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HIFIMAN Releases New Flagship DAP "R2R2000"

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Edric Li, Dec 22, 2017.
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  1. Edric Li
    HIFIMAN's new DAP with R2R DAC. More to come.

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  2. musicday
  3. musicday
  4. Edric Li
    Well.. Fang Bian basically took shot at everybody during the press conference... In these Weibo posts he main points were:
    1. R2R2000 looks better than all non-Chinese DAPs and sound better than all Chinese DAPs
    2. Price is CNY15800. Combo price (R2R2000+RE2000 Silver) is CNY20800
    3. Shipping begins in spring 2018
    4. 4.4 Bal and 3.5 unbal/bal/line
    5. Can play music stored in your phone from R2R2000 via bluetooth and the new hifiman app.
    6. DAC chip used PCM1704K
    7. Battery life: 8hrs in hifi-mode, 50hrs in energy-saving mode.
    8. Original OS. Not linux or android.
    9. R2R2000 looks better than all non-Chinese DAPs and sound better than all Chinese DAPs
    Last edited: Dec 22, 2017
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  5. musicday
    Thank you Edric Li. So it cannot be used just a normal music player without the need to stream from your phone? That energy saving mode 50 hours playback is interesting, wondering how they measure it.
  6. Edric Li
    Yes it can be. I just modified the language in my last post a bit.
  7. audionewbi
    I'll keep quiet until the final production and until I hear it, but if he is able to pull of what he claims in that size, congrats!

    I was looking at NW-ZX300 for my daily portable DAP however PCM1704K......really?
  8. Mimouille
    Some pics form the presentation. From a wechat friend. mmexport1513973374101.jpg mmexport1513973377444.jpg mmexport1513973380286.jpg mmexport1513973383800.jpg
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  9. musicday
    Looks nice, design wise remainds me of the iRiver Spinn:)
    Anyone can find full specifications?
  10. twister6 Contributor
    HFM acknowledgement of 4.4mm standard is a big deal :) Hopefully they will have a working sample at CanJam NYC to check it out.
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  11. twister6 Contributor
    Party like it's 2000 :) PCM1704 R2R DAC was released 17+ years ago, maybe K is an updated version? Can't find datasheet anywhere.
  12. audionewbi
    I didnt notice the K at the end. Maybe it isn't as doom and gloom as I first thought, maybe the K is an alternative to the infamous PCM1704?
  13. audionewbi
    Can't lie R2R2000 has got me really excited again regarding portable audio. Now I'm keeping my eyes sharply focused on Lotoo to see what they can come up with.

    I personally dont see the appeal of bluetooth feature but that is just me.
  14. musicday
    Maybe they will release it properly at CES 2018. Anyway i like they took the R2R chip over the latest and greatest ones. Different sound signature, but is all down to implementation obviously.
    Hopefully soon we can read some impressions from the people who spent some time with it.
  15. musicday
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