HM-601 and HM-602 new firmware

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  1. Venasa
    Hey is anyone here running there HM 602 off osx? specifically Snow Leopard?
  2. Mooses9
    i know this thread is old, but does anyone have any of the older firmwares like v 0.4 0.3  ect? on thier compter they can post up here? for some reason i cannot upgrade to v.10 v.11 or v.12 when i do my volume pot is disported and max volume is BARELY loud if at all.
    or even firmware v.07 v.08 v.09 if those are possible?
    any help would be much appreciated
  3. Mooses9
    Come on noone out there with hm-602 firmware help me out please much appreciated.
  4. Mooses9
    anyone? i contacted head direct and they said they dont have .0.01 0.02 0.03 im still awaiting to see if they have 0.07 0.08 does anyone have hm602 firmware? please help! much appreciated
  5. Mooses9
    come on anyone?
  6. Mooses9
    I guess noone has the firmware?
  7. Mooses9
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