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HiFiMAN RE-600 Review

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  1. proedros
    great review Mark - thaank god these are expensive or i would buy them on your writings
    oh and pianist & co , P L E A S E let's not have again another geek charts wank frequency DB fest

    chill , we wanna hear from actual listeners how they feel on their ears , not on paper
  2. laon
    thanks for the great review mark!
    too bad there's another chart nerd, who haven't even heard the real thing, talk...
  3. mark2410 Contributor
    well i wouldnt have a go at Pianist, of course hes entitled to his opinion and its one i would notinaly share.  the on paper measurements may suggest the 400 and 600 are essentially the same but i think it may be that the 600 has so much greater solidity that it is more greatly audible to the ear whereas a mic electronically picks up both equally.
    however im sure Pianist will end up getting one sooner or later,. if i recall hes a big mid fan (once a long time 530 fan i think)
  4. Inks
    I agree with pianist and I have both. The bass extension of the RE600 is negible and the whole sound can be matched by adding a damper to RE400. The RE600 just tends to sound more dynamic cause of its much higher sensitivity but acoustically it doesn't do anything the RE400 cant
  5. Ultrazino
    Hi Mark, great review! Nice to see you around. If you don't remember, you helped me purchase HJE900 from Play.com several years ago which triggered my love for IEMs. :)
    This is probably the reason I am still around, haha.
    I think the jump between RE400 and RE600 is much bigger than initial reviews led to believe. I agree, the 600 is a very great sounding dynamic in-ear and I can't think of a better dynamic as I type this (and yes, I am very familiar with IE800).
  6. mark2410 Contributor
    lol, your right, i dont remember.  ahh the panny, actually were you the chap that saw them going cheap on play.com but because you were dirty foreigner play wouldn't send you them so i acted an an intermediary?
    its ringing bells in my head
  7. Photofan1986
    Hi Mark,
    I have a couple of questions:
    - How do the DBA-02 compare to those? I guess they are not even in the same league, but I would like you opinion. I own the RE-252, and while they're very proficient and technical (moreso than the DBA-02), I generally reach for the DBA because they are more fun.
    - Do they need an amp to sound good?
    I have an opportunity to buy them second hand good as new for nearly half of the p new price, so I'm wondering...
  8. proedros
    first of all i love your reviews as you colour them with funny bits here and there

    can you tell how much better 600 is compared to 262/272 ?

    I am a huge HFM fanboy (having owned re-zero/252/262/272/400) ,i have the 272 for 2 years now and i just got again a 262 and amped , this thing sounds awesome

    so i am beginning to think that maybe a 600 should be added to my sonic arsenal sometime soon
    thing is , i was holding back because when i had the 262 back in 2010 didn't like its rolled-off highs , but now it sounds marvelous and almsot as good as the 272

    so the question is - is the 600 worth so much money if i already have a 262 and a 272 ?

    i may be on the lookout for a cheaper FS 600
    thanx man , keep on writing such great reviews.
  9. mark2410 Contributor
    well they are nothing like the db02, acoustically they are in the opposite direction.  they are warm and rich with robust bass.  while fun they may not have the excitable treble you want.  na they dont need an amp
    thank you.  as for better than the 262/272 well thats not soemthing im sure id really outright say.  they are spectacularly good at what they do but so where the 262 and 272.  the 600 is about boing a much full or osunding IEM with more heafty bass in particular.  tbh if you say you didnt love the highs on the 262 then you will probably find similar with the 600.  i mean the dreble is superbly detailed but its really not upfront and in your foce like the 272.
    as for is it worth it if you have those two, well not really.  i mean the 600 is much more expensive and while its one of the very best universals out there its not like the other wernt also.  if its that you want a 262ish nature with more robust bass then sure go for it, just dont expect that youll get some whole new level of sound.  its a testiment to jus thow good the 262 and 272 were.  however, for the moeny i cant see you getting an IEM thats actually "better" than the 600.
  10. proedros
    thanx for your insight - having gotten my 262 for almost 50$ , i would not go higher than 200$ for a used re-600 and this kind of prices don't happen often (if ever)

    anyway , like you said it seems like i am fine with the 1-2 combo of 262/272 , but chances are my next purchase is gonna be a hifiman IEM , i think the mastermind behind them (Fang) thinks exactly like me - which is why these iems kinda go unnoticed by the masses.

    a shame really - i hope these guys sell enough to keep on producing such magnificent iems for many years to come

    thanx again for your thoughts

  11. mark2410 Contributor
    to be fair if you got a 262 for US$50 youll never find anything that comes close to that for value.  probably for the rest of your life.
  12. proedros

    yeah i know - second best deal after getting a new arrow 4G for 100 euros(150$)
  13. Marleybob217
    So, how is the noise level on these IEMs? I see they're not super sensitive. Has anyone used these with the ibasso DX50 or another similar DAP? I had unfortunately had to sell the dx50 as they hissed quite bad with my cosmic ears cIEMs.
  14. tinyman392
    The RE-600 are quite sensitive actually :p  LOL. 
  15. Marleybob217
    Not nearly as sensitive as my cIEMs. 
    Sensitivity is not the same as impedance, I mean the dB/mW or dB/MV, thus the sound pressure generated per an amount of energy.
    The RE600 delivers 102 dB/mW, while my cIEMs deliver about ~120 dB/mW. 
    I actually sold the ibasso DX50 because I had quite a bit of noise when using it with the cosmic ears BA4f.
    Something I now regret, because the RE600 should have little to no audible hiss with the DX50.
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