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Hugo M Scaler by Chord Electronics - The Official Thread

Discussion in 'High-end Audio Forum' started by ChordElectronics, Jul 25, 2018.
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  1. [​IMG]


    M Scaler is a highly advanced standalone upscaler capable of redefining sound quality from digital audio. Hugo M Scaler uses the world’s most advanced filter technology to upscale standard 44.1kHz digital audio up to 705.6kHz, ready to be passed to a suitable DAC; Hugo M Scaler extends its upscaling performance to 768kHz (from 96kHz input data) for dual-BNC-input Chord Electronics DACs: DAVE, Qutest, Hugo 2 and the new Hugo TT 2.​

    Capabilities and form factor:

    Although optimised for use with selected Chord Electronics DACs (for the maximum 768kHz upscaling/decoding benefit), the new Hugo M Scaler can be used with other DACs with suitable inputs, subject to their decoding capability. Hugo M Scaler’s advanced upscaling technology can improve the sound quality of all (digital-source) set-ups, whether headphone or desktop-based or within conventional hi-fi systems.

    The Hugo M Scaler’s compact form factor aligns with the TT (Table Top) series and has been designed to be stackable with other units in the range, including the TToby stereo power amp and the aforementioned Hugo TT 2, to form a highly advanced yet space-saving system.

    In line with other models in the Hugo and Hugo TT series, the device features a number of illuminable fascia-mounted spherical controls, governing input selection, output sample rate and video mode for lower latency. As with previous Chord Electronics digital devices, the control spheres display data visually including input source and the incoming sample rate, using a polychromatic scale. The Hugo M Scaler also features front-panel ‘DX’ controls which have been included for use with future products.

    Hugo M Scaler features five digital inputs (2x BNC, 2x optical, plus a galvanically isolated USB Type-B) offering wide-ranging digital connectivity; the USB-B input is compatible with DSD and PCM data (up to DSD 256), with DSD upsampled to PCM using proprietary filtering, which has much better attenuation of DSD noise and distortion.

    Hugo M Scaler’s outputs include optical, S/PDIF and galvanically isolated dual BNC, the latter of which enable upscaling to the maximum resolution (768kHz from 96kHz data) for direct connection to the 768kHz-capable dual BNC digital inputs featured on the DAVE DAC/pre/headphone amp, the recently announced (High End 2018, Munich) Hugo TT 2 DAC/pre/head amp and the new Qutest standalone DAC.


    Table Top product range and pairing:

    For optimal performance, it is recommended that M Scaler is paired with Hugo TT 2 or even Qutest, Hugo 2 or DAVE using the DX inputs, however other third-party devices may be able to benefit from the power of M Scaler. To pair M Scaler with another DAC you may use their optical or BNC inputs.


    Official Chord Electronics product page: https://chordelectronics.co.uk/product/hugo-mscaler/
    Last edited: Sep 16, 2019
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  2. Whazzzup
    Cool, so my question for the inter web? For folks that have servers with upsampling from 44 to 786 pcm or dsd64 to 512, how does m scaler fit inbetween said server and tt. What benefits, I understand more taps for what that does, does scaler provide. Is this for folks who don’t own servers? Or is this a universal benefit. The sound from my present rig is quite awesome so just seeing where the inn is for me, or isn’t it.
  3. ZappaMan
    I think rob might say, don’t upscale in the server, let the mscaler do it, as it’s better at the maths.
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  4. Whazzzup
    Well kinda negates the benefits of servers themselves. But I kind of dig it, chord eco system kinda trying to block out stuff. Im subscribed and look forward to impressions and thoughts from rob or others. Now we have added comparisons from servers versus m scaler or plus m scaler, kinda difficult and the number of confounding variables are growing.

    What I do agree with from being a DSP engine upsampler for a year, its the way to go. The best thing I have done to TT to the point Im unsure if I need a TT2 even, but subscribed their as well of course.
  5. Triode User
    +1 Rob can speak for himself but my recollection of what he says is that there is no point whatsoever in upsampling before sending the music to the MScaler.
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  6. Clive101
    Now we have the official thread I though I would post a link to the recording I made.
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  7. elviscaprice
    A server still performs an important function in the initiating and directing of data into a stream. Although M Scaler does reduce the servers importance to sound quality in the equation of the entire system chain, the server still remains a factor in synergy and sound quality, let alone to the added benefit of video.
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
  8. neogeosnk
    I have 2 Dacs one a Hugo 2 & a Schiit Gungnir. Can I output to each individual dacs at their highest resolution (768k & 192k) on different outputs? Not clear how the setup would be connecting a pc via usb to the Mscaler. Would you connect the pc usb to the Mscaler or the Hugo 2 => Mscaler. And how does the Mscaler know the highest resolution per output, is it definable? Last question, for playing video games, is there latency in the sound. For example you have a TV that outputs via spdif to a dac. With the Mscaler in place, while playing a game at 60hz per second, will there be a lip sync issue? Also what are the dimensions of the Mscaler.

    Thank You!
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
  9. JaZZ Contributor
    Great to finally see a separate thread for the separate M-Scaler! :slight_smile:
  10. Mediahound
    Because the Chord hardware does the upsampling internally and does a way better job than software can, for any Chord DACs, I have always left upsampling off and play the native bitrate file, whatever that may be. This may not be the case with other lessor DACs which may benefit from some pre upsampling.

    This proves true in my listening tests as well. Even playIng the CD quality track sounds better non upsampled with my Hugo TT than when I try to upsample using Roon
    Last edited: Jul 25, 2018
  11. Thenewguy007
    Kind of confused on how this would work.

    So the M-Scaler will over sample any DAC you connect it to, kind of like any Windows PC can do, if you select the option, with the difference being it won't sound terrible like with the Windows software?
    What if your DAC system is already over sampling internally, would the M-Scaler override your DAC completely? Will it only really work with non-over sampling DACs?
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  12. x RELIC x Contributor
    Rob replied to a similar question in the ‘unofficial’ thread. Might help...

  13. auricgoldfinger
    The M-Scaler only works with Chord's dual-BNC-input DACs: DAVE, Qutest and Hugo TT 2.
  14. Mediahound
    Not true.

    "For optimal performance, it is recommended that M Scaler is paired with Hugo TT 2 or even Qutest, Hugo 2 or DAVE using the DX inputs, however other third-party devices may be able to benefit from the power of M Scaler. To pair M Scaler with another DAC you may use their optical or BNC inputs."

    from: https://www.head-fi.org/threads/hugo-m-scaler-by-chord-electronics-the-official-thread.885042/
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  15. ZappaMan
    It works with others - dependent on compatible input - like iPhone / but full potential of 768 khz only with dual bnc connection to a chord product
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