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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. Deckardk

    Do what? Hear your own voice when making calls?

    The BBP do it.
  2. Giogio
    Really? I did not notice that.
    Well, cool.
    Anyway, this started with a "the Stance cannot". Not it is clear that it is not the Stance which cannot, it is very few which can...
    I do not remember any headphone able to do that. You say the BBP, I did not notice it when I had them.
    IS it something you can regulate in intensity with the volume ring?
    I hope to get my hands on a BBP again to test them more!
    But, whoever know of other headphones able to make you hear your own voice in the speaker when you call, let us know.
  3. Giogio

    I still have to laugh loud when I read that man claiming that the Beats Studio Wireless is an excellent Headphone, and that the Momentum sounds just a bit better :D
    Oh  man man man...
    But I will not say he works for Beats. Because somebody accused me to work for Plantronics once.
    Well, twice.
    Just because I liked the headphones and I was suggesting them a lot.
    Strangely, this reviewer rates them lower than the Beats, for the same reasons (v-shape) which the Beats is MUCH worse in.
    I really will never understand what he sees in that muddy thing.
    Well, dual mic means to me just that there are two mics.
    Some have 4, like the Parrot Zik.
    I think it is not necessarily related to hearing your voice. For what I understood it is related to noise cancelling.
    But I would like to understand more about this.
  4. mackie8

    Thanks giogio

    Actually i have quite a mixed feelings on this bose soundlink on ear so i want To gather other feedbacks...
    I read the whole amazon it seems like not everyone encounters it..
    Im considering it and the jabra revo...
  5. Deckardk

    Didn't notice a change with volume. Doesn't mean it's not there as I didn't look for it. The sound was very clear and even my keyboard tapping could be clearly heard through the mic.
  6. mackie8
    i went to a local store to try the bose soundlink and  AKG Y45BT
    yes i have encountered the slight skipping on playing music on the bose... the AKG Y45BT sounds lot better than the bose soundlink ..and feels more comfy on my ears.. i dont hear hiss on the AKG... i think i encounter 2-3 hiccups on a single song i played  on the bose.... this is the 2nd bose soundlink i have tested... the first one i didnt notice the hiccups .... 
    im very impressed on the AKG... its so small and portable... 
  7. n00b2
    Part of the reason I have felt that the newer Beats are getting such good reviews is that peoples expectations for beats were so low that when it came out much better than expected, they all thought it was amazing coming from Beats. The newer model definitely isn't as bass heavy as the previous models and the boomyness of the bass has been toned down somewhat. Still extremely artificial but not as bass heavy or v shaped as the older models.
  8. Viryu
    Out of the bluetooth headphones you've listed, which of those you'd say had the best microphone/call quality? I was interested in Philips Fidelity myself, but I've read that it's not that great in this category.
  9. Deckardk

    BBP for the active mic. Callers say they hear well.
  10. n00b2

    Amazon US appears to be showing the Def Tech back in stock again with 5 left this time if you are in a hurry to try them out. Doesn't look like a pre order from the listing.
  11. Deckardk

    15% restocking fee from that seller.
  12. Giogio
    Yes but it is more V-Shaped than the BBP, has got less SQ, less detail, less soundstage, the bass IS still muddy and dark (I do not care about how much more muddy was before) and the low mids too, the mids are poor, the high are harsh, ZERO soundstage (totally deadflat sound) and the price is ridiculous, but this man rated them 4 stars against 3.5 of the BBP which are less v-shaped, have a very good soundstage, more detail, a clean and controlled bass with ZERO muddiness, somehow better mids (they honestly also do not excel in the mids, but I preferred theirs to the Beats), more detailed highs, and 100000000000000000 functions more, including a MUCH better battery life, and a much better price.
    Yes, they do not look as sexy. But well. I do not look at my head when I listen to my music. So, if I can have sexy and good, better. Otherwise, I prefer good.
    So. I still think that it really makes NO SENSE the rating he gave.
    But, yes. I think the same about why some people liked them.
    Same reason why I wanted to like them. And I have really tried to.
    I have never noticed any problem with any headphone.
    I have noticed that the Fidelio had that problem, but I think because I had much more time to test them. And sometimes these problems do not happen all the time, and you do not notice them in the shorter time of a test.
    So. I can only tell you the Fidelio, sometimes, have this problem that the other person does not hear you very well.
    But most of times they had always heard me well.
    So I cannot know if other headphones have this problem too or not, because I could not test them so much.
    You must ask around, here and in the other thread. Or in each thread for a single headphone (like, in the Momentum thread, in the H8 thread, etc)
  13. ppeng
    Has anyone heard both the symphony 1 and the Momentum wireless? I'm looking for a pair of bluetooth headphones and not sure which to get. I can't find either headphones at stores near me. Could someone who has heard both give me a comparison between the two? I'm open for any other bluetooth headphones you would recommend in the $200-$500 range. I have also considered the AKG K845 and Sony Mdr-1rbt but both look cheap and have plastic build.
  14. Nothing Within
    If you think thats funny just look at all these audiophile headphones then just seeing beats by dre in there... -_- Lol!

  15. Giogio

    Did not notice that.
    This is just too much, this man has lost his head.
    Omg... How can anybody ever possibly mix the beats with those other Cans?
    I have just read somebody talking of the Kicker Tubor (a BT Headphone which I think could be interesting for Bassheads, but which I suspect cannot compete with the ATH), and he was comparing them with the Beats and he tols "when you want to understand a headphone never try it alone, always compare it side by side with some reference headphones you know well" and he was making this example that the Beats are well reviewed and lot of people like them, because they never compare them side to side with other ones. And in the moment you compare them, you hear immediately how bad they are.
    In my case, after 30 headphones, I kind of know almost immediately what's going on there.
    But still so, if the headphone is good enough, after a while of using only that one I get used and it start seeming better, but as soon as I compare it again, the magic is over.
    That's probably why in our society there is no poligamy :)
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