HM-601 and HM-602 new firmware

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  1. Nankai Contributor


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  2. MaitreH
    I installed it and tested it, and i must say that i'm a little bit disappointed :
    The EQ menu has changed, and we can't select "jazz", or rock", etc.. Anyway, it wasn't usefull. But the EQ seems now to be inoperative. Am i the only tha noticed it ?
    More over, i wonder what is the "music breakpoint play" button.
    In fact, i though there will be an similar UI as a sony HD-5 for example. Simple but effective. With it, we could easily navigate in artists category, then in an album, and then in the songs of this album. With the Hifiman, it's not possible, except if you navigate in the flash board or the SD card, AND if you have classified correctly what's in.
    At least, i regret that if you were listening all tracks in random mode and you shut down the player, this mode is not recorded.
    Apart on that, what an awesome MP3 player it is ! Thank you for that, Mr Hifiman !
    Best regards,
    P.S : sorry for my bad english..
  3. temporaryname
    I agree with MaitreH.
    The EQ seems inoperable now. There's no 'on or off'. Just a slider and I don't know if it's perpetually on or just on if I move it away from flat.
    No idea what 'Music Breakpoint Play' is/does. Would be nice to have a run through.
    My biggest annoyance is with the new auto off feature. I find it mostly useless.
    I don't know when I'm going to stop listening to music. I don't want my Hifiman to automatically turn off in 30 minutes or an hour, no matter if music is playing or not. It's a useless feature.
    I don't mind having it, but doing away with auto off when no music is playing (or when the player isn't being used) seems crazy. It was a great feature that saved battery life if the user paused and stopped listening to music (stopped using the device).
    I don't know if you've had much demand for this feature, Fang, however I would love to see a return of the auto off when no music is playing feature. The new one can stay as long as the old is accessible.
    I love my Hifiman and how it sounds, and I highly appreciate that you are still updating the firmware. However, I believe you should focus more on fixing bugs related to SD Cards and music formats (much of my lossless music, flacs, apes, etc, are unplayable for no discernable reason, nothing plays and firmware lags heavily until I change to a working track).
    I see the Hifiman as a no frills music player for audiophiles, so as long as the firmware works it doesn't require many features.
  4. MaitreH
    So, nobody noticed what we discovered with the new firmware ?
    Please Fang : Give us an answer !
  5. hepatus1234
    Yes i would like to know too
    Don't know if i should upgrade
  6. MaitreH
    Hi Hepatus.
    If you want to use the EQ, i think you shouldn't upgrade.
  7. temporaryname
    I think I've deduced what Music Breakpoint Play is.
    It's a resume function.
    As far as I can tell, when it's enabled it brings you back to song you were listening to last, at the same point in time of the track. It's really handy and a feature I'm glad is included.
    However, I do think this function should be included and enabled full stop. That way I can take the setting off my main menu. If someone doesn't want to resume the track, they can just choose another. So I don't see the point of offering it as an option.
    Now for some bugs and glitches to weaned out and the auto-off function fixed and we'll have a pretty decent firmware on our hands. :)
  8. Pudu
    My 602 resumes to the track and place and I don't have Breakpoint on my main menu. So either it doesn't have to be on the main menu, or it refers to something else. I believe that I had it set to off when I removed it from the main menu, so I'm not sure it's responsible for the resume function - hard to tell really.

    I'd love to see some of these things moved to the settings sub menu. That way you can easily access them without having to first enable them on the main menu. Seems silly to have a settings sub-menu and then not use for such ... uh, well settings.
  9. MaitreH
    I agree with Pudu. I think the the "resume fonction" was already operable without the Music Breakpoint fonction.
    I don't really understand how it works.
    According to me, lacks of this firmware are :
    - it should play music when you switch the player on, without pressing any button. This fonction is on cowon's players, and it is very usefull. And considering the time that need a Hifiman to switch on, it should be more than a necessary fonction.
    - find a track more easily, browsing Artist, then album, and then a track, even if you didn't classified the tracks like this in the player's memory.
    - An operable EQ fonction.
    - An automatic turn-off fonction with two mode ( playing music or not )
    Also, i usually play my music randomly on all tracks, so i would like to :
    - listen in this way when i switch on the player again ( instead of listening only the album i was listening to, before switching off )
    - find a track, for example browsing the SD card ( Artists, album, and the track ), listen to it, and after the song continue listening to all tracks in randomize mode ( like a sony NW-HD5 ).
    It could have several randomize mode ( on all tracks, or only the album / or Artist ).
    I'm sure that the staff of hifiman is able of that.
    Thanks in advance.
  10. kiteki
    I received a HM-601 second hand, the previous user had updated to the latest firmware, the equalizer does not work, how do I install an older firmware?
  11. eddysugi
  12. kiteki
    OK thanks I downloaded it, how do I install it?
  13. eddysugi
    Unzip the file and transfer it to the flash memory of the player, turn off and then turn on the player, the firmware will be updated automatically.
  14. kiteki
    If I connect the HM-601 to my computer nothing happens, I can't access the internal flash, it seems...
  15. eddysugi
    I suggest you try the following steps:
    1. Remove the SD Flash Card.
    2. Reset the player, there is a tiny hole at the bottom of the player.
    3. Connect to the computer again.
    4. Do not remove the usb cable when you see white screen on the player as it is updating the firmware.
    I hope this helps.
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