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HIFIMAN Releases New Flagship DAP "R2R2000"

Discussion in 'Portable Source Gear' started by Edric Li, Dec 22, 2017.
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  1. antdroid
    Does anyone know what the LHDC bluetooth codec is that this player advertises? I have never heard of it nor found much literature about it. Does any receiving device even support it?
  2. Pictograms
    It’s a Low latency High-Definition Codac
    I know that Hauwai phones support it, not sure about anything else
    Last edited: Jul 13, 2018
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  3. Bina
    It's new BT codec being pushed to the market mainly by Huawei, announced just few months ago. What will be its future? Nobody knows. And I think currently there are no headphones or speakers supporting it.

    Just take it as another rival to aptX and LDAC. Which codec will be the most used? Since all of them comes with different problems of hardware and licensing, it's hard to guess.
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  4. antdroid
    Yea but if no receiver products use it, then its not going to be very useful as AptX, LDAC and AAC are. So far I have yet to see any receivers/headphones compatible with it and nothing shows up on that home site. Not very useful then.
  5. bayan
    R2R2000 supposedly supports it :)
  6. antdroid
    Yea I know - that was why I brought up the original question -- but if there's no headphone or receiver that supports that codec, then it's pointless and would default back to SBC.
  7. bayan
    I was assuming R2R2000 supports it as a receiver, not a transmitter. That would make more sense to me since you could benefit from the R2R DAC in the DAP.
    Hifiman Does anyone know?
  8. antdroid
    Oh good point. Two way would make sense - since many DAPs are doing that nowadays. Still would need a device that can transmit then. Seems limited to certain huawei models right now.
  9. jwbrent
    I just saw Jude’s video on the London show and the mention of this new DAP. I’m very intrigued. The Burr Brown PCM1704K is a famous DAC used by many ultra high end manufacturers beginning in 1999. I owned two Krell CD players as well as two Wadia players that used these DACs. It is considered ne plus ultra in R2R designs for CD resolution playback.

    As previously mentioned by another member, these are single channel DACs meaning two are required for stereo and four are required for a fully balanced digital section. My Krell KPS-25 used eight of these monolithic DACs, and I recall being told by Krell that the “K” version cost many times more than the standard version.

    I’m not sure how hifiman is able to get hi res capability from this 16/44.1 era DAC by using only two, as well as getting a balanced digital signal to take full advantage of the 4.4mm connection. Regardless, I am very interested in the coming reviews on its sound. I’ve been waiting for a DAP that can replace my three year old AK240SS/Mojo combo in a smaller form factor with improved sonics ... maybe this is it.
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  10. jwbrent
    I forgot, my Linn CD12 used four 1704K DACs as well.
  11. musicday
    Have you heard the Tera Player? If ever possible, please do so and let me know what you think about it.
  12. jwbrent
    No, I’ve never heard the Tera. I’ve read about it and I liked its simplistic design, but all my hi res files are either FLAC or ALAC, and all my CD rips are ALAC as well.
  13. SteveOliver
    If its using the PCM1704U-K DAC chip then its capable of 24/96 operation. And yes they are expensive at around $180 each and quite difficult to get hold of too, kind of like the best valves. :) .
  14. musicday
    It takes seconds to convert to WAV or ripping CD's using the Free Foobar2000 program. And using 128 GB SDXC i can have as much music as I want with me, anytime. One more thing, it takes around 0.5 sec for the music to start once the card is inserted in the player.
    Looking forward to try the R2R2000 myself if is at Canjam London tomorrow.
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  15. KT66
    Heard it today at Canjam, beautiful size, form and design, feels great in the hand, superb audio, but not sure it's much better than 901s.
    price is absurd
    interface is from 1988, I swear it's worse than my old 601.
    ps the guy doing HIFMAN UK is great.
    Fang needs to start listening, only a few would put up with that display.[​IMG]
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