my DT 770 PROs for a while now, and they're great headphones to use while on my PC. However I simply have no portable solution that has great quality. Since I have no idea what would be a good portable source for my headphones, I come...