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HiFiMAN RE-600 Review

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  1. xxxfbsxxx
    i tried some other tips and found jvc spiral dot tips works perfectly with these iems, remain the magical mid, elevate bass and smooth out treble :) you may want to try those tips :)
  2. JohannLiebert
    I am so glad I bought these. At first, the mids where kinda overwhelming for me.It is for sure a very mid-forward/centric signature.
    The initial pricing of 400€.. not sure If I had bought them, since they are technically inferior to Balanced Armatures( detail, frequency extension, isolation). But the Re-600 is ahead in soundstage - grand and coherent. The timbre is amazing as well, everything is well put together. A rather sophisticated tuning which is highly versatile. If you aren't too focused on the technical ability of your gear compared to 300-400€ Balanced Armatures, the IEM Re-600 could be one of your most appreciated companions =) 
    But at 200€ price point, there is no competition right now if you happen to like midcentric, high class tuning =)
  3. mark2410 Contributor

    hmm i wouldnt say the were inferior, well except in isolation if you treat less as being a negative.
    give them a bash with a lighter, crisper amp and youll start to notice the details flowing forth. the detail is in there, its just the gentle warmth can casually obscure it where BA's are often much more upfront with it.
  4. brucew268
    I received some RE-600s a week ago and put about 100 hours of musical burn-in time with them, having lived with RE-262 the last couple years.
    What I am hearing is a slight hardness in the upper mids and more neutral presentation (as opposed to warm or cool), and negatively impacts my enjoyment of the music. Perhaps I am too used to the liquidity and mid-range warmth of the RE-262?
    Yes, they are very spacious and great soundstage, better even than the RE-262 perhaps because the highs are not quite as rolled off as the RE-262. They handle complex music well and have good texture and depth in the bass.
    ...But those slightly hard upper mids. And without the warmth, I have trouble relating to the reviews that call the mids "lush". Do I need to put some more burn-in hours on them or is this their final character?
  5. mark2410 Contributor
    what are you powering them with?  they rather want all the power you can throw at them
  6. brucew268
    Powering with an iDSD nano DAC/amp (ifi audio).
  7. brucew268
    Since my first post, I've put an additional 100 hours of burn-in time, which seems to ave done the trick. I listened this morning and I don't notice the hardness, and the mids and upper mids seem to now have the "warmth of life" in them.
  8. 520RanchBro

    Glad to hear! I never heard much hardness to them and I'm glad it went away for you. Anyone know of some over-ear headphones with a similar sound signature and quality as the RE-600s?
    Also I'm preparing a comparison between the RE-600 and Dunu Titan 1. Both are just excellent IEMs, I'd be lying if I said I wasn't curious about the Dunu DN-2000 and more high-end IEMs like Nobles and JH Audio. But with these two, I'm really quite content as far as IEMs go.
  9. 1TrickPony

    I have the dunu 2k, along with the titan. simply enough, I enjoy them more with my phone (gsgs4 via noozy rewire pro). iems with clear sound match with a slight warm player that compliments the wide soundstage. they are splendid and the dn2k has a bit of a diminishing return. I can provide a comparison later.

    edit: I'm actually enjoying the dn2k, which ends up getting most playtime.
  10. jonsim86

    Really keen to see the recabled picture as i am considering getting it done also. :)
  11. jonsim86

    Can i u just check if u used the re600 with dx50 without the adaptor and with the balanced jack?
  12. mark2410 Contributor

    erm what  do you mean exactly?
  13. alpha421
    I think he means to just plug in the RE-600 without the TRRS to TRS adapter cable and see if the DX50 plays back in normal stereo mode.  If it works great!
    Perhaps there's confusion with TRRS balanced as configured on the RE-600 and TRRS used with earphones with microphones.  If that's the case, they are not configured the same.
  14. mark2410 Contributor
    well i dunno is the answer.
    i dont ever recall using with out the adapters period.
  15. Hedonism
    If you're asking if you can use the regular (balanced) RE600 without the adapter in a single-ended source, then the answer is no. 
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