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HIFIMAN Releases New Flagship DAP "R2R2000"

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Edric Li, Dec 22, 2017.
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  1. audionewbi
    What is after R2R2000? Let's face it, sooner or later this dap will die, and there is so much PCM1704 left in the wild. What is life after R2R2K? I only know of another DAP which uses R2R technology for conversion, which is well over 5000 USD and very hard to try, let alone purchase.

    Sadly the back glass plate on my dap developed a crack, which is the first time I ever had a product develop a fault on me. Despite the humming noise that my dap produces when I have the screen on, the sound is so good that I'm willing to live with it for a little while longer. Sooner or later I need to send this dap back to get it checked.

    In short, there is so much wrong with this dap, but one thing they sure got right, and that is the sound which matters the most.
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  2. gr8soundz
    Only new one I'm aware of is the L&P LP6 Ti which is around $6K USD (might be the same one you are referring to). Tera Player is also still available.

    I hear you. So few choices for all-in-one R2R DAPs. I'm hoping the cheaper, red R2R2000 gets released here in the States. Can't bring myself to invest $2500 in a player with so many flaws but half that (around $1200 IIRC) may be doable.

    Not to mention other DAP prices continue to rise at a ridiculous rate and no way I'm spending 4-figures on a delta-sigma DAP. If I don't get a DX220, the R2R2000 with the PCM1702 chips may have to do.
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
  3. audionewbi
    Actually my hope is that MQA might bring in some change we so desperately need in the portable hobby. Sadly R-2R, as far as the multibit implementation goes is basically will not come back to life. Delta-Sigma will be here for a very long time. I hope at least MQA will push for a new standard and better playback of PCM files.
  4. gr8soundz
    I'm all for efficient use of bandwidth but I'm afraid the future holds too many lost bits due to MQA (or even 1-bit DSD) streaming over bluetooth which shaves off even more bits.

    For now my multibit Revamp Acoustics P1 does the trick but not sure what I'll do when it needs replacing (since they're no longer avail). R2R2000 would be easier choice for me if it actually had physical buttons.....
  5. David Kleinfeld
    Hi , If it is of any help I tried a bit longer the RED version. I have to say it sounds quite different from the standard black version. Main difference is that the sound appears to be less controlled especially on the highs. Hard to describe it almost like there are peaks of volume when the song is getting more intense. Price is slightly above 1000 after discount. The first time I tried the black version, I had similar negative impressions that the sound was not so controlled on the demo unit but not so much regarding the high but generally more about the overall presentation. I ended buying the black and I am not sure if the issue before was with the demo unit or just the burn in but now it is my favorite sounding player. Perhaps I will pull the trigger on the RED but it's a bit of a bet.
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  6. dhc0329
    If you already have Black one and it sounds better, then why are you getting Red also? I am sure it is just a personal preference but I am just curious...
  7. gr8soundz
    Thanks. By discount, do you mean Hifiman's trade-in program (which afaik isn't offered outside Asia)?

    I know implementation is important, but (for now) I'm prioritizing bits over source tone. I can easily tweak sound signatures by swapping headphones, amps, and/or using EQ but it's impossible to recover lost data. Not having heard most TOTL DAPs, I'm buying blind anyway. But, having tried all types, I do hear differences between delta-sigma, multibit, and R2R designs.

    With that in mind (and price; even without hearing it), I'd choose a 20-bit PCM1702 R2R player over a DS one. At least then (by my ears) I should have more to work with further downstream since I'll be using an external amp with it; either my Alo CV5 or one of my Oriolus amps.

    My main concern is whether Hifiman solved the issues with local playback. No physical buttons is one thing but if I have to use it strictly as a bluetooth receiver then I may keep looking.
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  8. audionewbi
    If I could get R2R20000TM for that price I would. It would become my pure redbook player.
  9. David Kleinfeld

    By discount i mean the discount that the dealer is giving me given I buy often from him. I do not think there is any trade-in program in Asia for R2R2K especially given that HM901s now sales for about 700 USD i.e. half of its original retail price. The software on the Red version is exactly the same as the black one. They made clear improvements in terms of responsiveness since the first release but it is still lacking in many aspects, especially the difficulty in building and keeping a list of favorite tracks. I personally mostly use it either as bluetooth receiver with my 1z and 1a or with usb line in from my XDP300R and that's much more enjoyable this way. I have ordered a cable to try input from the line out from 1z/1a but not sure if it will work yet.
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
  10. David Kleinfeld
    Both are interesting and sound different so if there was not this lack of control for the Red one I would probably buy it for the sake of alternating between the two. I need first more time to compare on the same tracks and will probably go back to the shop with an external source to do so, also I need to go back with different iems and perhaps my WA8 to see if the issue relates to the amp section of the Red unit which i have tried. Lastly I have other projects now like getting FW-10000 so I may need to prioritize one over another.
    Last edited: May 5, 2019
  11. Rozeqloud
    i can`t even find a link on L&P L6 Ti

    L&P L6 i find plenty

    Am i mistaken,the L&P L6 is 1399.00 USD

    Any links on the L&P L6 Ti ?

  12. David Kleinfeld
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  13. jmills8
    6K dap
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  14. Rozeqloud
    Thank you
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