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HiFiMAN RE-600 Review

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  1. 520RanchBro
    Just an update, treble is great now, open and airy and the RE-600s just sound so expansive. I still need to EQ the HM-700 though. For Doom metal it just lacks a lot density in the hi and lo bass. The really deep bass comes through well but the guitars just sound too trebly and really lack authority. I think an EQ tweak should thicken things up nicely though.
    EDIT: Yep EQ boost worked wonderfully. This combo continues to impress me!
  2. isis
    As an update to my ordeal - my RE-600S did appear to be defective overall. Exchanged them for the vanilla RE-600 and it sounds completely different -  absolutely breathtaking, even at this early stage. Warm, velvety, liquid gold to my ears. Stunning musicality - and they haven't even been burnt in yet. 
    What a bargain.
  3. moracajay
    I also got re-600S. I will return it and replace it with vanilla re-600. I cant really tell it is better than my etymotic hf5 or brainwavz b2. Shall i replace it? 
  4. mark2410 Contributor

    well there would be no need to replace unless you think it defective, though if your hearing no improvement over your B2 or hf5, what are you feeding it?
  5. moracajay

    Yeah i know feeding it with Htc one m8 and sansa fuze + e6 is not enough. I was thinking re 600 can easily be driven with this.

    Well, another project for DAP . I mostly used my IEM on travel. You think FIIO X5 re600 will have vast improvement? Im looking for the treble, but soundstage and mids are perfect.

    One thing i like re600 even if you almost max the volume, it can handle very well, no harshness, bass improved, if you turn in loud it gets better.
  6. mark2410 Contributor
    what bit rate stuff are you feeding it?
    though it should be reasonably driven id take pause if your almost maxing it and its not killing you but getting better.  that would sound like it wants a beefier source.  ive not use a used an x5 but i would expect it to be a good improvement.
  7. moracajay

    Mostly my music are flac some 320mp3.
    I'll save for a nice DAP, maybe on a 400-500$ mark.

    Planning to sell my B2 and Hf5 to buy a bright sounding DAP. What DAP can you recommend.?

    After 4 days of listening to re600, im loving it. I hope this would be my last purchase:blush:
  8. proedros
    get the dx90 for 360$ from amazon, i just got it , and ialso have the re600
    i had the J3 and there is a definite sound improvement.
    X5 is too think according to people , so the dx90 will probably be a better match.
  9. Chiho

    I bought a HM-603 slim to pair with my re-600. Hope they match well together.
  10. mark2410 Contributor

    well, it depends on where you want to take it.  for me, i like to pair warm/smooth/rich things with brighter daps.  so i really like the Studio V 3rd for use with the 600.  that said ive been playing with the HM-650 and its a bit on the warm side but it too is really excelent.  of course i also really like the X3 and its handy DAP and DAC usability, its like a huge upstep from what your laptop outputs, if you use that.
    also, i still really like the little 1G ipod shuffle.  its getting wery old these days but its still a brightly clean tiny little dap. 
    there really are so many options out there onec you start to look inte things.  just so many.  oh and thats all before you think about maybe a 5G ipod line out to a portable amp and then...... depening on the amp you can start getting into opamp rolling.
    my DAP advice starts with have a think about what features you want. do you need DAC use too, do you want a bass boost button or EQ facilites, do you want internal or sd card storage. do you want hardware buttons or thouch etc etc etc etc.  then when you have worked what you must have and what are just desireable you can narrow it down.  take some time to think and read lots in the source/amp forum.  i know its not easy and we all like thing right now, and of course there is the for sale area where you might bag a bargain and if you hate it, put it back up for sale. 

  11. windwolf447
    I found that my Aclear Porta NXT-2AK allows me to use the re600 balance with my ak240 balance output. Now I am having a great interest on this earphone. Will go to a local shop to try it later, hope it can impress me :)
  12. cpetrillo
    Do you find these to change noticeably after some burn in time? I am listening to a new pair and I'm liking a lot about them. I am however noticing a little of what I guess I'd call mid range glare.
  13. 520RanchBro
    I'm not really noticing any burn in with mine after about 50 hours of listening. I don't really ever notice burn in of any type of speaker or driver though.
    So by chance today I got to try some Shure SE846 IEMs at work. So I'm doing a brief informal comparison to the RE-600s while I have some down time.  
    The Shure's sound more mid-heavy and just more authoritative than the 600s, they just sound very powerful. I think I still prefer the RE-600s, they are a bit smoother, a bit more balanced with a slightly wider soundstage and just a better treble presence. The SE846 kills it for very aggressive music though, death metal sounds unreal on these things! This is just an anecdotal comparison, I don't know what nozzle was used and these aren't mine so I'm not going to change anything on them. My CEO merely let me try them out for the day.
    Really enjoy both of them but I'm still very happy with the 600s. The Shure's have more options and a better cable though, I'd like to own a set some day after listening to Bloodbath on them. Made the RE-600s sound downright anemic listening to Bloodbath's latest, Grand Morbid Funeral. Other albums sounded much more similar. 
    Also, wrote a HM-700/RE-600 review: http://www.head-fi.org/products/hifiman-hm-700-portable-player-w-re-600-iem/reviews/12113
  14. proedros
    judging from a) that i don't listen to death metal


    b) that 846 costs 5 time as much as the re600

    i know which one is the wisest choice for someone without money running from his pockets

    thanx for the A/B , appreciated - i feel good now having my re600 for 199$
  15. 520RanchBro
    Yeah haven't noticed a lot of death metal fans on this board. 
    I'd agree, listening to these made me feel pretty damn good about the RE-600s, they just seem to reproduce the sound effortlessly and in a bit less fatiguing way. I'd say they absolutely give the SE846s a run for their money while being much cheaper. 
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