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HiFiMAN RE-600 Review

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  1. Chiho

    But a bought the re-600 a day before the bundle price went down...
  2. gilency Contributor
    Then return it or ask for the discount
  3. isis
    Just received my RE-600S today.
    Initial impressions straight out of the box are kind of weird, actually. I was expecting it's sound signature to be similar to my TDK BA-200s (slightly pronounced and colored mids with restrained highs) but it's wildly different. The notes sound thinner, less rounded, less dynamic, weaker and a bit muffled. There appears to be less air between instruments. Vocals sound a bit nasal and radio-like. There seems to be a sharp peak or spike somewhere in the upper mids/ lower treble? The bass sounds better, though - tighter and well textured, and the stereo imaging is pretty great. 
    Basically, it sounds contrary to the gotten excellent reviews from amazing and reputable head-fiers (such as OP) - It's probably me not adjusting to the sound signature yet and/or lack of burn in but these are out of the box impressions - I'm currently burning them in with white noise and will check again in a few hours.
    Does burn-in have a pronounced effect on these phones?
  4. Dinerenblanc

    I don't believe in burn in, but if I had to burn-in a pair of $400 headphones, I wouldn't be too happy. I know you probably paid $199, I was just referring to the MSRP.
  5. proedros
    be patient , they get better.

    what source/files do you use ?

    out of my J3 with flac 16-44 files for mostly vinyl rips , they sound very nice.
  6. proedros
    this is a great IEM but the stock tips are atrocious

    get yourselves some Ortofon stock tips if possible - they really open/expand the sound.

    Well done , Hifiman for this iem (even with flimsy cable and mediocre tips)
  7. 520RanchBro
    Just joined to say I jumped on the RE600/HM700 combo for $300, couldn't resist. I've been just using my iPhone and some Klipsch S4s so I'm excited to see the improvements possible. I'll finally have a use for the FLAC files I've accumulated as I never listen to them on my computer. I've really been loving what my HE400/Asgard 2 combo do for my vinyl. I can definitely see myself becoming a HiFiMAN fanboy.
  8. mark2410 Contributor

    give thema  little time.  your ears get used to soemthing and if you arent used to swapping about alot when you hearsomething new you can find anything new just sounds "wrong."  give them some time and i would very much expect that you will find them quite amazingly good.
    btw whats your source?  they do somewhat like power but i dont see you mention?
  9. proedros
    mark , which tips are you using ? try and get your hands on some Ortofon silicone stock tips , you thank me later....
  10. isis
    Thanks guys.
    Source is mainly vinyl or CD rips in 16/44 FLACs playing mainly through an HRT Microstreamer DAC/Amp. As a source i'd say its a bit on the warmer side.
    When I was changing the tips, I noticed that the filter of one of the buds had been caved in, and that I could see the white foam inside the nozzle. I put a new mesh filter on it and that actually evened the peaky/spikey upper-mids that I was hearing a bit - but it seems to have impacted the tightness of the bass, as well. Should I get them exchanged because of this or would replacing the mesh filter suffice?
    I'm starting to think that the stock tips are having a huge effect on my listening. They're all the same size and horribly made. But when I tried it with the supplied Bi-flange, it was like a veil had been lifted from my hearing - there was no more muffled drums and details and just absolute clarity, and I could hear a lot of micro-detail through out the mids, as had been the traditional strength of previous hifiman IEMs. This however came at a cost - the bass completely lost its impact and the overall sound became thinner. Need to find that balance.
    I guess I'll look for ortofon tips to complement these. Any other tip recommendations? Or should I get them exchanged because of the busted fabric in the nozzle (I'm paranoid that I wont be hearing the best of what these can do because of this).
  11. alpha421
    Replacing the filters will suffice.  That's why there are extra sets included as an accessory. Did you try the included T-400 Comply tip samples? They work well for me and are right up there with my Ortofon tips.
  12. isis
    I actually didn't get any comply tips with it - although it came with the T-400 sticker in the box. That puzzled me. Am I missing something?
  13. alpha421
    Did you check in the included storage case.  I found mine there for both the RE-400 and RE-600.
  14. isis
    Ah, so there's the problem. There was no case included in my package. Weird. I guess I'll ask them whats up.
  15. 520RanchBro
    Got the HM-700 and RE-600 combo today. After some brief listening I'm really enjoying it. Packaged very well and I've found them to be very comrtable. Would have liked a small case for the headphones as I don't really want to wrap them around the 700.
    I'm loving the sound signature of this combination. Feels very balanced and has more depth and a surprisingly wide soundstage compared to other IEMs I've used (Klipsch S4, X10, Shure E2C on an iPod or iPhone). I feel like instruments have a much more natural timbre and decay, they are very revealing. The bass is solid and much less boomy than inexpensive IEMs, I might slightly boost the mid bass on the EQ though. The mids are heavenly I feel, no complaints there. Treble is a tad too airy to my liking, I would have liked a touch more in the high mids. Overall the HM-700/RE-600 bundle was certainly worth the $300. The HE-400s are still my favorite in my limited stable but that's to be expected.
    For the record I listened to:
    Allan Kingdom- Evergreens (Hip-Hop)
    Sims- Scope or Claw (Hip-Hop)
    Chrome Sparks- Marijuana (Electronic, Chillwave)
    Yalls- Real Fantasy (Chillwave)
    Jim Guthrie- Last We Spoke (Electronic)
    Falls of Rauros- The Light That Dwells in Rotten Wood (Folk/Black Metal)
    Abysmal Dawn- Inanimate (Death Metal)
    Really loving these for black metal, Falls of Rauros sounds incredible, Just hoping the treble smooths out just a bit. I should note that any criticisms I have are fairly minor and nitpicky, these are incredible sounding IEMs! Will post more impressions as I listen more, still need to listen to some doom. [​IMG]
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