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HiFiMAN RE-600 Review

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  1. tinyman392

    Output volume depends both in sensitivity and impedance when it's measured in dB SPL/power. When measured in dB SPL/voltage, it is only dependent on sensitivity.
  2. mark2410 Contributor
    since i have both in front of me.
    the DX50 with the RE-600, his is technically detectable.  as in i could hear it but is sooooooooooooooo slight for all intents its non existent. 
  3. Marleybob217
    Alright thanks. 
    I bought the RE-600 yesterday, it was the last pair I could find in Europe!
    I will be using it mostly with the Rocoo p since I sold the DX50. Judging from your comments, the re-600 will have some hiss with the rocoo p, but it should be managable. 
    When the next paycheck comes, I might purchase the DX90. I have not seen any good comparisons between the DX50 and the DX90.
    Anyone here that has some more knowledge about this? 
    One important question, does the DX90 have a different amp than the DX90?
    I found the DAC to be quite amazing on the DX50, but the amp could be improved on slightly.
    Do you think the dual sabre dacs will actually make a huge contribution to the sound? It comes across as a new novelty feature, something used to get more sales. 
  4. mark2410 Contributor
    you know if hiss is something that really bothers you, adding additional impedance will remove it.  you have to have a reasonable amp in whatever your using to power what your using but all the things youve mentioned should be more than capable.
    if you search round ebay for 75 ohm adapters, originality they were for etymotic ER4's.  the difference between the p and s was 75 ohms so you added it and voila, youve "upgraded" your ER4p to and ER4s.  generally speaking its an idea that holds true for all IEM's without a crossover in them. however as a side bonus is that the additional impedance will remove any hiss that your encountering.
  5. Marleybob217
    Oh right, I forgot that that's actually a possibility with the RE-600. It barely has an impedance swing.
    But, I hope I wont be using the RE-600 for long with the rocoo p. Although it has an impressive soundstage, it does this somewhat artificially.
    And the sound is slightly harsh and lacks some timbre and detail. I guess I'll first want to hear how it performs with the RE-600.
  6. mark2410 Contributor
    well as with all things, your ear is the final and absolute arbiter of all things. [​IMG]
  7. proedros
    do you still like your RE600 ? i managed to find a new one here going for 245 euro , and seeing that buying+shipping from amazon.co.uk came to 435 euro , i bought it without thinking.

    still burning it in, but i feel like the sound is constantly improving , a very nice change/copliment to my beloved re-272

    hifiman is my iem company , i am a whore for their iem.
  8. mark2410 Contributor

    me?   oh VERY much so.
    it one of my absolute favourite IEM's.  not only is it technically stunning its sound signature is perfectly in sync with my personal preferences.
  9. proedros
    it is so sweet and clear  it's addictive , i agree

    i wonder if it rivals more expensive iems from companies like shure who overcharge their flagships iems
  10. mark2410 Contributor
    you mean the 846 or whatever it is?  i have to say i kinda think all the rash of thingn tat came out at near US$1000 were all a bti of a **** waving exercise.  akg did it and everyone else did a me too and whipped theirs out.  not to say they arent really good, im sure thay are but hmm colour me unconvinced they deserve their price tags.
  11. proedros
    there are a lot of people out there with lots of money and too little of criticla thinking regarding their best options in this market

    if i had money to spent , i would like to try these 2 CIEMs , which seem to be TOTL

    K10 / JH13

    still i wonder if it is a bigger improvement going from the J3 to the DX90 or from the RE600 to the 846/W60
  12. redrich2000
    I managed to break my RE272. It was out of waranty by Hifiman offered be $195 upgrade price for an RE600. I have a RE400 which I'm not super impressed with, they lack treble energy, clarity and air for me. I had not been interested in the RE600 for that reason and because it seemed the general consensus was that they were quite average and vastly over-priced. But for $195... the question is whether I crack them out and give them a try or just sell them sealed... Being very happy with my AT IM02s, I really should just sell them and use the money to pick up another RE272. But being a head-fier, it will be tough to resist giving them a try. And it does seem there have been some more favourable opinions coming out recently.
  13. proedros
    currently owning both RE-272 and RE-600 , i have to say that both sound very nice to me and they are very different iems SQ-wise

    this upgrade offers you the chance to own both for 400$ (as you can find some used RE-272 here for around 200$) , and i think that a new RE600 is definitely worth a try

    if i were in your position (and i really love my 272) i would probably buy both a used RE272 and a new RE600 - for 400$ it's too good to pass up

    you can also try the re600, sell it , buy a used re272 and make some money out of it

    one thing , the re600 in my ears is a very nice iem but it takes some time to get addicted to its sound

    but it is a completely different animal from the RE272 , and i feel it shines mostly where the 272 takes a back seat (lows and mids)

    i find it also to be more forward than the more 'in the back' sound of the 272

    they are like 2 pieces of the puzzle

    if i want a fast,lean,airy sound with some distance from the music = RE-272
    if i want a full,lush,intimate and in your face sound = RE-600

    I had the re400 and didn't like it at all, but the RE600 is like a RE-262 on steroids and control - i think it is gonna become my fav iem with the 272 and i have tried every RE- model from hifiman , except from the RE-0

    i also think the driver of the RE600 is superior to the one in RE272 , the sound seems more effortless and full

    Hell, just get them both , you know you wanna try the new Hifiman flagship [​IMG]
  14. mark2410 Contributor
    hi well the 600 is worth the money but yes its not crazy cheap like the other hifiman stuff.  also its a very different sound from the 272, its much warmer so take that on board.
  15. OnlySound
    How do they fare against mdr ex7550 /mdr ex1000
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