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HiFiMAN RE-600 Review

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  1. uli87
    Such a bummer to hear how flimsy the cable is on these. Where did it break?
  2. 520RanchBro

    Mine shorted out near the jack. Which is weird because the way I used them, combined with the right angle plug, there was hardly any stress at the termination.
  3. uli87
    Hmm. Maybe I am being too hard on my R3 with their absurdly thick cable. Guess there might be a trade off between thick and heavy over thin and light for reliability. Weird, I thought Kevlar was supposed to able to take a beating.
  4. mark2410 Contributor
    cables are always a funny thing i think.  you would think that making a cable should be a pretty straightforward thing to do but its been an issue round headfi for years.  you get some stunners, the old Denon "magic cable" which to date is still one of the best and i always really like the sen IE range cables.
    then you get cables like the Klipsh coat hangers like on my KC3 (still a super nice sounding IEM though) yet cable so beyond terrible.
    lol, then of course you gan go for epic like on the R3 but then youll get people complaining that its too massive.  lol arent we all such a picky bunch!  its fun.
  5. uli87
    I am just too scared to purchase the RE-600, because of the complaints. It's not one or two guys either, its a handful. How well have yours held up so far?
    I just don't think I will find the sound signature and refinement they seem to offer for the price, sadly.
  6. Matias
    So far mine has been working flawlessly (RE-600S).
  7. mark2410 Contributor

    me?  well im prob the worst person to ask about how well things have held up as im never using the same thing day after day.  however build isnt an area where hifiman shine, not that ive had a problem myself but mayb an idea to baby them a bit.
    that said, if they still at US$200 then nothing for the same money can touch them for audio quality.
  8. uli87
    I keep reading up and many people still have issues with their RE-400 and RE-600. Even though I know the 600 is supposed to have a more sturdy cable. I take very good care of my stuff, and rarely have any sort of issues with any of my gadgets or devices, but apparently other people like me still manage to break them.
    I am thinking of perhaps getting the Havi B3, or B6 when it comes out. the RE-600 still manages to grab my attention. Something about the look and the sound reviews create a really high class image of them in my head.
  9. 520RanchBro
    Haven't heard the other alternatives but the RE-600 sounds fantastic. I got a pair of DUNU's Crius IEMs and in comparison to the RE-600, it feels like entire frequency bands are almost missing and I really like the DUNUs too (for a $25 headphone). But the 600 is so well balanced and just a blast to listen too. Can't wait to have a proper cable on it. The Crius has a seemingly way more durable and less microphonic cable than the RE-600s. HiFiMAN should have made the RE-600 with a removable cable because the stock one is just bound to fail with any sort of normal use. They should just let DUNU handle their cabling, because I haven't heard a good thing about a single stock HiFiMAN cable, they just aren't good at making them (or whatever supplier they use for them sucks).
  10. mark2410 Contributor
    well i cant deny the 400 is not the sturdies feeling iem but then its sounds beyond everything else at its price, the 600 is much nicer feeling, it too is crazy cheap for its sound quality.  ahh nothing ever in life are thise things clear and obvious choices.  if you do, as you say, baby stuff then i wouldnt have worries about it breaking.  i mean its no MA750 but its not like its terrible.
  11. uli87
    I guess I will have to make a leap of faith here regarding the durability of these. Do you guys mostly wear them over ear, or with the cable down? 
  12. proedros
    behind the ears , the soundstage becomes huge and the sound tightens up even more.
    these are great iems for 199$ , i am only selling mine cause i upgraded to the 1000$ K3003.
  13. uli87
    So I assume you would rather keep your 272 instead? Compared to the AKG it must sound like the 600 lacks detail because of the very different treble presentation?
  14. proedros
    272 are perhaps my favorite iem ever and i am sentimentally attached to them , plus they are discontinued and i don't think there is a better iem with such treble for less than 200$
    compared to the k3003 the re600 lacks detail in the highs and it is an inferior iem in every way (but this is a iem that costs 5 times more)

  15. uli87
    I have UM Merlins that have been compared to the k3003 a few times as they share a hybrid design and some similar sound characteristics (although it doesn't have 3 filters to choose from), and I am looking for a dynamic IEM that is more balanced across the spectrum. I read that the RE-400 is supposed to be balanced sounding (even though I know you hated it) but everyone says the 600 are a serious upgrade and they add just a bit more sub bass, have sweeter mids and offer a more refined sound and a larger sound stage... everything sounds awesome but the cable issues are holding me back [​IMG]. I don't live in the US/China so a cable replacement for me would be an issue.
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