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HiFiMAN RE-600 Review

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  1. Chiho
    Already requested for return. The left housing sometimes doesn't sound properly.
    I checked on chinese forums. People claim that the issue is from the adapter.
  2. proedros
    do you wear them cable down or behind the ear ?

    those of you who wear them behind the ears , does the cable get a U-shape due to this use ? or is the cable fine ?
  3. tinyman392

    Yup! Cables will get that cable memory effect with time. Mine have done that.
  4. proedros
    that's not good , i think behind the ears the re600 sound best , but you are putting into stress an already flimsy cable....
  5. mark2410 Contributor

    you have the balanced one maybe?
  6. proedros
    Hey Mark , do you still own both 272 and 600 ? how would you rate them - they make a great combo , imho.
  7. Chiho
    Yup. I have to use them with the adapter,
  8. awayeah
    I've bought RE-600 a month ago and even though I haven't had much time to listen to them I have similar experience. They sound great with both FiiO X5 and HTC One M8. I've tried them with Cayin C5 and all seems great with one exception - vocals. They do sound nasal and radio-like. I don't know if they send me defective model or they just sound like that.
    You've replaced yours and noticed a lot better sound - does it include the vocals? It's not all vocals, mainly woman and it's the only downside I'm hearing.
    I think burn-in is at around 40h. I've tried 5 or 6 tips - both stock and other. I'm rotating my IEMs quite a lot so I haven't had a real chance to get used to their sound signature.
    I'm thinking of buying another pair (maybe s version this time), compare them and if everything is alright selling one of them. If they don't sound the same - I'll just send them back to be replaced.
  9. proedros
    from the dx90 thread 
    Quote: Originally Posted by jamato8
    I have been using the RE 600's a lot lately with the DX90.

    Slow rolloff and up over the ear. Always over the ear. For me, I can't get the sound nor the right fit, nor solid clean bass unless the 600's are inserted correctly and this requires that they be over the ear, which is fine with me.
     A great match. Excellent soundstage, both width and depth detail and transparency. I am enjoy the combo even more than my JH13 pros.
  10. mark2410 Contributor

    yeah they are.  much like the 272 and 262 sat as both being high end offerings but offering different flavours. 
    rate, well i dont like putting numbers on things because then anytime soemthing better happens the scale needs revising.  but the 272 is still the most revealing IEM ive ever met.  its so ultra crystal clear that honestly in so many ways its over kill.  if there is anything lacking in your set up, the source, the amp, the bit rate, the mastering, anything at all its just so unforgiving.  great if you only like ultra high quality, super well recordod and mastered stuff.  so basically classical and jazz.    for most music that is less well made its just too revealing.  like when HD TV came in and past blemishes on faces you couldnt see before, now you can and you really dont want to.  the 272 is one of the best IEMs ever but i really dont enjoy it much.
    600 is much detail but warmer and softer, not so brutally revealing.  its sooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much more of a joy to listen to.  one of my all time favs.  actually of all my favs its probably the most revealing of them.
  11. proedros
     funny , i really enjoy the synergy of the 272 with my dx90 , i listen though to pre-00s music (very well mastered/not loudness war victim) and in very good quality (usually vinyl rips FLAC 16-44)

    the 600 sounds a bit less 'neutral' , so with a warmish recording it may not sound as good.
  12. mark2410 Contributor
    oh yes many really enjoy the 272 but im a bit treble sensitive so i tend to like warmer and softer things, my favs list is pretty much all stuff that tame up top.
  13. proedros
    i changed from 272 to 600 last night and i had a What moment from how large the soundstage becomes

    wearing them behind the ears really opens up the sonic landscape
    i will probably have to mobe to the 700$ territory for my next upgrade (not soon though)
  14. getclikinagas
    The RE600 has a bigger stage? The 272 converys a very impressive sense of space along with some unfaultable imaging. The RE400 can't keep up with the RE272 in this aspect (IMO). I expected the warmer thicker RE600 to sound more intimate and less expansive than he RE272.
    Do you hear that Noble call you, proedros? [​IMG]
  15. isis
    Yes, the vocals did seem overly nasal, thin and a bit piercing. One of my filters was busted so changing that tampered it down a tad but the overall sound was still very peaky and unbalanced. Changing the tips also helped out significantly.
    The replacements, have those slightly forward mids but much richer, warmer and intimate - gone was the piercing, peaky and loud 'radio' like effect. Around 100 hours into them and they undoubtedly the best IEM i've ever heard - it really is amazing how they manage to get so much amazing detail, dynamism and warmth out of just one 8mm dynamic driver.
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