1. Alarickc

    1964 Ears V-6 with HIfiman 601

    Is this a decent pairing? I know the 601 has slightly rolled off treble and a generally warmer sound, and I'm fine with that. I'm also aware that some people seem to detect a slight noise on the 601 due to the NOS DAC; I'm also fine with that. My main concern is that the 601 apparently has a...
  2. RubiksKid

    New Hi-Fier Upgrading from S4i

    I am looking for something more balanced in terms of frequency range. Before S4is i used some Koss branded ones that i liked for about 50$ and their bass clarity (for 50$) sounded pretty good. I was looking at D2ks and maybe D5ks but I'm going by the general advice to invest in a "full" setup...
  3. mark2410

    ROCK JAW Hydra V2 Review by mark2410

    ROCK JAW Hydra V2 Review   Thanks to ROCK JAW for the sample.       First Impressions:  These have the same box as did the Arcana V2 so make more or less the exact same impression.  Though the Hydra, while a cooler name just do not look anything like as pretty as the Arcana V2’s do. ...
  4. Wars

    Are Studio Beats by Dr Dre really that bad?

    Hi   Im new to the forum, and I listen to music everyday; on the way to school.   Ive only had the Apple "stock" headphones that came with my iPhone, a pair of inkd skullcandy in ears (which broke in a week, I should've known better from them...) and a pair of Samsung headphone, which...
  5. project86

    REVIEW: HiFi ET MA9 - a new reference level DAP

              Higher end DAPs are popping up more frequently these days. There's the HiFiMAN HM-801 and HM-60x series, the iBasso DX100, iRiver AK100, Colorfly C4, and then the lesser known Chinese releases like the QLS QA350, iHiFi812 and iHiFi960. Obviously the demand exists for these...
  6. DanthePolishman

    Need help choosing a media player that can power 63 Ohm headphones - $300 and less - At least 32 GB

    Hey Head-Fi,   I'm looking for a quality media player to replace the iPhone 3G. I have the Sony MDR-7506 headphones which are ideal for my monitoring needs, and that I double for music listening. The community so far has been awesome in helping me, and informed me lots. That being said, I'll...
  7. semaj8james

    DIY HiFiman Hm-601

    Well I broke some parts to my HM-601 so I'm deciding to make it a little project. I'm replacing the 755560 size, 600 MaH LiPo battery with another 755560 2700 MaH LiPo battery, hopefully giving it much more time on one charge. The front board pieces LiPo connector and power button switch have...
  8. tattare

    Colorfly c3 + C&C BH vs Cowan X9 vs HiFiman HM-601 vs $200 range.

    has anyone here compared these setups in the $200 range and can help me narrow down my search?   Another sansa clip went kaput (bad battery) on me tonight at work and I need a quick replacement.  Sorry Fiio x3 I'm not going to wait for you to release.   After some quick browsing it looks...
  9. MikePortnoy

    Hm 601 with W4R

    Hello,   My current earphone is Westone Um3x and I am using it since november I think.. However, it seems now little boomy and muddy to me. My dap is Hm 601, I love it, dont want to change. I am planning to buy a W4R or Heir in order to get less boomy sound and much detail.   What...
  10. nieta98

    Looking for DAP with excellent SQ & lots of storage

    I am trying to find a good  DAP with the emphasis on audio quality and storage size and a secondary consideration of an easy to use UI preferably with playlists. I always listen with good headphones/earbuds or some high quality speakers & I have my files in either 320k mp3 or FLAC. I've...
  11. Rillettes

    Which DAP for a beyer T50p

    Hi,   I was using a portable system including an iphone4 + FiiO E11 + Beyer T50p.  I had to sell the iphone and now I am looking for a DAP to replace it (max 300 $) (and yes, I use another device to phone ) Which one do you think I should buy ? (hifi man 601, cowon XX, colorfly C3 /...
  12. loremipsum

    iPod 5.5g, Classic (current gen), HM601, or others in the $250 range

    So, the headphone out on my iPod Touch is going bad (left channel cuts out unless you apply pressure to the plug in a certain way) so I'm in the market for a new DAP. My first choice is the HM601, but my only concern is that it's too thick, almost twice as thick as an iPod, which would be...
  13. AnAnalogSpirit

    Are the HM-601, HM-602, and HM-801 players going to eventually get firmware updates to allow for SDXC format cards?

    I saw on engadget the release of new 64GB and 128GB sized cards in SDXC format. I'm curious if the HiFiMAN players could be made to eventually support these capacities.   I don't know...
  14. kryten123

    Hifiman HM-601 SD Card Advice

    Hi All,   Well after weeks of dithering, I've finally taken the plunge and ordered the HM-601. I am hoping to hear big differences to my current Cowon S9 and will try and put together a review in due course. I need to order some SD cards before my HM-601 arrives, but am not 100% sure what...
  15. Nankai

    HIFIMAN HM-601 Music Player, RE0 IEM and Grammy Award Winners

    Grammy Award Winner Kenny G      Grammy Award Winner  Gretchen Wilson      Grammy Award Winner Pat Monahan (Band Train)     Grammy Award Winner Zac brown band     Grammy Award Winner Faith Evans     American Idols Jordin Sparks     American...
  16. kryten123

    Music to Show off the HM-601

    Hi all,   Well my HM-601 should be with me today and after reading all the reviews I can't wait. I am little concerned a to how it will sound with my ACS T1 IEMs, as the 601 is described as warm and I guess my T1s could be described similarly(well by a nooby audiophile anyway). Does anyone...
  17. Nod2mybeats

    HM-601 + SanDisk 32gb SDHC

    Is anyone using this combo? What kinds of combos are you guys using? I just got my sd card today and I can't get the 601 to read it. It's a class 4 card and it shows up on my personal computer, but my 601 just says "No file!" It's loaded with 10.1gb worth of level 8 flacs. I've tried seating and...
  18. Megalomaniac

    Tagging music for HM-601

    I have a problem with the tags on my HM-601. In the album section it shows the artist and groups all their albums together. Also, instead of showing the album it is on it has the artist twice when displaying the song that is playing. I use mp3tag and I can't find any way to fix this.
  19. mark2410

    HiFiMAN HM-601 Review

      HiFiMAN HM-601 Review     First Impressions:  Nice box.  Inside it’s a little Spartan but then so is the 601, I think most people will know that when they ordered it they are buying it not for the overall package but for how it sounds.  Time wise it’s when I’ve just received the...
  20. mark2410

    Sony NWZ-A846 vs. HiFiMAN HM-601

      Sony NWZ-A846 vs. HiFiMAN HM-601   Since I know its going to be asked and I actually have both of them in my position at the same time but not for long.  The Sony was only a loaner so it has to go back and I can’t justify keeping it any longer before the chaps at AMP3 come after me with...
  21. reginalb

    HM-601 Firmware update

    I sent a PM to Nankai, 2 weeks ago today, and he said that there was an imminent (read: within one week) firmware update on its way. Did I miss it? Anyone know where this update may be? Was it delayed?
  22. Nankai

    HM-601 and HM-602 new firmware  
  23. turokrocks

    New unannounced firmware for HM-601 version 0.07 
  24. jfindon

    I have a stupid question... HM-601 charger?

    I have used this sporadically since I received for Christmas and thus have not had to charge it until now.  Is this the charger for it, I can't even remember which one it came with...  
  25. noxa

    Very close to buying a HM-601 but...

    I need a bit of help. Firstly my knowledge of anything not ipod is very limited, and i have only ever ripped music using itunes. My ipod is on it's last legs and i really want a change and i've discovered i really want a warm sound so from what i've read the HM-601 seems a very good option.  ...