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Hifiman IEM's: RE-400 and RE-600

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  1. tinyman392
    I'll do those.  It's interesting to see how they actually do compare and compete (especially the upper level).  The RE400 show an exceptional value for a very specific sound.
    No need to send RE0s :p  I normally try not to do loans, especially knowing they've been in other ears (no offense to you; I don't want to give you what I have if I have anything, and I don't want what you have if you have anything) :p
  2. munchzilla
    I'd love a comparison to phonak PFE! they were the IEM I heard last but found them a touch too sibilant. had such high expectations... really nice except that part though, which is a dealbreaker to me. grey filter btw
  3. tinyman392
    Grey filter PFE...  Are you referring to the 1xx (I have a 022 with grey filters) or 232 (I'm already doing the 232)?
  4. munchzilla
    hmm as far as I know, PFE all use the same driver and construction. so it should sound the same. I tried the 022 and 122 BTW. so yeah, 022 would be nice :) thanks.
    haven't heard 232 but it seems a bit v-shaped.
  5. tinyman392
    Sounds good, and yes, the PFE 0xx and 1xx series use the same drivers.  Only difference is filter.  The 232 is v-shaped.  
  6. munchzilla
    cool, then I'm not too lost here. do you also find the grey filter a touch sibilant or is it just me?
    thanks again!
  7. project86 Contributor
    When evaluating the "mainstream" success of HiFiMAN, I think it's important to maintain the correct perspective. We on HeadFi are very much aware of every small-time model that launches, every flavor of the month, and every obscure brand. As we see plenty of discussion about stuff like Heir Audio, Tralucent, FrogBeats, etc, those become ingrained in our consciousness as being somewhat well known if not quite fully "mainstream" yet (depending on your definition of mainstream).
    You have to switch gears a bit and think of it from an outside perspective. HiFiMAN gear is sold by large online and print-catalog companies such as Crutchfield and Audio Advisor and Music Direct. They have reviews done in numerous large audiophile magazines and websites including InnerFidelity, Stereophile, Secrets of Home Theater and High Fidelity, Sound + Vision, Playback (Absolute Sound), Soundstage, and many more. True, the focus of this attention seems to be full size headphone, then DAPs, then amps, then IEMs, in that order. But coverage for the brand as a whole has been very widespread compared to almost all the others in this industry.
    Pretend you aren't a crazy HeadFier, but rather just a general audiophile who reads some of the mags, browses Audiogon for deals, and knows more about speakers than headphones. Chances are you will have heard more about HiFiMAN over the past year than almost any other headphone company. You probably already know Sennheiser and maybe Grado too, but did you actually read any reviews about their stuff in the past year? Probably not. But HiFiMAN has been everywhere, significantly more so than Audeze who is often considered their rival.
    Realistically HiFiMAN will never become a household name like Beats or Bose. That level of market penetration is exceedingly rare. But I'd say HiFiMAN has done just about everything they can (within reason) to position themselves at the front of the line: reviews in major and minor publication, a strong presence at the major shows, a wide product range without many duds and covering a wide spectrum from entry level to top of the line, and a broad distribution model with plenty of visibility. Heck, they are on the cover of the new Audio Advisor which just showed up in my mailbox.
  8. tinyman392

    I can hear the sibilance with grey filters in my 022.
  9. munchzilla
    right! so hmm, would you say the hifimans are more or less sibilant? thanks :)
  10. tinyman392
    A little more unfortunately in the upper treble.  
    *Do note that I'm not sensitive to sibilance, and can tolerate quite a bit (B2 for example).  So while I can definitely hear the sibilance in the PFE022 + grey filters, it's not enough of a nuisance for me to not use them :p  
  11. munchzilla
    aww that is unfortunate! I wonder if the re-600 is any better in that regard. I found with the he-400 vs he-500 that the 400 are a tad more sibilant, maybe it will be the same with these IEMs :p
  12. proedros
    people should buy re-272
    that is , until the re-600 gets out
    and i don't understand why we are talking about the 'non-audiophile' people when even in here i see so few buying re-xxx iems and going for the fotm/overhyped products
    most people are sheep - they go where the flock goes.and that is bad me thinks
  13. tinyman392
    I haven't heard the RE272, I do want to eventually; but that probably won't happen for a while :p  
    The idea of breaking into the non-audiophile crowd wouldn't be a bad thing, although Head-Fi isn't filled with them, it'll get a broader audience for sure.  As for the FOTM/hyped products, the reason for it is simply media.  The products are pushed very far by the company itself.  Many of these products end up being misrepresented in numerous ways, descriptors of their sound slowly massaged to fit whatever a person wants in a headphone to the point where it's contradicting itself.  This, I believe is what you are talking about regarding the "sheep", and it is bad...  Very bad.  
  14. IAmSoCheap
    The price of re400 will be 99usd, just saw it from erji.net.
  15. vincentyujiajie
    Ys,99USD for re400
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