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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. miketlse
    Were Chord cables doing a promotion (in conjunction with Chord Electronics) a few months ago - buy a Hugo 2, and get a free cable to connect to a MScaler?
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  2. Peter Hyatt

    I’d enjoy hearing more about your experience w M scaler. I appreciate the subjective language.
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  3. wdh777
    Sorry. Using dual bnc output so can keep upsampling ball to white. But using usb in so should have said keep input ball also to white vs blue. But good question. What source would use dual bnc?
  4. masterpfa
    Too late
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  5. musickid
    can anyone shed light on the question concerning 1) does hms accept dual bnc in or are they just 2 single bnc's in? if so what kind of source would do single bnc in? i refuse to own such things and not fully understand how they work.:thinking::thinking:
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  6. SunWarrior
    "if so what kind of source would do single bnc in?"

    My Aurender N10 -- and while I haven't read this thread in awhile, memory says little mention of Aurender music servers here.
    I just know the Aurender gives me multiple choices for feeding my M Scaler, including BNC in.
    I've preferred USB so far, especially since optical has a problem with 192kHz files.
  7. musickid
    so dual bnc in does not exist then? in that case you can have two different single bnc sources wired in and just swap between them using the remote? imagine dual bnc in 705/768 ho ho ho unless???with dual bnc in pass thru would be 1M taps if such a thing is doable. actually i checked the chart and it does show dual bnc in with pass thru being 705/768. but what kind of source does dual bnc in 705/768 or maybe daisy chained mscalers or??? i know mutec guys daisy chain their schitt. this is intriguing as Rob said only his designs operate at 705/768khz. could this somehow be linked to the dx amps as i remember Ray tried digital out from dave into hugo 2 i think with little luck.

    i'm tapping into something here maybe? a whole new chord eco system based around hms, dave and the dx amps (giant hugo 2's) awaits. the original building blocks for this started not with the release of dave but with the dave prototype many years before with the blue print for dx out as part of the final manufactured dave. not to forget the dual bnc dx outputs on tt2 a further addition to the eco system!! chord is well and truly future proofed. a carefully planned strategic operation to ensure market dominance for many years to come. my only concern is how headphone users will integrate into all this as i remember reading the dx integrated amp will have headphone out but not necessarily of higher quality than those already existing now.
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  8. wdh777
    Using the M Scaler with a TT2. TT2 is reading upsample to 705 but I thought it was supposed to be 768? Thanks
  9. musickid
    44.1kHz in= 705.6kHz out

    48kHz in= 768kHz out

    16*SR in both cases
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  10. Triode User
    705 is what you get if you feed 44.1k, 768 is what you get for inputs of 48k and above.
  11. wdh777
    16/44, 24/96. We often refer to these figures but what is the technical description of them and the layman’s description. Thanks
  12. musickid
    sample rate ie no. of times per second that an analogue signal is sampled in order to achieve a digital representation. the more samples the more accurate is the result. 44.1khz means 44,100 times or samples per second or to be precise cycles per second. 16 bit means each sample contains 16 bits of information about the music to simplify things here.
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  13. wdh777
    And what does the 16/24 refer to? So is Spotify and Apple Music 16/44 and tidal and qobuz 24/48 or 96?
  14. Jan Tage Holmber
    On the subject of Roon endpoint. I used to play my music from mbp via USB to HMS and Hugo 2. Excellent sound. Just for fun I got myself a Chromecast audio connected to HMS by optical. I had the impression that SQ was not as perfect with that little cheap thing, but just to check how it worked without cables. Then I got the Roon Nucleus to prepare for future Hi-Res storage and found out it worked best connected to the router in the office. So I had to rely on the CCA for music in the livingroom and thought it was OK. Enter a pure streamer as a Roon endpoint - the affordable Pro-Ject Stream Box S2 Ultra. Today I unpacked the diminutive box but Wow - what a difference! Unbelievable that such fantastic high fidelity music can travel unseen in my house, enter the little box and go into HMS, H2 and FU to make my that happy. This is the best clean beautiful SQ I have ever heard, can’t stop going through my music again. So those of you who are looking for a very good and affordable streamer witch is Roon ready, look no further. I do not know to what extent the improvent is due to Roon Nucleus superiority over the laptop if there is one, or if it is due to the magic little S2 Ultra. Who cares, the end result is superb.
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  15. Birdboy01
    So what's the best " DACless" music streamer to get in the 4K range that would play nice with DAVE/HMS -especially to enjoy DSD? Aurender? Moon?

    Appreciate the replies ..
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