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HiFiMAN RE-600 Review

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  1. awayeah
    Ehh, you just cost me another 320$:) I figured if I'm ordering another pair I might as well try hm-700 DAP with balanced output - I heard there's magic synergy between those two.
    Don't like to wait for replacement especially when I have to send mine to China. I'll just compare those two, then send the assumed faulty one for replacement and sell one. At this price point there shouldn't be any problem in getting back my money.
  2. proedros
    first things first - let's not put the re400 into this as the re400 sounds like **** compared to both the 272 and 600 [​IMG]
    the re600 is more intimate due to its more forward mids but at the same times it has a more expansive soundstage than the 272

    a iem with the 272 highs, the 600 soundstage/lows and the 272/600 mids blend as the 600 mids sound a tad too close and the 272 mids sound a tad too far- now that would be an AMAZING iem

    as for the noble , we shall see - it's not like the 272/600 is bad , right ? [​IMG] 
  3. getclikinagas
    lol. you really dislike the RE400, don't you. :)
    Perhaps you should audition them once more. Just to confirm yours wasn't defective.

    Maybe a tuned dual driver from Hifiman could fuse the RE272 and RE600 [​IMG].
  4. 520RanchBro
    They really do work well together, I've been enjoying my portable listening almost as much as at my desktop. Make use of the 5 band EQ, works perfectly to tailor the sound to certain genres of music.
  5. mark2410 Contributor

    well, the 400 is super for the money but compared to the others it really lacks, especially in the highs.  its treble if far inferior even to the RE-0 it replaced.
  6. Hedonism
    I recently went to a local shop in Hong Kong to audition the RE-600s in comparison to the RE-400s. I ended up buying the RE-600, and will test out the differences between the two earphones more extensively throughout the next few days.
    My preliminary findings are that the RE-600s have a more realistic timbre and handle dynamics better. The midrange also seems fuller, for lack of better words. I'm not too familiar with headphone lingo.
    However, the RE-400s seemed quite close in performance to the RE-600, and I was hesitant to buy the RE-600. To my ears, they have similar sound signatures, but take that with a grain of salt, since I was in a loud shopping centre.
  7. getclikinagas
    Personal preferences aside, the RE400 does manage to eke out a good amount of detail in the treble despite being laid back and smooth. Enough for me to not consider it lacking(except for certain genres)
    Pit it against something like the RE272 and it's a whole other story [​IMG]
    PS: Mark, do you mean the RE-ZERO?
    I really hope I get to audition the previous gen.
  8. getclikinagas
    [​IMG] [​IMG]
  9. Ritvik
    HE1000 now this. Bad time to be broke!
  10. mark2410 Contributor

    hi, no i wasnt meaning the ZERO, the treble was more promininat on the 0 and trully showed off just how far beyond everything else it was.  the ZERO while as competent technically, didnt show it off in the same way.
    getclikinagas likes this.
  11. uli87
    Constantly reading so many good things all over the place about the RE-600, and they seem like an excellent and rather linear upgrade to my Brainwavz R3. T.R.A.N.C.E.was raving about these with jamato8, proedros et al. on the DX90 thread saying he enjoys them so much he ended up selling his $1000 customs. But now on a different RE-600 review thread he mentions that he is having more fun listening to Audio Technica ATH-CKR9/10 and the new JVC FX1100. I don't want the woodies because of their akward fit/look and not so balanced sound signature but the push-pull dual drivers on the CKRs supposedly produce some incredible sound (I always fall for good marketing :p).
    I am desperately trying to find comparisons on the CKR9/10 and the RE-600... 
  12. cattlethief
    Excellent review from a fellow Scot,which has made me buy  Proedros spare set, ive never listened to a an iem with a balanced configuration before,so very looking forward to the RE600 hooked up to my AK100 ii,hope they are a step up from my Grado GR8 which I love.
  13. 520RanchBro
    If you're thinking of the RE-600s, I'd budget a cable replacement in there two. They have by far one of the worst cables in terms of durability and microphonics. Mine broke after two months of babied use. Sending them to BTG Audio to get a quality cable I won't have to worry about breaking for looking at it wrong.
    That said, I love the sound so much that it's definitely worth it for me. Especially with the HM-700, those two sound crazy good together.
  14. alpha421
    Please post some pictures with your BTG recable.  I agree that the stock cable leaves room for a lot of improvement in the durability department.
  15. 520RanchBro
    Will do, sending them out tomorrow so it'll be a couple weeks but it'll be worth the wait.
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