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Hugo TT 2 by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, May 10, 2018.
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  1. [​IMG]


    The world’s most advanced Table Top DAC, preamp and headphone amp just got better. In every way! Hello, Hugo TT 2.


    Hugo TT 2 has been radically redesigned from the ground up, not only with beautiful new casework by Chief Designer, John Franks, but with 5x the processing power of the original Hugo TT and double that of the multi-award-winning Hugo 2. Hugo TT 2 distils over 20 years of digital development by Rob Watts and takes advantage of the very latest technology.

    As expected, it delivers radically improved technical specifications and measurements across the board and exhibits drastic sonic benefits over its predecessor with 768kHz PCM and DSD 512 playback. Hugo TT 2 sets a new benchmark in table top audio, only being eclipsed by DAVE.

    Delving deeper, in comparison to the 256-tap filters that traditional chip DACs may run at, Hugo TT 2’s beating heart is an infinitely more powerful Xilinx Artix 7 FPGA, custom-coded by Chord Electronics’ Rob Watts, with 86x 208MHz cores running in parallel to create an advanced 16FS WTA 1 filter with 98,304-taps. Double that of its multi-award winning transportable brother, Hugo 2 (49,152). Hugo TT 2 also benefits from an upgrade from a 4-element design to a 10-element design, which works in harmony with the radically upgraded FPGA and code to deliver unrivalled audio.


    A brand new high-power discreet output stage coupled with second-order noise-shaping integrated between the DAC output and filter is also employed to massively reduce distortion. Further improvements have also been made to the power delivery. Hugo TT 2 eschews the Li-Po battery power supply of the original and ushers in six super capacitors capable of delivering huge, linear dynamic currents when the music demands it with peak output of 5A, 9.3V RMS.


    Hugo TT 2 also brings home the much loved four-stage user-selectable filter controls introduced with Hugo 2 and retains the three-stage user-selectable digital crossfeed function for headphone users who want to improve the perception of depth, similar to that of speakers.


    UK RRP: £3,996.00

    LEARN MORE: http://chordelectronics.co.uk/product/hugott2/

    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
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  2. maxh22
  3. 514077
    E3,9XX. Betting about $4,800 Canadian. About $4,200 U.S. Maybe worse for Canada as usual.
    On another note; there goes the possibility of a slimmed-down M-Scaler, as that might cut into TT2 sales. But, who knows?
  4. baiyy1986
    Instant noodle time again.:o2smile::o2smile::o2smile:

    Or one kidney for sale, PM me for a reasonable price, no lowball, please.
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
  5. AndrewH13
    Shows £3996 in post 1 above!

    Must admit when I demoed and reviewed the TT1 in Chord’s UK tour, it made a lasting impression. To me there was a bigger jump up from my Hugo 1 than I got from Hugo 2, in muscle if not detail. I bought Hugo 2 and love it, due to that being at the top end of my price range. But if this improves on TT1, then it will have killer sound :)
  6. 514077
    You should've asked me 5 years ago. I might have jumped at it.
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  7. 514077
    Sound like it'll be a bigger step-up from Hugo2 than tt1 was from H1. I never felt the desire to buy a TT, as the same DAC techno was unchanged. But this! Oh, I must at least hear one sometime. Congrats to Chord for uping the game.
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  8. JaZZ Contributor
    Output power (unbalanced): (@1% THD) 288 mW RMS 300Ω; 7.3 W RMS 8Ω

    In other words: ideal for driving speakers.
  9. maxh22
    If it cost $6K it would make more sense to get a used Dave for around $7-8K

    But on the other hand, that power output is a huge improvement over any of Rob's previous designs!

    I wonder if it is the same for the headphone jacks?
    Last edited: May 10, 2018
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  10. 514077
    Or giving a kick to Audeze or other planars, if needed of course.
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  11. JaZZ Contributor
    Yeah, that's what I thought, too – it will definitely drive any headphone on the planet... Susvara, LCD4 & Co.
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  12. austinpop
    Very exciting announcement! Key features for me are:
    1. Prodigious output power for driving speakers
    2. Big boy connectors - no dinky USB-C
    3. No battery
    4. Balanced outputs
    5. External power input, so could use a really high quality DC supply like a Paul Hynes
    6. Finally, perfect precursor to the Mscaler, since has dual BNC inputs, and with its beefy analog stage, would be the perfect back end for the Mscaler.
    Questions for @ChordElectronics and/or @Rob Watts :
    1. What is the minimum spec for the DC power supply, if replacing the supplied SMPS? In terms of voltage range, ave and peak amps, or even recommended transformer size (VA). I am thinking this would benefit from a massive PH SR-7 which has a 250VA core, and can deliver 10A sustained. Just wondering if something even bigger would help. After all, in the "driving speakers" use case, this is functioning as a DAC and amp.
    2. Description says supplied SMPS is 12V, but the picture of the back panel says 15V in.
    3. What is the maximum DSD input rate over DoP?
    4. Are the analog output circuits truly balanced?
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  13. Whazzzup
    OK so is this the official TT2 thread or the TT2 launched today thread?
  14. Whazzzup
    there is a battery, updated super capacitors
  15. Headphony
    This one is started by Chord Electronics, so must be legit :)
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