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HiFiMAN RE-600 Review

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  1. nScott89
    Hmmmmm. RE262 is one of my most favorite all-rounders. If it weren't for the extremely high price I'ld be all over the 600. Currently running the Fidue A83 which is a bit less natural but more flat. Great review! Thanks!
  2. mark2410 Contributor

    7550 never heard, the 1000......  if i recall i found it too hard in the highs, so from memory the 600 is significantly better but thats from recalling what i made of them at some distance back but ive generally found that while sony have made some nice things their IEM's that ive heard have all been really overpriced.  not that they are bad but they carry a large premium for baring that well known Sony logo.
  3. proedros
    i like the re600 so much that i went ahead and sold my EQ5

    between the re272 and the re600 for indoor quality listening (and the re262 for secondary listening on the go) , eq5 took very few listens and had to go to a new loving home [​IMG]
  4. Neosk
    So I had the RE262 since 2011 and they have been my favorite IEMs since then. I am itching to pull the trigger on buying the RE600 but I have a few questions:
    1. Do the cables harden over time? This has been an issue with my RE262 since the cables are stiff to the point that I can hold the earphone straight up by holding the cable 2 inches from the actual earphone. I never had this problem with any other IEMs.
    2. Can the treble be offensive at times? I already have bright headphones and I just want a smooth, fatigue-free listening experience.
    Anyways, thanks for your review Mark, these sound like they have the sound signature I would love, just that I have some reservations when it comes to Hifiman's build quality (well not a fair statement since their replacement pair has lasted 2 years so far). 
  5. proedros
    2. 100% the bold part.

    as for the cables my pair is less than 1 month old so i can not tell.

    sonic-wise , it is a very nice iem.
  6. Neosk
    Nice, thanks for the input.
  7. mark2410 Contributor
    hi, yeah sound wise they would seem to be what you want but as for the cable, i havent heard anything about them going hard but its not like its soemthing i use everyday so when it comes to realy life wear and tear i an most reviewers of things wont really have a clue.  just because we dont just have one that we always use like normal people, we are always using new things so its not soemthing that we really ever deal with.
  8. Chiho
    The re-600 now is on sale for half of its price.
  9. Chiho
    Do you recommend to pair the re-600 with HM 700, HM 601 or hisound 3nd ANV that you mentioned?
  10. Tympan
    If your RE600 are balanced, the HM700 is an excellent match.
    In my experience, the sound signature was surprisingly close to RE600 + HM801 ($790) + balanced amp ($250) !!! Slightly less textured but a tad more airy. Great sounding. 
  11. Chiho

    Thank you for your reply.
    Have you also tried it on the DX 50?
  12. Tympan
    you're welcome. I've only tried the RE600 with HM700, HM801, and iPhone 4. Balance mode does add a little extra spaciousness/dimension over non balance mode. The DX50 is not balanced, nor are the HM601 and 3rd ANV.
    HM700 (16GB) can be had on ebay for $119. If 16 GB is good enough storage for you (about 40 Flac albums), this player is a great place to start without breaking the bank. IMO you can't go wrong at this price point ; )
    getclikinagas likes this.
  13. proedros
    there is a re600+hm700 combo sale here for 350$

    great price, imo.
  14. Chiho

    This bundle is sold for $300 in Amazon.
  15. proedros
    indeed - i thought it went for 500$ but it must also be on sale like the re600

    great price indeed.
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