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Huge Comparison of [almost] all the Best Bluetooth Headphones - post your own comparisons here

Discussion in 'Headphones (full-size)' started by giogio, Dec 15, 2014.
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  1. d4v3bastard
    i wrote a mail to pendulumic where i can get the TACH T1 in europe and they told me that there will be an x-mas offer starting on 6th december. i hope the T1 will be in my pricerange then.
    i think the soundsignature could fit, so this could be a good alternative to the AT-SR5BT
  2. d4v3bastard
    mh ok, i will keep that in mind. is there a dsp software for linux ?
  3. buzzlulu
    Well that B&O announcement is just GREAT. I just hit the button for an Amazon preorder. After demoing the QC35 and Sony X1000 I settled on the B&W wireless P7's which, imho, blew away the others. I also came to the conclusion that ANC bothered my ears with the pressure sensation. The Bose were the worst offenders, the Sony's not as bad, and the Sennheiser Momentum the easiest to bear. Most likely the better the ANC the more it bothers me.

    These B&O's sure sound like a potential contender because the ANC can be turned on and off. Great for airplane travel and it can be deactivated for all other situations. For me personally this is a killer feature.

    They will have to sound quite good for me to keep. The B&W's sound fantastic and match my listening profile of tuneful - music playing - involving - and PRAT- matching my Naim/Linn setup at home.

    I have never heard B&O's - how will they sound? Compared to B&W's??
  4. 1wyseman
  5. Sonic Defender Contributor
    I had the H7. The imaging and separation wasn't quite as good as with the P7, and the bass seemed warmer (a little less controlled). I loved the H7, but think the P7 was the better sounding. As well, the H7 amp wasn't powerful enough for my needs, even on full with new music it was just a tad quiet. I think the H9 is exactly the H7 with ANC and new low latency Apt X, but that is only for video playback syncing issues. I never had issues with that without the low latency, but maybe with games or from a TV it might be an issue?
  6. buzzlulu
    Thanks for the feedback.  It will be interesting to compare the two.  The H7 was introduced just about 1 year ago.  I would hope that B&O would not simply take the H7 and add active noise cancellation and call it a day.  I would like to think they would take what has been learned and the customer feedback received over this past year and incorporate additional improvements to the new H9.
    I am planning on comparing the two (without NC activated in the B&O) and then most likely take both with me on an international flight at the end of December.  Both of these comparisons should be sufficient for me to make a decision on which one to keep.
    I am extremely confident in my choice of the P7 after having demoed the QC35, Sony X1000, and my brief listen to the Momentum Wireless 2.  It now remains to be seen if the new B&O is capable of changing my mind  or not.
    Either way these are interesting times as Apple's move towards eliminating the headphone jack definitely seems to have pushed companies into introducing more wireless headphones to the marketplace.  IMHO it is we the consumers who win in this situation.  The choices we have keep growing day by day.
  7. anotherscott
    I'm not sure, but I think that may only be true for mobile (iOS/Android?)... if you're listening to Spotify through a Mac or Windows laptop (or full Windows tablet), I think you can route all the audio through their DSP. 
  8. Sonic Defender Contributor

    Yes, that is correct, I had the full desktop Dirac software installed and it was globally available to audio applications as it could be set as the default sound device.
  9. bladefd

    B&O agreed to and sent me return label no questions asked! Just mailed it in couple hours ago.

    Sadly I didn't get to compare the H7 and P7 closely like I was planning to. I've been sick all week. Ah well...

    Initial thoughts from using each pair back-to-back days to break in a bit:
    B&O P7 can get much louder. It has bit more clarity and bit more powerful bass.
    Beoplay H7 was more comfortable, and felt lighter on head.

    Couldn't compare songs directly 1-on-1 back and forth, which leaves this incomplete. I didn't notice any low latency aptx vs regular aptx difference btw.
    Overall .. P7 has very slight advantage in pure sound. Both are pretty balanced in sound. H7 wins in comfort and mobility.
    I would choose the P7 personally.
  10. SHAMuuu

    Good customer service word of mouth spreads like wildfire. Nice to hear. [​IMG]
  11. Sonic Defender Contributor
    Exactly how I found the H7 versus P7. Two excellent choices so no bad headphone from either decision. I was pretty confident that B&O would step to the plate. As I said, they try to make customers not sales.
    Beats Solo3 Review from an Audiophile  
    Apple, not Dr. Dre, has created the first practical wireless headphone. (Beats by Dre? Beats by Apple.)
    Sorry guys. I couldn't fight the urge to try them, and they exceeded expectations. By a lot.
  13. pashhtk27
    Can anyone recommend me some good over the ear bluetooth headphone below $50? My uncle needs one. Primary use would be connecting to the television for audio. They should be clear enough to make out voices and effects distinctly. And they should be comfortable for long usage. Thanks in advance.
  14. Sonic Defender Contributor
    No need to apologize, keeping an open mind is important. I have read consistently that Beats have in general come along way since Apple has taken over and I suspect the trend will continue. I simply love the styling of Beats when I see them, awesome colour schemes, and if the build quality is also improved they may indeed be a viable option as a brand even for the audiophile who likes a little youthful style.
    I should qualify that as an audiophile who appreciates a well done contemporay signature, not necessarily a ruler flat/accurate loving audiophile.
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  15. tonematrix
    I apologize if this has been answered somewhere in between the 191 pages of comments, but I just purchased the Audio Technica ATH-WS99BT headphones and even though I'm enjoying the overall sound quality, I noticed that when the music/sound stops that there is a small sort of disconnection noise/click.  So it's almost like a walkie talkie effect when there's just a short notification sound then the click off sound.  It's not a deal breaker for me yet, but I was just wondering if this is normal for most bluetooth headphones.  Once I'm immersed in listening to an album it's not noticeable, it's just when it goes from sound to silence.
    Thanks for your help 
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