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HIFIMAN Releases New Flagship DAP "R2R2000"

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Edric Li, Dec 22, 2017.
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  1. David Kleinfeld
    Indeed this has been available for sale for few months already in China and at least few weeks in Hong Kong. The software is the same. Yes it is slightly cheaper because the chips are less expansive. I tried it twice but hard to compare with the "standard" black version in such a short time. I felt the normal version had a more spacious and impactfull sound but perhaps just a matter of burn-in period.
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  2. dhc0329
    Who cares about what "I "want but I didn't I need this..what I need is a new version with bigger battery, ability to recognize more songs on SD card
    and of course, physical skip button. That would be perfect for me but then it's never about what consumer wants so...
  3. musicday
    I wish the volume knob will be of a higher quality and protected. Looks like a door hinge.
    Last edited: Apr 21, 2019
  4. Brooko Contributor
    Have you actually tried it - or are you commenting on “appearance”? I have no issue with the volume knob. Quality is fine.
  5. musicday
    Yes I tried it. Didn't like the build and the way it looks at this price point.
  6. Brooko Contributor
    Ok - different folks, different strokes I guess. After continuous use for a month, personally I find the volume knob fine. Well built, easy to adjust when I want to. Not prone to bumps if in a pocket. In fact I find the overall external build fine. The main critiques I’d have would be lack of features, no touch screen, limited UI, and issues like track # limits and stability. Build would be the last thing I’d be thinking about. In fact it’s built rather well IMO.
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  7. David Kleinfeld
    I agree with you it is well built. The design of the volume knob is nice but yes I would have preferred it to be more enclosed on both sides to reduce the risk of accidental damage. I personally mostly use it as a bundle attached on the back of other bigger device so overall the risk is still quite limited. Also concerning the red version, it would have been nice if they could have gone for full red including the volume knob.
    Last edited: Apr 22, 2019
  8. SabreToothBunny
    Could anyone who uses their R2R2000 as a dedicated line source comment on the un-amped output please?

    I'm interested in using this as a source for my Shure KSE1500s. Currently I am switching between an LPG and a Soundware M1Pro, the LPG being very digital and the M1Pro being very analogue sounding (with a truly terrible UI).

    The KSE1500s are very flat and neutral but they can be 'peaky' and harsh with sources exhibiting sharp treble.

    I'm looking to pair as natural and analogue sounding a source as possible, with excellent macro and micro detail retrieval but ideally with a conservative treble presentation and good sub-bass extension.
    Does the R2R2000 have a sharper (than average) presentation?
    Additionally, are the hiss issues also present when in line-out mode?
    Also, what's the current file limit?

    If the LPG or M1Pro aren't to hand to compare, I have a good few flagship DAPs in my collection, some of which are listed under my ID.

    Any information which peops can provide would be greatly welcomed. Thanks
    Last edited: Apr 25, 2019
  9. Ithilstone
    What do you mean by un-amped output?

    4.4 line out is by definition "amped" and as far as i know r2r does not output through usb
  10. SabreToothBunny
    Sorry, you are right.

    What I mean is via line-level out rather than un-amped ie. In the menu, according the manual, selecting the option for 'line output' under 'Headset Output' for the 4.4mm socket.
  11. Ithilstone
    ok so we established on thing now
    "natural and analogue sounding a source as possible" - not sure what you mean - but guessing you want something that sounds non digital?
    From somehow limited number of portable sources as a transport or DAC - r2r is the best sounding I heard - evaluation mostly as a DAC ( so PC USB to r2r to 4.4 line out to full desktop rig )
    First and foremost it is very musical as in doesn't gets in a way of music ( as all DACs should unfortunately it is not always a case)
    It has details but not overdone like for example mojo. It takes all types of files i through at it ( maybe not all that exists but all that i use)
    So as a transport DAC i can really recommend it.

    now to "but ideally with a conservative treble presentation and good sub-bass extension." That's amp and HPs job
    - it should has nothing to do with transport/DAC and if it is the case then something is seriously wrong with the item
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  12. SabreToothBunny
    Thank you for the reply.
    Your configuration into a desktop setup is a pretty good comparison for me as the KSE1500 is the closest think I own to my desktop rigs.
    Indeed I do mean non-digital but also not soft sounding ie. a realistic presentation for instrumental and vocal music.
    I find most non-digitally engineered/tuned sources to be a little soft and this exhibits itself with inaccuracies in the presentation of instruments like cymbal crashes or G7 vocal ranges with choral music.
    Musical is ideal as the Shures are very flat and if a source is dry, the pairing will sound dry.

    As for the comparison to The Mojo; this is where I think I'll have an issue. I don't find the detail retrieval that great with The Mojo, especially in the upper treble region, relatively speaking. I think it's presentation is musical with good macro dynamics but lacking slightly in its micro dynamics compared to some of my other DAPs and a chasm between it and my Hugo TT2 or Dave, where it sounds veiled and rolled-off. The presentation remains cohesive because I find the Mojo's soundstage to be relatively narrow so if you find the detail retrieval even less on the R2R2000, I'm not sure this is what I'm looking for but then I only have one way of finding out.

    It should be, I agree... and while I'm sure that there are plenty of head-fiers who have found a setup where they believe their transport & DAC combination is providing a complete and balanced presentation, all the more power to them. Personally I have not with any portable source thus far but this is all the more evident when comparing to a very good desktop setup.
    The reason I specifically asked that question is because I find that a lot of sources emphasise treble regions in order to provide the illusion of detail retrieval but at the cost of balance or elevated mid-bass regions, laying waste to sub-bass response (or thickness in the mids) and at that point, the realism when listening to acoustic or orchestral recordings becomes evident to me. Given we've already established that the R2R2000's line-out is via the amp, it seemed valid to ask.

    This is only my opinion but despite the gap closing between the best portable setups and the best desktop gear, for me, there remains a significant gap here but then I've invested a lot more into my desktop gear and even more into my speaker setups; I realise it is unreasonable to expect a portable source which costs a fraction of the price to be able to provide the same level of performance. Nevertheless, I'm still looking for that last 5% from a completely pocketable rig and I think things are getting closer.

    Thanks for the information, given I'm not going to be able to tell without trying for myself I've gone ahead and ordered an R2R2000 and will see how it pairs.
    Last edited: Apr 26, 2019
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  13. dhc0329
    R2r2000 is treble sharp player which I couldn't handle with u18. Too harsh on my ears. It works quite well with solaris providing rather dry but well defined sound. I found r2r2000 to be rather hard to match when it comes to finding the right iems.
  14. David Kleinfeld
    I would add that the IER-Z1R to my taste pairs as well as the Solaris with R2R2K. Hard to compare because the presentation of both IEMs is very different but Z1R in my opinion makes better use of the raw power of R2R2K.
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  15. audionewbi
    Guys please if you can try the Dita Truth on the 4.4mm put. I think I've found the perfect synergy for R2R2K. IER-M9 is a close second, but god Dita Truth puts me right in the middle of he music when paired with R2R2K.
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