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HiFiMAN RE-600 Review

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  1. getclikinagas
    Oh damn you Mark :D
    For a moment I thought you got your hands on the RE1000
  2. mark2410 Contributor
    lol, sorry
  3. 520RanchBro
    Just got my recabled RE-600 back! MAn I missed these, they sound just as excellent as when the cable first broke. Now I've got a nice Midnight SPC cable from BTG Audio and there'd be no way for me to compare if there is any sound difference between the two but the BTG cable looks and feels way more sturdy and microphonics are non existent with music playing. 
  4. uli87
    Hopefully, HiFiMAN has heard of all the negative feedback and will fix their flimsy cables in the next generation of IEMs :) 
  5. 520RanchBro
    I really do think they should. I understand a lot of HP and IEM manufacturers skimp on cables to lower cost but I think a nice cable goes a long way. At least make your IEM cables detachable so upgrading is easier. My HE-400s cable wasn't so great either but I switched it out after a day of use for a CablePro Earcandy so I can't comment on the durability. I just wanted a longer cable so I could freely walk around my room with my headphones on.
  6. alpha421
    Care to share a pic?  I sold my RE600 despite its excellent tonality and stage because of the cable build and didn't want to deal with the woes.
  7. uli87
    Yeah. Again, I didn't go for these because of all the cable complaints. I would never purchase a headphone knowing that I "must" recable it to stay safe, unless it was dirt cheap and easy.
  8. Ahmad313

    Thanks a lot Mark,
    please don't mind it, actually i need your guidance,
    what you think about JVC HA FX 1100, wch one is more superior if you make a comparison between 600 and JVC1100, because i have also read a lot of good views about 1100 such as good bass and mids more smoother highs big soundstage and a great 3D imaging.
    which one is more power hungry 600 or 1100?
    actually i cannot carry a extra DAP or amp with me everywhere so what you think wch one is more suitable if i listen music straight from my Samsung galaxy note 4.
    thanks again for your help..
  9. 520RanchBro
    I'll snap one quick, hard to pull these away from my desktop rig right now, the RE-600 sounds even better with my Modi 2 Uber/Asgard 2 setup, I think it's going to be tough deciding between my HE-400 and RE-600 for desktop listening now. The extra power really gave these some impressive bass impact.
  10. mark2410 Contributor
    hello, well i dont have an FX1100 so i cannot really say what its like.  the closest i have is an FX500 which is very good and it doesnt particularly need an amp.  so if i had to guess id say the 600 is more in need of an amp than the 1100 is but its only a guess.
    additionally, the FX500 is very treble abundant, so i would assume the 1100 is going to be likewise quite treble abundant as usually things from the same manufacturer have similar sound signatures.  so then i would think the 600 is going to be the smoother.  for me i would err towards a smooth sound rather than a trebly one if just using a phone as a phone would have the most refined treble ever and nothing kills my ears like hard gritty treble does.  still im just guessing so i could be wrong about the 1100.
    you know you could always get the 600, it will work just out of your phone and it will sound good, just not as good as it would with an amp.
  11. Uchiya
    I was running a dacport lx into a quickstep amp and wanted to try the Gungnir with the quickstep.  A good and noticeable improvement.  They do scale up; clearl, defining, holographic sound.  Smooth, smooth, smooth with an even harder bass hits.  
  12. Uchiya
    Whooaaaaa, I know I'm high right now but these RE-600's with the Gungnir Dac...MY GOODNESS!  I finally found the ortho sound in an iem.
  13. xxxfbsxxx
    same experience :) i found the magical voice of he500 in the re-600, thats why i rate re600 > noble k10u for vocal 
  14. uli87
    I am sure the Gungir will do wonders for any IEM/headphone :p
  15. Uchiya
    Yeap, Double Black Tips  that insert deeper, an HE-500 sound.  The clear, double bullets in the portable case gives much, much more space, a 2-3 rows farther back, colder sound but that space and holography.
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