chord hugo
  1. onystyle

    Focal Utopia - What amp/dac to use?

    I recently purchased my end-game, the Focal Utopia's. It is an absolutely lovely headphone, definitely better than anything I have ever had before. But it isn't perfect. The equipment I have simply can't bring out its true form. I am currently using an audioengine d1 dac and a Schiit Asgard 2...
  2. iPaintCode

    Chord Hugo TT 2

    Chord Electronics is finally updating the Hugo TT with a shot of nitrous, pushing 93,304-tap and a new design. Looks like an additional balanced output mode and it has some serious horsepower: 18W RMS 8Ω. Coming Autumn 2018.
  3. ChordElectronics

    Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

    The world’s most advanced Table Top DAC, preamp and headphone amp just got better. In every way! Hello, Hugo TT 2. Hugo TT 2 has been radically redesigned from the ground up, not only with beautiful new casework by Chief Designer, John Franks, but with 5x the processing power of the original...
  4. audiorefinery

    Dac/Headphone Amp for Critical Listening

    Greetings Head-fiers!! I am using a pair of Oppo PM3s for mobile critical listening and mastering. I was looking a dac/headphone amp that has a smaller footprint but doesn't need to be "portable". I was curious about the following units: Oppo HA-2/HA-2SE JDS Labs El Dac & EL Amp Wyred4Sound...
  5. 4

    chord mojo + poly vs chord hugo 1

    i'm not asking for help, i wanna know what you would do chord mojo + poly = 1200-1300 usd chord hugo 1 = 1200-1300 usd on ebay if your lucky which one would you get? which one has better performance? WHY IS THE POLY SO EXPENSIVE?!
  6. E

    Media Player for Chord Hugo

    Could anyone recommend a portable digital media player with possibly large display screen for use with my chord hugo and grado sr325e headphones (other than a smartphone). I was looking for something with various digital audio outputs, usb, optical toslink or coaxial compatible for the hugo. And...