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HiFiMAN RE-600 Review

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  1. proedros
    the bold parts stand true ,but i don't think it's gonna best your UM Merlin , so don't expect miracles when comparing.
  2. uli87
    Different flavor :) And I don't take my Merlins out of the house.. well I haven't yet anyway.
  3. mark2410 Contributor

    oooh over ear always.
  4. uli87
    RE-400/600 are getting too much dirt from too many people around here to still be considering them. They are being compared to, and beaten by the $50 Ostry KC06 according to some pretty experienced headfiers.
    On a more positive note, I tried the triple flange tips with my R3s and it stays put better, although at the cost of a tiny bit of isolation. I (like everyone else around here) am just trying to make an excuse to buy me a new toy :)
  5. proedros
    read everything here with a grain of salt

    many posts don't equal knowledge , and you never know if there are any hidden agendas at play
    i myself saw posts by 2 people who said they preferred them to their 1000$ Westone W60/JH 13

    if these are beaten by 50$ , there would have been a flood of posts about it
    again , try and separate facts from 'facts'
  6. uli87
    I know.. I guess I am just thinking out loud here.
    This is me in the past few days:
  7. proedros
    what kind of sound do you want / what other iems do you have ?

  8. uli87
    Something balanced, not too far from the R3. I might just look into some of the new Chinese IEMs coming out.
  9. Mcgeggy
    I just bought the RE-400 from the classifieds here and it is my favorite iem so far. I am considering my next iem purchase and I am torn between the RE-600 and the Vsonic GR07 Bass Edition. The latter is currently about $70 less.
    Has anyone spent time with both of these and have any feedback? Also, if I were to buy the RE-600, should I get the RE-600S or the RE-600? Is there any difference between them besides the jack?
  10. cattlethief
    Many thanks to  proedros who sold me his (still sealed,spare RE600 for the discounted American price-very honest guy),I had these delivered today,still working,so only had time to plug them into my Oneplus one.WOW never had earphones sound this good from my phone before,later on tried them from my AK100ii,great detail and instrument separation, bigger soundstage and better bass than my Grado GR8,s.The RE600 are still selling for £300 in rip of Britain,around the same price as the GR8,listening to Radioheads version of wish you were here from the Golden unplugged album, Ben Howard and Glasgow band Chvrches these small buds are glorious,build and cable not as solid as the Grados,but these gems will be kept for quieter listening times when they can be appreciated,my IM-70,s will still be my daily choice out on the road.Very happy with my purchase,SQ they are worth the full RRP build looks a bit fragile,although I thought the same about my Grados which have been bulletproof.
    proedros likes this.
  11. proedros
    thanx for the kind words and one more vote of confidence , but yeah we are not here to make a buck out of fellow audio travellers but to share our passion for music
    enjoy your re600 , they are truly great iems for their retail rpice - i only sold them due to a MAJOR upgrade and i am still considering keeping or selling my 2nd pair (which i have put FS at the moment, but we'll see how this goes)

  12. sgtbilko
    Is it true?

    I just read on Cnet that the RE-600's price has been dropped from $400 to $200. If so, these must be a very 'must buy' proposition now.
  13. 520RanchBro
    I got mine on Black Friday with the HM-700 for $300. The pair is certainly worth it if you can get the same deal. I absolutely love the sound of the RE-600s but the cable is not great, be careful with it. Mine is almost done getting recabled with a much nicer cable. Can't wait to have it back.
  14. Ahmad313
    Please help me,
    I really like the sound signature of RE600 and DUNU DN1000 but am confused witch one is the best IEM, my preference is sound clarity, big soundstage, great details and imaging and instruments separation good highs but not too much bright or harsh, i am not basshead but i like a solid and clean bass impact and punch in my music, i mostly listen the Indian music.
    I also can buy the JVC HA FX1100 if you think they are most superior than the above two.
    Please suggest witch one is the best for me, thanks.
    NOTE :- I listen music straight from my Samsung galaxy note 4 and no use any kind of DAP or amp.
    sorry for my bad English...
  15. mark2410 Contributor
    oh the 600 is better than the 1000, easily.  however it does like power a lot and would be its best out of a phone.
    if you want a smoother warmer sound go 600, if a more evenly balanced sound go for the 1000.
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