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Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, May 10, 2018.
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  1. JTbbb
    Hmmm, that’s not what happens with my tt2. I have switched the mains power off from my tt2, when it’s been on standby, a few times. And each time I’ve restored the mains power it’s charged itself up and is ready to go in whatever configuration it was last in.
  2. Amberlamps

    It basically still is a gold rush, as I bet loads of folk still haven’t got their’s.
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  3. jarnopp
    Yes, I’d also like to know. Maybe my app meter is not that accurate. Basically, if I set SE up 3 dB, I get the fullness more or less of balanced, but it also sounds louder overall. I’m pretty sure the cable adapter is preserving the balanced signal.

    Edit: I’ll add, both OP are set to x-phd 1, to eliminate that as a possibility.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
  4. tunes
    Can planar magnetic headphones like the Hifiman Susvara be driven balanced direct from speaker out from the Etude with more transparency than other speaker or dedicated headphone amps?
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
  5. jarnopp
  6. dawktah2
    Same here, power applied always boots up.

    I'm going to have to get my SPL out with a test tone. I'm finding the unit to be so quiet that I'm fearful I'm listening too loud. I'm used to that little bit of distortion that comes with volume that just isn't there. I've yet to go past -22 on hi but I'd like to know what level that is into ETHER flow open.

    One other curious thing, with open back headphones now background noise in room is more distracting.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
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  7. x RELIC x Contributor
    On the DAVE I'm about -34 to -27, depending on the album, with the ETHER Flow open but I forget what it measures. I think it's around 80-85dB average with music (could be a bit lower). Interested in your findings with the TT2.
  8. Mediahound
    It's not possible that it has no resistance, otherwise the ball would just spin freely on it's own.
  9. musickid
    should the tt2 automatically power up by itself from switching on at mains or should it power up by pressing the standby button after the mains is switched on?
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
  10. Mediahound
    It powers up when plugging it in.

    Standby only works if it's kept plugged in.
  11. musickid
    Zappa reported that he has to press standby after switching the mains on to power up the unit? unless i misunderstand.
  12. CClose
    Another great find/realization on the TT2... X-PHD 1 is GREAT for older jazz recordings that are recorded in HARD right and HARD left stereo. It's great on HP or AMP mode for amp/speakers.

    Currently using this on "Passing Ships" by Andrew Hill, 1969, Blue Note Connoisseur Series. It was a lost tape that was found in 2001.
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  13. Skyhawk182
    A little off topic.

    Has anyone traveled with their Hugo TT2? I just got my TT2 last week, it replaces my H2. I took the H2 all over the world with me (I am a pilot on a private jet)

    I went through xray and security and they made me leave the airport, they thought my DAC was a B.....

    Anyone else experience this?

    My unit was out of the package for about 15 minutes before I loaded it into my bag and set off for a couple of months on the road.
  14. fixated
    You should be fine. I bring mine on meet ups all the time. Just make sure to keep the connectors safe since they protrude slightly from the back, otherwise you should be good.
    Last edited: Feb 24, 2019
    Any thoughts on the advantages and or disadvantages of using a coaxial cable or a toslink?
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