HM-601 and HM-602 new firmware

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  1. iRoux


    The equalizer did not work for me either. But apparently equalizing on the hm601 is pretty bad anyways..So I personally did not care
  2. kiteki

    Thanks, that worked.
  3. krumbs
    Need help!
    After updating my 602 to the 0.06 firmware, I have started hearing a strange background hiss. A bit like wind howling! Some points:
    - This noise is only on the headphone out. Line out has no issues when I plug in my earphones (but then, I cannot control volume on it).
    - Thought it was an 'earthing' issue. Touched various metal point on the player. Noise did not change.
    - If I plug a cable into the data transfer port, the pitch of the howl changes. 
    - Shaking the player and tapping it against the table makes no difference. So it is not a 'loose connection' issue.
    - Downgraded to 0.04. The background hiss is still there. Upgraded back to 0.06. Still there!
    - Tried reset (bottom hole) a few times, too.
    I am at a loss here and have no idea what to try next. Any suggestions are most welcome. I will live with the crappy firmware, if only I can get rid of this background howl!
    Also, hoping Rockbox is available soon.
  4. Nishy
    I have just bought a HM-602. I love the clear sound, BUT I can detect absolutely no difference on the EQ settings no matter what I do. I am even using RE-262 IEMs, and my old reliable Sennheiser CX-400. It would be nice, as a fellow user notes in this forum, if we could have some more functions in EQ.
    Customer Service at (which answered every one of my questions patiently and fast - many thanks) did say that "the changes are there but subtle"... I like to believe this [even if I hear nothing], but I've never been able to NOT notice such changes on any device I've owned (of any band too on the HM-602) and given the comments here, I am beginning to wonder if EQ works at all on my player??
    Please Mr. Fang, let us know. And do explain the functions on your great player - it requires very little effort !
    Thank you.
  5. Nishy
    Hi, I just got a new HM-602 but on fiddling about the EQ for any of my jazz tracks, I can not hear ANY difference whatsoever (using RE 262 IEMs)... Is this normal? Is it my ears? No matter what I do, there is no change (my firmware is 0.07 of 2011-09-30).
    Any illumination on this (and also what .trashes, .Spotlight-V100 means) would be gratefully received.
  6. kiteki
  7. Marburger
    I have installed version 0.07 for my hifiman 601. But there is problem with charging. When hifiman is off, it does not charge its battery, when it is on, it does not get off. 
  8. reginalb
    Good lord this firmware is broken. I see .05 in the thread, any direct downloads for .06? As mentioned, doesn't charge unless it's on, I get strange noises every minute or so in my music, which sometimes hurt my ears. It also didn't fix my main complaint, which is that any albums that I have in .ogg on the sd card, only show up by going through the sd card. If I go to "Artists" anything in ogg just doesn't show up. Very annoying. 
    Fang, the hardware on this thing is great, but good lord, do you have a 3 year old writing the software? I am installing Rockbox as soon as I get home from work today. Might even get fed up and do it at work.
  9. reginalb
    Fang, perhaps you would be better off using Rockbox instead of the proprietary firmware your devices ship with? You would likely have an easier time adapting it than someone that had to reverse engineer everything.

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  10. rmappita
    I did not like at all of the V.0.06 firmware, the highs were sibilant!!!!!!!!! Just went back to V 0.04 and everything got back as I wanted. 
    I just don't undestand why the Hifman players has a background hiss, I've have a 601 and now the 602 and both has this problem.
  11. Matter
    Just wondering, anyone have an issue with the .07 firmware update for the 601 where it shows 4 bars and the charging is done(battery charge stops moving and stays at 4bars) but once you unplug the device, it drops to 3 bars right away and once you plug it back in it goes back up to 4 bars?

  12. Audio Addict Contributor
    I was getting ready to update my HM602 but after reading this thread, it doesn't seem worth it.  Has there been any resolution to the upgrade that it is recommended to do the upgrade?
  13. Audio Addict Contributor
    V10 is actually available here:
    I downloaded it and installed it.  I was on version 03 before and honestly preferred the sound of 3 as the treble seems harsher with this version.  It recognized my PNY Class 10 16 gib but locked up when I hit play.  I had to take it apart and disconnect the battery to unfreeze the  player.  There must be a better way.  As someone mentioned the PNY is made in China and may have the same issue discussed earlier in the thread.  I haven't tried to solution suggested to confirm if the PNY is really compatible with the player.  However, I have copied the files from the PNY to other hard drives without problem so to me it seems it is still the HM602 firmware.
    Where does one find older versions of the HM602 firmware?
  14. KT66
    just changed from 0.04 to latest V10 (which is actually called 0.11 as per the file name) and
    had problems at all, whole thing took 2 mins to do.
  15. acidtripwow Contributor
    What's the firmware version suppose to show as?  Mine shows as 0.04 Date 2011-02-28.  I installed v11 and it still shows as 0.04.
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