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HiFiMAN RE-600 Review

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  1. proedros
    this. i like how they pair with my DX90
    i also tried the 846 at a hi-fi meet and i didn't get any 'god damn these are awesome' feeling - instead i thought 'these cost 1000$' ? overpriced iems for people with too much money to spent, imho.

    only drawback i can see in the RE-600, is the cable but i am being extra careful - and for 199$ i am very,very happy with the sound they produce.
  2. 520RanchBro
    Yeah I will say the Shure's build quality inspires more confidence and they do have replaceable cables but the RE-600s aren't really going to see too much wear and tear. I'll take the sound quality and much lower price any day.
  3. proedros
    you should listen to some Prince - after all you live in the city where he comes from [​IMG]
  4. 520RanchBro
    Ya'know I keep forgetting to listen to his new albums, I loved the singles from them so I'll definitely do this today!
  5. Rockthemboots
    HEard these are great, need to listen to the treble on these
  6. proedros
    they are not treble monsters , but they are very balanced without any obvious bumps
  7. Banman
    Hi, and thanks for the in-depth review!
    Are you familiar with JVC's HA-FX 850, and if so, do the 600s best them in your opinion?
  8. Tympan
    I have both. Very different iems all around.
    FX850 have much more presence in lower meds frequencies and sound quite a lot fuller like columns speakers versus bookshelf speakers for the Re600. Both are fairly natural sounding in their own ways but the Re600 are a tad sweeter and more midcentric to me.
    FX850 can overwhelm me at times in the bass department (only with electronic music with repetitive bass drum pounding)
    Comfort wise, the Fx850 are so-so (no running with these, walking and slow-mo activities at best)... While the Re600 are simply the most comfortable and discreet iems I know of.
    As a daily commuter, the Re600 is always an easy pick for me despite the extra fun the FX850 has to offer.
  9. Banman

    Thank you for the comparison!
    I have the 850's and love them, but the treble is a bit "treblesome" at times, so if the re600's are more neutral that's great.
    They won't be used jogging anyway... mainly during tv shows my wife watches that I don't like (Hell's Kitchen, etc.) haha...
  10. proedros
    they are balanced across the sonic spectrum , with the mids a bit more pronounced/sweet/forward

    the bass is tight and robust without being overpowering and the highs are not extra trebly (i could use a tad more crispiness)

    if you are not a die-hard treblehead , and you like balanced sound with very nice soundstage you will probably dig them
  11. Banman
    Thanks a lot! I already have them on order, and will sell the ones that I like lesser of the two on usaudiomart.  I'm hoping I'll like the re600 more, because I could get more money for the hafx 850!
  12. proedros
    so , what tips do you like best ? i used some stock ortofon EQ5 tips but something was not completely satisfactory ,so i changed to the normal stock bi-flanges from Hifiman re262/272

    i feel like it expands the soundstage even more , evens out the mids and adds an extra bit of air in the highs.

    are there any other tips that you feel they go well with the re600 ?
  13. Banman
    I just got mine today and am enjoying them immensely as I type!
    It'll be a tough choice between these and JVC's ha-fx850.
    I like that the re600 has flatter treble, but it needed a little boost in the bass department (just up to 3 on my fiio x3 instead of 2).
    Does anyone know, by the way, if the trs adapter is also comprised of silver coated wire? It seems that it would defeat the purpose if it weren't.
    I'm using the big double-header tips by the way. The small single headers that came installed gave it a bit of a tinny sound with less bass.
    Yes, as Joni Mitchell plays "Song for Sharon" these are sounding like they may be equal to or even better than the JVC's.
  14. proedros
    re-600 get better with some more hours on them , so give them some more playing/burn in

    i also like the small bi-flanges but i can not recall if they are included in the re600 pack or i got them from previous HFM iems i had
  15. Banman

    Are the bi flanges the ones that I'm using, that look like the old rubber ear plugs, with two bowl shaped flanges on one central tube?
    They came with my 600's.  There were two sets of them, both the same size, in the box the earphones were in.
    Y'know what though? After finding how much I dig the sound of these tips on the re600, I tried them on the JVC hafx 850 and they're even better so I think my preference is the JVC's, although the re600 is a close second. Besides I have the woodied JVC's that go well with my woodied Grado headphones and wooden-based turntable. More organic!
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